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5 Budget-Friendly Tips To Enhance Your Home This Pandemic

This pandemic may have shifted us to a new normal (as we may call it), but it won’t stop us from living to the fullest from the comfort of our home. And since most of us are staying indoors for almost 2 years now, let me share these 5 easy improvement ideas to spruce up our home without breaking the bank!

Crown Moldings

You can install crown moldings on the corners of your walls and ceilings to add extra texture and drama to the overall design of your home. It’s very subtle yet beautifully elegant. 

AllHome has a slew of crown moldings for flooring and ceiling from various manufacturers. Shop a wide variety of baseboards, casings, and cornices sold at competitive prices at AllHome Online today.

Fresh Coat of Paints

A fresh coat of paints will instantly bring your walls to a whole new level. You may go for a combination of muted, minimalist colors or why not loud, and bright patterns. Furthermore, you can go light gray and let the natural light accentuate your living room. Light, neutral greens can create a timeless and elegant vibe.

Windows and Curtains

Don’t just buy any kind of curtain to cover your windows. Drapes, curtains, and other forms of window treatments can serve a dual purpose. Firstly, their designs and colors can add to your home design. Lastly, the fabrics help filter the natural light from the outside. With this in mind, you can use the curtains and the drapes to add a whole new dimension of design with the combination of colors and filtered lights.

To hang your curtains, curtain rods aren’t just for the purpose. They also have visually pleasing designs that create subtle accentuations to your home’s aesthetic. Shop at AllHome today and find the right curtain rod that fits your tastes.

Hunt on Budget-Friendly Accessories

You don’t have to spend a lot on making your home cozier. Even as simple as adding accessories could definitely add drama to the whole interior design. You can go as simple as hanging photos and paintings. Get yourself a flower vase and some artificial flowers for the tables. You can also level it up and purchase some rattan planters from Likha and put indoor plants to naturally freshen up your home.


There’s nothing quite more beautiful than a neat, airy home. So, when you feel like your home’s a bit crowded due to clutter, take advice from the expert Marie Kondo and declutter your home. You can let go of things that don’t give joy or aren’t functional anymore. Try putting some things you want to hold on to in storage and rearrange your furniture as well. There’s something refreshing with a perfectly rearranged set of furniture as if your point of view changed into something new.

Spending a huge amount on home improvements isn’t always the best solution to spruce up your home. Simple tweaks and few interior design tips can help enhance your home, freshen it up, and even elevate the aesthetic—even if with a limited budget.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your home, just visit AllHome. AllHome is the country’s leading one-stop shop for home and renovation needs. You can shop furniture, appliances, homewares, DIY hardware, tiles, sanitary wares, construction materials, linens, decors, and more with over 55 branches nationwide, or through their website,

3 Comments on “5 Budget-Friendly Tips To Enhance Your Home This Pandemic

  1. Wow ma thank you for sharing. Mas gusto ko yung ganitong ayos ng tahanan nakaka relax magpahinga. Ang ganda ng pag kakaayos mommy.

  2. Tayong mga nanay talaga ang hanap naten ay budget friendly pero eleganteng tignan. We still want the best for our family. Kaya thanks for sharing this idea mommy. Will try this one ❤️

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