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Exploring the Pros of Online Gaming

There is hardly any person who hasn’t played online games in their life at all. It serves as a good source of relaxation, and entertainment along with improving your reflex actions.

Also, it is a true fact that playing online games can help you to develop your strategic thinking, and builds a good relationship with your friends.

Moreover, it also helps you to build resilience, improve communication skills along with creating perseverance to achieve goals.

Improves Brain Speed, Concentration, and Memory

Most of today’s online games are strategic-based games. Therefore, the players also need to have problem-solving skills along with the power to remember a lot of information. If you play these types of games regularly, then it can boost your memory, improve your concentration power, and brain speed. 

Moreover, the games also require completing few tasks that can improve the perseverance level of the players to finish the tasks.

When your brain tries to process this information quickly, therefore, the brain speed also improves as a result.

Develops Multi-Tasking Skills

Playing games that call for searching items while fighting opponents requires the players to have instant reflex actions along with attention to detail.

These types of games can help to build multi-tasking skills along with developing good observing skills. Moreover, it also generates quick-thinking power that can help you in future endeavors.

Develop Skills for a Better Career

Few games require the players to have analytical thinking. Meaning you need to process the information a lot quicker than you can anticipate. These games are not only strategic based but also teach you to think out of the box to complete the objectives.

Moreover, playing complex online games can help you to develop your strategic thinking and analytical thinking.

All these factors can help you to shape your career in the field of analytical, and strategic thinking. It can help you develop as a better person to solve complex problems of life easily.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing online games can also help you to develop your hand-eye coordination automatically. This is because when you play games that require quick thinking and quick reaction, then you tend to react more quickly than a normal person.

This factor can help you to create beautiful coordination between your eye and your hand. As a result, your hand-eye coordination improves by playing these online games.

Helps to Solve Problems

When you complete tasks, and objectives you are developing your sense of problem-solving skills quickly. Playing online games requires the players to have quick reaction time along with passing a lot of important information to complete the game levels.

Who wants free online games?

My 6-year old son is a huge fan of arcade games. He loves to play Plants vs Zombies, Pac-Man, Daytona USA, and many more. Sadly, he stopped visiting the arcade when the pandemic hits. That’s when his father and I decided to buy him his own iPad to play some online games.

So while browsing the net, I stumbled across this website called It is a website where you can play online video games for free which can be quickly played from the browser. I told my son about it and he visited the website right away. Of course, who wouldn’t want free games right? My son enjoyed it a lot. He plays game after game!

The thinking behind this cool website was to give joy to people’s lives during these challenging times.

Of course, I played a few games too! First, I played Fight Virus, a hospital simulation game. This is very timely to what is actually happening now. Next of course, is the all-time favorite the Super Tetris Game. I remember during my childhood, I had to borrow our neighbor’s Tetris just to play. *nostalgic mode* These games are indeed fun and addicting!

fight virus plays org
Fight Virus
super tetris game plays org
Super Tetris Game

Currently, they have published around 100 games on the site. They try to publish at least 1 or 2 additional games every day, so if you click on the Free Games menu above, you should see something new every day. You can choose from their wide variety of video games such as Arcade Classics, Adventure, Simulation, Sports, and many more. In the footer of the site, there is category-based navigation for the game collection.

So if you are looking for new activities to try with your family, you should definitely visit this website.

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  1. Yes mommy Mhaan , may magandang naidudulot din talaga ang paglalaro ng mga online games, bukod sa entertainment, nakakarelax at enjoy talaga ang paglalaro, halos lahat yan nalaro ko lalo na nung bata ako favorite ko ang tetris hehehe, pero in moderate lang dahil tandaan lahat ng sobra masama!

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