Having a child is a blessing. And as much as possible, we protect them by all means. But occasionally, during the birth process, the baby may suffer a physical injury that is simply the result of being born.

Some of the common types of birth injuries are Cerebral Palsy, Facial Paralysis, Oxygen Deprivation, Fractures, and Subconjunctival hemorrhage. If your child is suffering from a birth injury (especially you are first-time parents), it is natural that you have many questions and concerns. At Birth Injury Guide, they provide the answer to all of your questions with the hope that they can help guide you and make your life a little easier if your child or loved one does have a birth injury.

The website is divided into the following:

  • Birth Injury Types
  • Birth Injury Causes
  • Birth Injury Treatment
  • Birth Injury Lawyers
  • Additional Resources
  • Get Legal Help
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Birth Injury Guide is an informative website, staffed by a birth injury advocacy group, based out of Houston, TX. They work with professional writers and researchers, medical providers, attorneys, and other birth injury experts to come up with the most comprehensive birth injury information source available online. The team behind it works hard to make the information thorough, accurate, and up-to-date.

Newborn Jaundice

If you are interested in volunteering or be part of the team, have any questions, or need assistance feel free to fill out their contact form or call at 877-415-6603.

They also offer free legal consultation and information about compensation that may be available for birth injuries or medical negligence.

So if you are a parent with questions about birth injuries, you should definitely check this out.

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