Forever 21 Unveils Summer 2018 Collection with its Philippine Brand Ambassadors

Last Saturday, our favorite style authority FOREVER 21, has finally unveiled the Summer 2018 Collection and #WeAreForever21. #WeAreForever21 is a global campaign which taps unique talents to represent the varied styles featuring its first ever Philippine Brand Ambassador. Highlighting the Filipino youth’s passion for both work and play, these ambassadors best represent the Filipino millennial […]

Four Reasons to Wear Fashionable Customized Jewellery

  Buying jewellery is not easy. With so many designs and styles, all promising to compliment your current look. For an increasing number of women, customized solutions are the only way to go. If you are like most people, you will immediately be thinking of ridiculously high prices. Yet one can have an engagement ring made […]

Save On Clothing Without Compromising On Your Looks

Clothes are more than just pieces of fabric. They become your identity, and if you wear the right ones, chances are they’ll become your style signature. Dressed in a peculiar type of clothes will make you look appealing and expressive. As such, they’ll give you a unique identity among the crowd. In other words, your […]

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