If you follow this blog for a very long time, you must have known that I started this blog in 2015. But prior to that, I’ve made a few blogs that I cannot access anymore. I cannot even remember their names and obviously, their passwords lol. I’ve talked about my love-hate relationship in writing in the About section. But when Mommy Rockin’ In Style was born, I made a decision that I will pursue this no matter how busy my life is. And here we are, 6 years of blogging adventures. I’m so grateful that I have come this far.

But starting and maintaining a blog is likely to be a tough venture. You can derive tons of value from blogging, whether your objective is to establish a trust factor with potential clients or make money online. Blogging is filled with fun if you have the gift of the gab and have clearly understood your niche area. There are a few ups and downs in being a blogger which you need to be aware of.

Know the Ups

  • As you starting posting new articles on your blog, you are likely to establish a good number of followers in time. If your posts are shareable and good, it is sure to help you earn loyal followers.
  • Your blogging efforts may bear fruit as you develop loyal followers in the long run. These followers will make your blog become popular that will be trusted by PR and brands.
  • Once you have established yourself as a reputable blogger, even if you become inactive in blogging, they are likely to keep supporting you in any new venture that you undertake. But you need to make sure you keep them informed about your moves through posts. Fresh posts keep your blogging efforts alive and the opportunity to make it big in this field.
  • Your blogger friends can become real-life friends. They can offer you valuable recommendations and advice on things to do to enhance your writings and also provide you with tips on what subjects to write and which will help your blog to get more followers. They will also share your posts with their friends, thereby increasing your reach.

Know the Downs

  • Writing posts regularly requires lots of passion. You don’t need to be an expert in writing. But you should know what to write, make it relevant and direct to the point. Only then will your followers enjoy going through the posts and come back again for more. You can also expect more recommendations in the process. But if you lack in passion, then it is likely to reflect in your posts. This, in turn, will deter your followers compelling them to seek more content elsewhere.
  • There are times when you may not just be able to come up with a post. It may not be that interesting enough to compel followers to go through it. This could be due to a lack of understanding or simply not knowing what topic to post on. The best way to eliminate this aspect is to understand which niche area to create posts. This will allow you to know what type of write-ups to prepare and post. It should be something that will provide your followers with valuable information.
  • Feel intimated by other bloggers: Whatever be your niche area of blogging, it is quite natural for you to face competition. Many bloggers may already be in your specific field and new ones are likely to enter with every passing day. It is quite natural for you to get intimated by the other bloggers, whose writing might surpass yours in quality and information. But you can overcome it by undertaking thorough research before writing any topic. You can also improve your writing skills. This will provide you the type of language skills that can help your readers to understand your post easily.
  • Not all bloggers are lucky enough to attract a huge number of followers even after several years of blogging. Besides quality writing, luck also plays a small role in your blogging success. You may find that someone who has just entered the field has managed to garner lots of followers in very little time. But this should not deter you from your blogging efforts. If you are sincere and your blogging is providing useful information, then it is likely to attract quality followers. Although not in large numbers, they can be good enough to influence you to do a good job. This way, you can become a brand in yourself.

Let me share some key points before you enter the blogging industry.

  • Consistency is the key to achieve success in your blogging ventures.
  • You need to write with passion and not lose it at any point in time.
  • All your blog posts should offer immense value to your readers.
  • You should be honest in your approach and ensure providing value to your followers at all times.
  • Understand the growing importance of social media and use this amazing tool to be recognized in society.

Therefore getting to know the ups and downs involved in blogging will help you to stay determined in your efforts. You also can become a better blogger and enjoy coming up with new posts to impress all readers.

3 Replies to “Ups and Downs of Being a Blogger

  1. Thank you for sharing your stories and some experience mamsh. Thank you for giving us an inspiration, some information and some blessings. More succesful and achievement to come in you and to your family.

  2. Very true yan mommy Mhaan, may ups and down talaga ang pagbablog pero ang importante sa lahat masaya ka sa ginagawa mo, nagbibigay ng information and learnings sa iba, at passion mo ang ginagawa mo dahil kung napilitan ka lang di mo magagampanan ng tama ang gusto mo, nakakatuwa din dahil nakakarelease ng stress at nakakarelax ang writing kahit sa super busy mong sched na isisingit mo.good job mommy more years of blogging journey to you

  3. Thanks for sharing this mommy mhaan..Im also want to be a blogger someday but I dont know where to start..Good thing na nabasa ko to it helps A lot..Thankyou…Hope to start my own journey too

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