Everyone wants to spend quality time with their family, which is very important for nurturing relationships with all family members. But it is quite difficult especially for us moms to take out enough time amidst the daily hustle.  I have been super busy for the past six months and sometimes I feel so guilty not spending enough time with my boys. So, to make it up with them, I have prepared something extra special. It’s Cloud’s all-time favorite Pinoy-Style Spaghetti.

But before anything else, let me introduce my new-found friend, Purefoods Slow-cooked Spaghetti Sauce w/ the #1 TJ Hotdog. This is perfect for busy moms like myself because it only takes 10 minutes to prepare. Also, it has EVERYTHING you need. From the ground beef, spices, and most importantly, the yumminess was made complete with #1 Tender Juicy Hotdog (also Cloud’s favorite).

easy cooked meal spaghetti
Purefoods Slow-cooked Spaghetti Sauce w/ the #1 TJ Hotdog

There two easy ways to prepare the Purefoods Slow-cooked Spaghetti Sauce w/ the #1 TJ Hotdog – you can heat it in the pan or just pop it in the microwave. See? It is so easy and will not eat too much of your time.

I have prepared this meal without Cloud since he was too busy with his school activities. So, I surprised him instead with his favorite snack when he’s done.

You can check below on how I actually prepared this super yummy meal!


And here’s the finished product!

easy cooked meal spaghetti

Look how excited Cloud was. Sarap na sarap siya and he was able to finish everything in just one sitting. Gutom na gutom ang bagets lols.

easy cooked meal spaghetti

Our week is incomplete without our Pinoy-Style spaghetti, so the Purefoods Slow-cooked Spaghetti Sauce w/ the #1 TJ Hotdog is definitely one of our must-haves! And the good news is, this is now available in leading supermarkets and online via San Miguel The Mall. So you better check this out! Your kids will also love it. 🙂

Well, apart from preparing a home-cooked specialty meal, below are other useful tips that can help us in spending more time with our loved ones.

Create new traditions in your family

Daily routine at home can be boring for children and even adults. So you can bring a little change sometimes in this routine, to make life more interesting for all. You can delay the dinnertime or bedtime for half an hour, to make a bit free time for some entertainment. You may also introduce a story-telling session every evening before children start with their schoolwork.

Enjoy a movie or game together

You may schedule a time for watching a late-night movie together with your spouse, children, and other family members. You should choose a film that will be enjoyable for your kids and adult members of all ages. You can also play indoor group games, which will help you to have quality time together.  You will find several engaging indoor games that all family members can play together and enjoy great fun.

Help children with their schoolwork

Your kids must be facing difficulties sometimes in doing their schoolwork. You can offer them help in their studies, which will boost their self-confidence and strengthen their emotional bonding with you. Though they may have home tutors to help them in studying all subjects, parental guidance provides them better moral support and you also get a chance to become their good friend.

Do household chores together

You may not get enough time to spend with your spouse due to your professional workload. However, you can help him/her in doing regular household chores, like washing dishes, cleaning the table, or ironing clothes. In this way, you will be able to grow the emotional attachment with your life partner. You may also include your children in some simple household jobs, to spend more time all together.

How about you mommies, any more tips to share on how to spend quality time with your family? Comment down below! <3

35 Replies to “Tips for Finding Quality Time with Your Family

  1. Wow! This brand is a must-try for since spag lover ako!! Super fave ever! Thanks for the suggestion mommy!

    1. Iba talaga kapag purefoods affordable na masarap pa easy to cook and less hastle. Super sulit. Spaghetti favorite nang mga kids.

    2. Siguradong Mag-eenjoy Ang Buong Pamilya Kumain Ng Spaghetti . Dahil sa Panalong Sarap Ng Lasa Ng Purefoods Spaghetti Sauce. Basta Purefoods Panalo sa Sarap. I will try this para matikman din Ng Family ko.

  2. Siguradong Mag-eenjoy Ang Buong Pamilya Kumain Ng Spaghetti . Dahil sa Panalong Sarap Ng Lasa Ng Purefoods Spaghetti Sauce. Basta Purefoods Panalo sa Sarap. I will try this para matikman din Ng Family ko.

  3. I am a single mom of two beautiful daughters and i always find a way to entertain them and at the same time its my little way of spending quality time like teaching them how to play our old games when we were young mostly outdoors game so that they will also forget about gadget hehe.

  4. Masarap na affordable pa. Madali pa lutuin. Enjoy mga kids nito. Magandang family bonding. Bsta products ni Purefoods lahat masarap.

  5. Wow super easy na to prepare Lalo nat may TJ Spaghetti sauce na all time favorite Ng mga kids ad even sa ating mga adults.Mas lalong pasasarapin pa ang bawat luto nating spaghetti.

  6. this is nice that tender juicy already have spaghetti sauce i know for sure that it’s delicious being a consumer of tj products.

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