Start Your Baby Right with Beginnings All-White Infant Apparel + Newborn’s Checklist

The moment I knew I was pregnant with Cloud is one of the happiest moments in my life. Little did I know that being pregnant is just a tiny bit part of motherhood. It’s full of challenge but very fulfilling. It certainly takes a town to raise a child. Sadly, my mom and dad weren’t here […]

Baby Proofing the Home: 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Home is Safe for the New Arrival

Photo Source: Pixabay Before your baby arrives, there are so many things you will want to do. Preparing for the baby goes beyond the birthing classes and setting up the nursery. Once the baby is getting close to arriving, many moms like to know how to count contractions. Bloomlife is a smart contraction timer and […]

Tupperware Brands Beauty and Baby Bloggers Party and Gift Guide 2018

Photo from Tupperware Brands Philippines Note: I started this entry last November but then I got busy with all the makeup bookings, Christmas shopping, and other stuff. And when the holidays were over, my nesting period has officially started naman (I’m 36 weeks na). Apart from preparing the arrival of our second baby boy, this […]

Bringing Back the Nostalgia: Ten Old Cartoons That Are Still Worth Watching Today

Photo Source: Nowadays, there are millions of interesting cartoons to watch, but still, old cartoons hold a special place in our hearts. Not only do these cartoons remind you of your childhood, but they’re part of some of your most precious family memories. Whether you’re having a day off, struggling with bad mood, or […]

Downy Parfum Spreads the Power Of Hugs #Spread100Hugs

December means Christmas shopping, yearly get-together and more makeup gigs with The Beauty Avenue by Mhaan. But of course, hindi pa din mawawala ang errands lols. And because of that, madalas akong nasa labas and pansin ko now that I’m 32 weeks preggo, mas mabilis akong magpawis kahit nasa aircon ako. And as Christmas is fast approaching, mas nagiging […]