Glamoured in an elegant all-white jumpsuit matched with sleek and silky hair – beauty and fashion vlogger Verniece Enciso set foot at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 12 to experience the comeback of the biggest fashion event in the country. After a year of missing the fashion scene, the prestigious runway event came back with another impressive line-up of Filipino designers who presented a vast variety of fashion collections.

With looks ranging from assortments of chroma and dark-edgy fits, there is absolutely an outfit that can make your day stunning in fashion.

Emir Yamamoto’s Off-road Regalia Collection

As seen on Verniece’s behind-the-scenes IGTV vlog, the heroes behind the smooth and lustrous hairstyles that strut down the runway are none other than Panasonic Beauty Products.

Being styled by Panasonic Beauty, the models were able to flaunt sleek and clean looks with their tight mid-part lowered ponytail – perfectly exhibiting the features of each clothing piece as they walk through the runway.

The products that made these stunning looks possible are Panasonic Beauty’s Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener which have innovative features, revolutionizing the hairstyling game in the industry. With moisture-rich nanoeTM Technology, these two new beauty must-haves can give your hair a silky-smooth finish minus the damage, making your hair strands and scalp healthy.

Featured Product: Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer
Verniece priming her skin before the show with the Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer

Try out multiple looks daily without fuss when you have the Panasonic Beauty Hair Dryer that lets you have salon-beautiful smooth hair. For our fellow fashionistas who love sporting a colored hair look, the Panasonic Hair Straightener is your go-to bestie because of its photo ceramic plate that reduces color-fading and moisture loss. And to level up your overall look, the Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer is also a recommendable must-have! It’s your personal portable spa that releases warm ionic steam for six minutes to deeply cleanse your skin, effectively removes makeup by opening the pores, and can also serve as a primer before makeup application. 

See more of what happened during the PMFF 2021 here. Shop Panasonic Beauty products here to #MakeYourDay.

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