Keyless entry systems have become the rage in the past few years, and for good reasons. They have transformed home and office security but considering they are still new, many people are skeptical of their safety, and whether they are as reliable as their traditional counterparts.

Whether a homeowner or business owner loves or hates keyless entry systems, they are probably right. A good quality professionally installed keyless lock will keep a property secure, but their appropriateness for a given property depends on the property and the user’s needs. A wide variety of locks are available at Action Lock Doc. Before a decision is reached on the best lock for a need, consider these points.

How Safe are Keyless Locks?

The most important thing to remember about a home or office security is that most burglars are opportunists. They will only very rarely open a lock or break a window. They will almost always enter through a door or window that has been left open. As such, a keyless lock is only helpful if you use it.

Is a Keyless System for You?

Keyless systems are easy to use, but if you happen to be forgetful and aren’t accustomed to using new technology, they might not be for you. Further, it might be true that a keyless system doesn’t require a key, it still needs to fit the user. This is one reason why keyless systems are great for apartment dwellers, security communities, and other places where key systems can be troublesome. Keyless door locks are also useful for work areas and large properties where there is a lot of movement from one part of a property to another.

There are many pros and cons to keyless door systems. Some of them follow:


  • No keys. This might be obvious, but their benefits are often overlooked since keys can end up lost, which is a problem for many people, not to mention a security risk.
  • Keyless systems offer easy access to authorized personnel. Anyone who needs access is required to have a code.
  • Keyless systems allow owners to know who has been on the property and where they have been.
  • It make it easier for people with certain disabilities to enter the property.
  • Keyless systems are more aesthetically pleasing, with many styles and colors available.


  • If a keyless system is used often and is left uncleaned, it is easier to determine the entry code.
  • Keyless systems are powered by electricity, so they could stop working if there is a power outage. For cases such as this, many keyless systems offer a battery backup.
  • Keyless systems are only effective for those who have the code. This can be difficult to control.
  • Anyone who is forgetful would find it difficult to remember the code.

If there is one thing that is certain about keyless systems, it’s that it should always be installed by someone who knows what they are doing. As good as they are, there are plenty of opportunities in installing them to do it wrong. Make sure that whoever installs a system is knowledgeable about how to do it right the first time. Once it is installed, there’s a better than average chance that it will serve its function for a long time.

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10 Replies to “Keyless Entry Systems: How Safe Are They?

  1. Sa advance na technology kahit yung mga imposible,pwede maging posible katulad po nitong keyless door.. pero may mga pros and cons po talaga kaya dapat pag isipang mabuti po kung gusto magpa install ng ganito.

  2. Yes pwede naman na ang keyless kaso may disadvantage pa rin pero ma’s okay pa din sakin ang de susi lahat naman may advantages and disadvantages Iba na talaga ngayon momsh pwede na rin ang keyless system

  3. ang galing lalo lalong sa mga malilimutin keyless na tayo 🙂 napakagandang imbento nito kaso need mo maging maingat dahil na rin sa mga disadvantages pero kung iisipin mo mas malaki ang maitutulong nito sa atin.

  4. Ang galing na Ng technology ngayon ,pero bet ko pa rin de Susi ,may tendency din Kasi minsan nagmamalfunction Yung tech,tas paano pag nkalimutan mo Yung password ..pero madami na gumagamit Ng keyless system ngayon,depends pa what suits you

  5. High tech na talaga ang panahon ngayon, may mga ganitong keyless na, pero kalakip nito yung pag iingat kasi marami ding di magandang dulot sa atin , maganda sana lalo na pag makakalimutin ka ng susi pero mas gusto ko pa din yung de susi kasi mas safe

  6. Sa panahon natin ngayon marami na tlga ang mga High technology . Mgandang imbento itong keyless mlaking tulong ito . kaso need padin ang maging maingat dahil na rin sa mga disadvantages nito kaya kailangan pa din pag isipan kung gstong mg pa install ng ganito .

    1. Grabe ang bilis talaga ng technology ngayon. Ang daming naiinbento na nakakamangha talaga, pero syempre lahat ng bagay may cons kaya naman bago natin subukan pag isipan nagin ng paulit ulit muna tulad nlng sa keyless Door. Para sakin mas gusto ko pa rin ang de susi,

    2. Nakakatuwa na ang technology natin ngayon dahil lalong gumaganda, napapadali at talaga good quality ang nagagawa ngayon kaya naman lahat ng tao ngayon masaya dahil may ganti na tayo ngayon at mas napapaganda nito ang mga impossible hindi natin kaya gawin kung walang technology

      1. Yay.ang ganda netong imbento momsh okay to para sa mga makakalimutung gaya ko yon nga lang may disadvantages na dapat isaalang alang.

  7. perfect sa mga malilimutin hehe pero still may mga disanvantages,avantages pa din pero dun pa din ako sa nakasanayan hehe.

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