The Top 4 Plastic Surgery Procedures in Fort Wayne IN

plastic surgery in fort wayne

Do you live in Indiana and are you looking for the best plastic surgery center in your local area? Well, you should seriously consider Diepenbrock Facial Cosmetic Surgery. Besides, the fact that it has highly professional and friendly staff, Dr. Diepenbrock is one of the best facial cosmetic surgeons in Fort Wayne. Just do a […]

Eggy’s First Birthday and World Chicken and Egg Celebration 2019 with Bounty Fresh

Bounty Fresh

Last October 12, 2019, Eggy’s First Birthday and World Chicken and Egg Celebration 2019 was held at Activity Center, Trinoma. The event was exclusively organized by Bounty Fresh – the sole provider of #Lakingfarmfresh chickens here in the Philippines. This celebration was started in 2017 with the main purpose to raise awareness about the nutritional value of […]

P&G Olay Teams Up with Lazada to Support Women Who “Double Up” Their Roles


Women are expected to play dual roles at all times: a leader in the workplace and a hands-on mom; a good daughter and partner; an expert in her line of work and a multi-faceted performer. For all the things that a woman wishes to be, she has to live through society’s expectations, working twice as […]