Let’s face it: most people enjoy where they live. Some folks spend decades living in the same houses or apartments because they like where they are so much, they can’t even bear to think about moving elsewhere. However, that’s not the case for everyone.

Some people feel miserable about where they live and can’t wait to leave their homes and start a new chapter in their lives in another town or city. You’re probably reading this today because you hate where you live, but you’re unsure whether you should move elsewhere.

The following telltale signs are surefire ones that prove you must relocate to a new abode and don’t want to upgrade your existing home:

1. There’s Not Enough Room

One of the biggest reasons people hate where they live is because they seldom have enough space for their possessions. As you can imagine, space is at a premium in small homes, and if you don’t have enough storage space, things can spill out to other areas.

If you find that your stuff is in various random parts of your home, now is the time to consider moving to a larger property.

2. The Neighborhood Isn’t Safe

Safety is undoubtedly an essential factor when selecting somewhere to live. If it’s become unsafe in your neighborhood in recent times, it’s worth looking at buying a house in a safer community elsewhere.

If you can’t afford the downpayment for a mortgage, look at obtaining an FHA loan to help you move – especially if you’re only renting where you live. Examine these FHA FAQs to learn more about how they work and if you’re eligible to get one.

3. Your Home Has Many Unhappy Memories

Are you living in an abode that has many negative associations with it? If so, you might come across constant reminders of unhappy times in your past. Such associations aren’t good for your mental health, and you’ll feel happier if you live somewhere else.

There’s no point staying somewhere if you feel that you’re just going to get constant reminders about past events you’d rather forget. The best thing to do is move out of your home and live elsewhere.

4. It Takes Forever To Commute

Does it take you an hour to travel a few miles away to where you work? If you can’t change your working hours and don’t want to leave earlier or later to beat the traffic, living closer to your workplace makes sense.

When searching for a new home that boasts an easier commute, look for places near public transport networks for greater commuting choices.

5. You Want To Live In The Countryside

Last but not least, if you live in the middle of a city or major town, and you’ve had enough of the constant noise, pollution, and the hustle and bustle of daily life, you probably hate where you live because you yearn to live in the countryside.

There’s no point living in a densely-populated area if you’d rather be in the countryside and enjoy spending time on acres of lush green land without any noise or smog.

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