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Make Every Day Better with Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier

I heard about babywearing when I gave birth to Cloud five years ago, and it was around the time that I was breastfeeding. Did you know that one of the wonderful benefits of babywearing is being able to breastfeed simultaneously? That is very convenient for on-the-go moms like me! You can multitask and keep your baby close, and this makes them feel secure and happy. Babywearing was our best friend during Cloud’s first few months because he was super clingy. He wanted to be carried all the time! Moreover, if you are the type who hates bringing bulky baby stuff, like strollers, when going out, you should consider “The Art of Babywearing.”

There are many different types of baby carriers in the market, and you just need to decide which one suits your lifestyle. For us, soft-structured carriers (SSC) or buckle carriers is the best option. They are known as “grab and go” carriers because they are quick and easy to use. With just a few clicks and pulls, and you and your baby are good to go. Some brands can be stylish, too!

Through the years, I have been able to try different brands of carriers. Lately, we have been enjoying Little Zen, the Soft Baby Carrier. Little Zen is a joy to use because it is soft and light like a wrap and safe and comfy like a carrier. It’s a new type of carrier and a great combination for me!

Little Zen, the Soft Baby Carrier

Little Zen is from the makers of the globally acclaimed baby carrier brand LILLEbaby. It is made with 100% natural cotton so the structure feels soft and light like a wrap, indeed! The material also makes the Little Zen carrier sturdy, with a weight capacity of 7 to 33 lbs (which is around 3.2 to 15 kg). It also has an extended head and neck support, soft padded straps, and a hip-healthy seat, making it safe and comfy even when worn for a long period of time. Overall, Little Zen is ergonomic for both the baby and the wearer!

Little Zen, the Soft Baby Carrier
Little Zen, the Soft Baby Carrier

The Little Zen has 4 carrying positions: Front Inward Facing Carry (0-12M / 7-20 lbs), Front Outward Facing Carry (6-18M / 16-24 lbs), Front Inward Facing Carry, and Back & Hip Carry (6-24M / 16-33 lbs).

Positioning Tips using Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier

1. Baby close enough to kiss, high on your body.

2. The baby should have an open airway and the baby’s face should be within view by simply glancing down.

3. Spine in “C” shape.

4. Ergonomic “M” leg position with thighs supported.

Care instructions:

Before washing, fasten all buckles. Wash on cold setting and using a mild detergent without optical brighteners. Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean your Little Zen. For best results, hang to dry.

We are using the Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier for weeks now and I love how ergonomic it is, thereby bringing comfort for me and Cal. There was one instance when I was in the middle of a Zoom meeting and Cal cried so hard, I could not help but carry him. That’s when I grabbed our Little Zen and carried him. After a few minutes, he fell asleep! Little did I know that the reason he was crying was that he was so sleepy and wanted some “rock-a-bye baby.”

Little Zen’s natural cotton fabric is soft and light, thus it doesn’t irritate Cal’s sensitive skin. The waist belt also provides comfort even though I am carrying a 28-lb baby. There were times when Cal felt under the weather (growth spurt, perhaps!) and I would end up babywearing during the entire day. Yes, the entire day! Despite his weight, I did not feel any pain, particularly on my lower back. Whew!

little zen baby carrier with baby and mother
Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier in action

Furthermore, the overall structure of Little Zen makes switching from one position to another easy. It also has a good-sized front storage pocket to keep your belongings. On the other hand, I find Little Zen smaller compared to SSCs but in terms of durability, they are just the same.

Overall, true to its claim, Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier is soft and light like a wrap and safe and comfy like a carrier. Definitely worth investing in your little ones!

Little Zen retails for P3,999 and available on their website at

16 Comments on “Make Every Day Better with Little Zen Soft Baby Carrier

  1. Big help talaga sa mga mommies ang Little zen carrier.. makakakilos kilos na sa loob ng bahay kahit nag aalaga kay baby.. maganda pa ang quality kasi ang soft unlike sa ibang carrier na medyo matigas..lalo na ung pang sabit na sa balikat.

  2. Itsura pa lang maganda na and super comfy pa.Hindi na tayo mangangamba na matuguan sila ng panwis unlike other baby carrier like ng nabili ko akala ko OK sya kso pag tingin ko sa likod ng baby ko pawis na pawis..pero itong little zen,baby Carrier looks so nice.

  3. For us mommies,na master na ang pag mumultitasking,bug help itong mga Baby Carrier’s like Little Zen Carrier,it helps us na maging magaan ang trabaho natin as a supermom,as well as nagkakaroon pa tayo ng bonding time kay baby.

  4. Ang ganda ng baby carrier nato laki ng tulong nito satin mga mommy para medyo madali lang pag buhat natin si baby

  5. Ganda nga nya momsh. Very comfortable to use. Never kc ako nakagamit ng baby carrier for my little one noon kc akala ko di sya magiging comfortable kaya im using stroller nalang for her.

  6. Ganda po ng style at ang dami rin pong positions na pwede. Amazing nung hip carry. Will note this for future reference 🙂

    1. Worth to buy talaga ang Little Zen Carrier, bukod kasi sa napaka gandang quality, ay both mommy and baby ang mag eenjoy gamitin ito. Napaka comfortable suotin at gamitin,

  7. Share ko Lang sobrang helpful po at convenient sa aming mga mommies na may special need child Yung carrier ,I have a 8 yr old with cerebral palsy boy ..going to hospital appointment and therapy ay ngcocommute Lang kami at sobrang tulong sa akin mg carrier ..d ko maemagine sitwasyon namin nag Wala Ang carrier …

  8. Ang ganda ng baby carrier nato .mganda ang ganitong product.. tlagang mas komportable ang baby at si mommy.bighelp nito lalong mpadali ang pag bubuhat sa baby.

  9. ang sarap magkaroon ng baby carrier na accurate sa needs ng mommy at baby yung comfortable gamitin and sana hindi pricey sa totoo lang i have 4 kids na pero meron pala talaga tamang paraan para gamitin ang baby carrier. thanks for this mommy mhaan

  10. Big help po talaga ang baby carriee for us mom’s Lalo na po pag ganito magandang quality na secure and safe talaga si baby thank you po sharing SA tamang paraan Ng pag gamit Ng baby carrier

  11. Ang ganda ng little zen baby carrier gumagamit dn ako ng carrier malakung tulong kasi sa ating mga mommy pra si baby karga ntn ng comfortable .

  12. Both mommy and baby will enjoy this little Zen Carrier very good qualirty naman kasi.And very comfortable to use daming ways kung saan mo gusto ilagay si baby nakakatuwa, mag eenjoy sa paggala si baby nito.importante din talaga na maayos ang binibili natin para di sasakit ang likod o katawan ni baby at mommy, parehas magbebenifits.

  13. ang ganda momsh ng little zens baby carrier siguradong hindi na mahihirapan kahit saan man mamasyal at safe si baby.high quality at siguradong komportable si baby

  14. Must have lalo kung full-time mom at walang kaagapay sa bahay. Kapag ganito ang carrier panatag ka while doing all the chores at home kahit dala-dala si little one.

  15. Little Zen Carrier is the best choice Safe and comfortable si baby at si mommy plus ang ganda pa Good Quality talaga ang Little Zen Carrier

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