Did you know that a new baby smell can release a dopamine surge in our brains?

Who doesn’t love the new baby smell? However, many adults don’t know the proper way to carry a baby or are scared to do it wrong. 

If you want to learn the proper way to hold a baby, you came to the right place. Read on to learn how to carry a baby.

1. Start With Clean Hands

Before you learn the proper way to hold a baby, it’s imperative you start the process with clean hands. Because a baby’s immune system is not fully developed yet, you need to protect them against the spread of infectious diseases. 

Remind everyone who will hold your baby to wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap before picking up your baby. It’s also a good idea to have hand sanitizer handy.

2. Feel Comfortable

Although there’s nothing like snuggling and holding a baby, it’s also terrifying for some people. Babies are so small and fragile that some people are afraid to hold them. 

Before you hold a baby, it’s important you feel comfortable and have confidence in your hold. If you hold the baby properly, no harm will come to them.

3. Lift From Your Legs

When picking up a baby, you might be too focused on not bringing them any harm; you might forget about your body. 

While it’s tempting to pick up a baby using your back, you must remember to use your legs. To avoid pressure on your back, especially if you’ve had a c-section, bend your knees and use your legs. 

4. Support the Baby’s Head

Most babies won’t have fully developed neck muscles until they have reached six months of age. When carrying a baby under the age of six months. It would help if you always supported the head. 

To support the baby’s head, start by sliding one hand under their head and the other one under their bottom. Once you feel you have a secure grip, pick up the baby and bring him to your chest.

5. Types of Holds

The most common baby holds include the shoulder hold, cradle hold, and belly-hold.

Most beginners feel more comfortable with a shoulder hold. Their head will rest on your shoulder and their body on your chest.

To do a cradle hold, you will keep the baby’s body chest level. Their head will rest on the crook on your elbow, and you will hold their bottom with the other hand. 

Once you feel more comfortable with the different types of hold, you can try using a baby sling to carry the baby. Baby slings are made of fabric and provide a safe cradle hold for the baby. 

You can adjust it using a sling ring for a more secure hold. Find ring slings here.

Now You Know How to Carry a Baby

Now that you know how to carry a baby, you’re ready to pick up and snuggle.

Remember, before you get ready to hold a baby, it’s important you wash your hands, become comfortable, use your legs, and support their head. 

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  1. Very helpful. We must know this kinds of tips how to take care of our baby. Iba na ang may alam.

  2. Very helpful to mommy Mhaan , lalo na at baby ang pinag uusapan mas magandang ihandle ng mas maayos at gentle ang ating mga anak kaya dapat talagang malaman to ng mga first time moms para di sila nangangamba at takot humawak ng mga babies!

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