Your Complete Guide to Basement Cracks: What Are They, Are They Important, and How You Can Fix and Prevent Them

Image Source: Pixabay As your home ages, things will begin to settle and deteriorate, and in turn, there will certainly be repairs and replacements that will be necessary as time goes on. For example, your air conditioner might go out, your garage door springs may corrode, or your exterior paint might need a touch-up every […]

Baby Proofing the Home: 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Home is Safe for the New Arrival

Photo Source: Pixabay Before your baby arrives, there are so many things you will want to do. Preparing for the baby goes beyond the birthing classes and setting up the nursery. Once the baby is getting close to arriving, many moms like to know how to count contractions. Bloomlife is a smart contraction timer and […]