Avon Fashions Body Illusion Sonia Seamless Pull-on Bra and Panty [Photos + Review]

I’m exactly 6 weeks postpartum as of this typing and yet, my body is still in the recovery period. My tummy feels so sensitive and my incision hasn’t fully healed yet. If you follow me on my social media, you would know that I also suffered from cellulitis (a common bacterial skin infection) on my third day […]

Letting Your Fashion Do the Talking: Do You Know What You Should Wear for These 4 Occasions?

Image Source: Pixabay As a fashion-smart lady, there will be no bliss in looking chic and attractive, but at the wrong occasion. Whether it’s at a colleague’s wedding, in a job interview, cocktail party or a corporate meeting, dressing appropriately is a lot more important than anything. People will judge you from how you look […]

When You Need to Accessorize: 11 Ways that You Can Complete Your Outfit

Photo Source: Pixabay Ladies, I’m sorry to say; you’ll never be a fashion killer if you don’t know these basic tricks to put on accessories. Outfits alone can’t make the statement you want to, and getting accessories wrong can lead to a fashion disaster. Here’s how to mix accessories with what you wear without messing […]

Forever 21 Unveils Summer 2018 Collection with its Philippine Brand Ambassadors

Last Saturday, our favorite style authority FOREVER 21, has finally unveiled the Summer 2018 Collection and #WeAreForever21. #WeAreForever21 is a global campaign which taps unique talents to represent the varied styles featuring its first ever Philippine Brand Ambassador. Highlighting the Filipino youth’s passion for both work and play, these ambassadors best represent the Filipino millennial […]