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How to Find Sunglasses That Fit Your Personal Style

Style is the statement that you make to the world about who you are. If you lead with bold colors and bright prints, the message is clear — you’re an outgoing force of nature. If you prefer more neutral stylings and sleek silhouettes, you’re crafting an image, too — one of the subtle sophisticate. The glasses you wear play a major part in creating your aesthetic, so of course, you want to find frames that are suited to your personal style. When it comes to finding the right sunglasses for women, you should be on the lookout for a few important features to choose a pair that’s suited to your personal style.

What Is Your Personal Style?

Before you can find the right womens Blenders sunglasses for your style, you need to determine what your style actually is. If you prefer pastel colors and feminine details, your style may be that of a romantic. A pair of pink acrylic frames may be the best match for your style code. If you’re drawn to classic silhouettes — think of an A-line skirt — you might be a sleek chic fanatic. This style is best suited to classic frame shapes like the wayfarer or aviators. There are an array of other styles you may relate to, too, including boho glam, vintage femme, or normcore.

Finding your style might seem challenging at first, but you simply need to make note of the colors, details, and shapes that you’re the most attracted to. Do you love frill or despise it? Is your wardrobe 70% black? These kinds of questions will help you pinpoint the exact style you usually go for. If you’re still unsure, though, you can think of a celebrity whose fashion you admire and research what style they’re described as having. You can then look for frames that are compatible with this style based on your research.

Current Sunglass Trends That Can Fit Your Style

Luckily, there are many sunglasses for men currently in the style that are compatible with a wide range of styles. The aforementioned wayfarer style, for example, can match almost any outfit. Similarly, there are many rounded frames that are currently fashionable, and these can be a great addition to practically any outfit. The most important sunglasses trend of all, though, is a focus on the UV protection that lenses can provide. Certain eye cancer rates are on the rise, so it’s more important than ever to invest in sunglasses that can shield your eyes from the sun.

The best shades for this purpose are those that feature polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are finished with a unique chemical coating that gives them a stylish, metallic look — but the visual appeal is just part of the package. More importantly, this coating helps to block out horizontal light beams, meaning that UV rays reflecting off of surfaces are filtered out. This provides incredible protection and ensures that your eyes aren’t exposed to harmful UV rays that could cause injuries and many other issues.

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