Canada, located in the northern part of North America is one of the most popularly visited tourist places in the world.

It also ranks among the most peaceful and tourist-friendly places to visit. There are plenty of things to do and enjoy in Toronto. Global and local tourists seem to tour commonly visited places. But the truth is that there are also several underrated tourist spots in Toronto that are worth the time and visit.

Perhaps, you might not be aware of it. It can be because they are subdued or subtle. But this does not necessarily mean they are not tourist-worthy. Some of these underrated spots do deserve special mention for being cool as well as seriously underrated.

775 Lake Shore Blvd W // Sunnyside Pavilion and Café

During summertime, this spot transforms itself into a magical place. There is something about its gates and white pillars that tend to make you feel like being away from Toronto. But the truth is you are at the lake. Moreover, you can have a cocktail at the café along with a delicious piping-hot burger after enjoying your beach volleyball or on-site kayaking activity.

Toronto Island // Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

It is considered to be Toronto’s oldest preserved architectural piece with a spooky story associated with it. Since it was established in 1808, it is known to have housed several keepers. However, in 1815, one keeper was found strangely dead. Mystery surrounds his death as to what/who killed him. If you are brave at heart, then why not look for his ghost said to be roaming in this remote spooky island!

375 Mt. Pleasant Rd. // Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

You might find this spot to be a bit morbid. However, the cemetery is a beautiful place to be to stroll, run, skate, ride or bike. This place is rather filled with numerous classical art and architectural pieces belonging to the 1850-1900 eras. Thus, it can be termed to be more of an outdoor museum. If you love night walks, then you can take a moonlit stroll.

3030 // 3030 Dudas St. West

This massive space was once a furniture store. Presently, it houses board games, pinball machines, stages to accommodate local bands, and lots of seating. You can have craft beers and grub for just $6 pints.

Doing some research on the above-mentioned places will help you to know why they should not be on the underrated list. And if you want to reside near these underrated places, you should check out the real estate in Toronto and it will help you the perfect home for your loved ones.

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