Wallpaper painting can enhance beauty along with improving the overall value of your house. The wallpaper trends may include ranges such as tropical botanicals, straw, 3D textures, contemporary geometrics, and panoramic murals.

However, with the advent of newer technologies in painting and the finishing style, wallpapers are creating a storm in the painting industry. This makes things even more exciting and fun.

The past year 2020 has now gone that was supposedly based on softness and nature. The coming year of 2021 will create an even bigger storm with these wallpaper ideas.

Panoramic Mural Wallpaper

This idea of wallpaper painting is consistently ranked #1 because of its huge popularity among homeowners. This is the most searched wallpaper idea in Google and it has risen to 300% in Google search in 2020.

Panoramic mural wallpaper allows your living space to feel bigger and creates an infinite effect of forests, cityscapes, and tunnels. Moreover, people are allowing the mural-style landscape to develop them as the latest wallpapers for their rooms. Especially, the mural wallpapers and scenic beauty continue to be their first choice for 2021. Panoramic mural wallpapers can create a never to forget experience for mural lovers.

Trompe-L OEIL

Designed by Pierre Frey this wallpaper idea can make your eye tricky. It creates an illusion to your eyes and it changes the whole look of the walls. Though it gives the vision of a tiled look, in reality, it is something else.

Moreover, this type of design brings back the memories like an old Portugal tin-glazed walls through its lovely wallpapers.

Textured Wallpaper

Most of the homeowners are choosing this hot cake this season with textured wallpapers. This is because the walls are going soft to give it a three-dimensional look with these types of wallpapers. These type of wallpapers also offers textured effects along with being seductive. You can create thousands of designs that range from beaded papers, cork to 3D geometrics.

Many homeowners would also like to provide their walls a cozier and a soft look by hanging these wallpapers to their walls. Moreover, these types of wallpapers also create a simplistic look through their monastic white color. Though it may feel hard to touch at first, textured wallpapers can give you a concrete look since they are produce/0.’d from the abaca plant. Just like producing a concrete tough in textured wallpaper, a similar technique is used for papermaking also.

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  1. Ang ganda po. Bet yong designs and color! ❤️ Eto tlaga ang uso ngayon. Affordable pero napaka bonggang designs sa mga wall.

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