Mother Nurture: The First-Ever Choco and Coffee Mixes in the Philippines for Breastfeeding Moms

Mother Nurture

Days before I gave birth to Cloud, I started to notice there’s milk coming out of my nipples. Being a first-time mom, I was amazed. Wow ito pala yung breastmilk. I started to make my own research on breastfeeding; its benefits, do’s and dont’s and many more. Moreover, I did join Breastfeeding Pinays on Facebook. […]

10 Important Things to know about breastfeeding

I decided to breastfeed my little one even before I gave birth to my son. Before I joined Breastfeeding Pinays on Facebook, I thought breastfeeding is such an easy peasy task a mother would do. I started reading pinned posts and Q & A portions about breastfeeding because I wanted to be well-informed nor more […]

My Breastfeeding Journey – Ways to Boost/Maintain your Milk Supply

I cannot believe that I still able to breastfeed Cloud now that he’s 8 months old. Proud mommy here and of course very grateful for giving me an abundant supply of milk. Aside from nurturing my own son, I was able to donate twice to Philippine General Hospital for premature babies too. It was a […]

Product Review: Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

Here is an in-depth review of Specta 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump. This is my first and hopefully the last breast pump I will ever use on my breastfeeding journey. I have never thought to give a manual pump to try as I need a breast pump that is time and energy saver, especially […]

My Breastfeeding Journey – Part 2

For less than a month before I go back to work, I was able to complete things I will need for my breastfeeding journey. I heard raves about Babymama PH for its breastfeeding products thru Girltalk and Facebook so I gave it a try. The good thing in Babymama, you could try the unit first […]

My Breastfeeding Journey – Part 1

Photo credits to I exclusively breastfeed my son for 6 months now and I always thank God for giving me an abundant milk supply. Sabi nga nila, wala yan sa liit o laki ng boobs hehehe. I plan to breastfeed my son as long as he wants because mother’s milk is the best for […]