When You Need to Accessorize: 11 Ways that You Can Complete Your Outfit

Photo Source: Pixabay Ladies, I’m sorry to say; you’ll never be a fashion killer if you don’t know these basic tricks to put on accessories. Outfits alone can’t make the statement you want to, and getting accessories wrong can lead to a fashion disaster. Here’s how to mix accessories with what you wear without messing […]

Do You Know Any of These Tips? 5 Ways to Decorate Your House During Christmas

Photo Source: Pixabay As the holidays approach, those who celebrate it think about Christmas and look forward to it as they do few other events during the year. Those who have used Ecovue to install double glazed windows can crank up the holiday tunes without any fear of their neighbors complaining and they can enjoy […]

Looking Forward to Repairing Your Roof: Five Roof Repair Hacks and Tips for All Seasons

Photo Source: Pixabay Roofing damages and leaks have to be taken seriously. What starts as a small leak, if ignored, can quickly cause significant roof damage which presents serious problems down the road. Detecting leaks early and taking steps to prevent them from inflicting further damage is essential. However, contacting a roofing contractor to provide […]

Stashed Away: The Best Tips for Choosing a Storage Facility

Photo Source: Pixabay There are a million reasons you may need a storage facility. Maybe you have some prized possessions you want to keep securely stashed away, or you are in between permanent and temporary housing and you can’t fit everything in your temporary home, or maybe you are simply a person who loves hoarding […]

Downy Parfum Spreads the Power Of Hugs #Spread100Hugs

December means Christmas shopping, yearly get-together and more makeup gigs with The Beauty Avenue by Mhaan. But of course, hindi pa din mawawala ang errands lols. And because of that, madalas akong nasa labas and pansin ko now that I’m 32 weeks preggo, mas mabilis akong magpawis kahit nasa aircon ako. And as Christmas is fast approaching, mas nagiging […]