Baby slings have a disturbing reputation for some parents who believe during it unsafe and leads to infant death from suffocation.  There have been several cases of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), however, the cause of death is linked to improper use. 

Product education is important before using anything, especially with your little one. If you want to learn how to wrap a baby sling that is both comfortable and safe for your baby, continue reading.  

Types of Baby Sling Positions

There are 4 ways you can choose to position baby slings: facing front and inwards, facing outwards, facing sideways, or on the back. You should consider both your baby’s age and size when deciding on the best position. 

The facing front, inward position is when your baby faces you. It’s the most common position and offers moms a discreet way to breastfeed.

The facing front, outward position is when your little one’s back is at the level of your chest/stomach. This is not the most ideal as it doesn’t offer full support for the infant’s legs and bottoms. 

The sideways (or hip carry) position is great for babies that are slighter older and are learning to sit (3 months and up). Curious babies that enjoy looking around will enjoy this position. 

The “back carry” position is ideal for babies six months and up. Your baby should be able to sit without assistance and have head and neck control. 

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How to Wrap a Baby Sling

There are a few types of baby sling wrap material. It’s best to stay simple and use breathable cotton. It will be comfortable for you and your baby. It also offers better slip resistance. The standard front-facing, inward instructions are to: 

  1. Unfold the wrap and locate the center
  2. Position the center of the material across your chest then gather the top half 
  3. While holding the wrap, cross your hands at your back then pull and tighten the fabric across your shoulders (there should be an “X” form) 
  4. Gather the fabric and fold the upper half around the center towards the front of your body and cross it in front of your by the waist (you should have a high “X” on your chest where the baby will be) 
  5. Tie the wrap around your waist, double knotting it
  6. Ensure there is adequate space (6-8 inches) for your baby and check the neckline position

Keep in mind, instructions and methods will vary. It’s best to follow the seller’s guide or follow videos if you are more of a visual learner.  

Enhancing the Mother-Baby Bond

Babies enhance the bond they have with their mother anytime you hold, speak, or talk to them. Learning how to wrap a baby in a baby sling is another way to strengthen the relationship you have with your child. 

So long as you learn to do it and follow instructions, baby slings are safe. In the event of special cases (low-birth-weight babies, premature babies, babies with respiratory issues), be sure to consult with your pediatrician first. 

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20 Replies to “How to Wrap a Baby Sling So That It Is Comfortable and Safe

  1. thanks for sharing this tips to us it is very useful specially im a first time Mom and also it is important to learn what is the right way of using baby sling cause if it is not worn properly it may cause harm to the baby

    1. Actually ito din talaga ang kinatatakutan ko noon kaya di ko to ginawa sa 1st born and 2nd born ko, natuto ako ng ganitong nong ipinanganak ko si youngest child ko by the help of nurse tutorial nadin sa isang hospital na pinag anakan ko sa kanya.

  2. Love it momsh thanks for sharing this maganda maginvest sa sling wrap momsh yan young gusto ko bilhin sa panganay ko na di ko nagawa malamang sa bunso ko gusto ko talaga makabili ng ganto sobrang helpful talaga sating mga mommies

  3. Malaking tulong talaga ang sling wrap sa pag carry sa mga babies natin pero kailangn ng ibayong pag iingat…,base kasi sa.mga nababasa ko tungkol sa sids sobrang nakakatakot.yung akala mong OK lang sya yun pala kasama na.kaya double o triple ingat talaga ang kailangan.gusto ko din to sling wrap na to super comfy ksi .

  4. Very informative,and laking tulong nito sa ating mga mommies,we have to be well educated about this,because it will cause suffocation din sa mga anak natin.

    1. Must Read to all newly mom’s ,syempre pati sa mga dati nang mommies ,sling wrapping is safety way lalo ngayong pandemic na d natin maiwasan ilabas si baby ,specialy pag need to go sa center para sa mga booster nila,thank you for sharing tips mommy ..sobrang helpful nito ..we parents need to secure safety of our loved ones .and this is it ♥️

  5. Natatakot ako dati gawin yan sa panganay ko kasi first time mom pero nung sa bunso ko nagawa ko na siya . Thanks for sharing this tips malaking tulong sa mga firsftime mommies na mkkbasa neto .

  6. Wow Salamat po sa tips na ito mommy helpful ito sa mga mommies lalo n sa tulad kung first time mom. Di ko din to natry sa baby ko .

    1. Salamat po sa mga tips mommy,malaking tulong to lalo na sa mga first time mommies,Malaking tulong din ang sling wrap pero dapat alam din talaga kung paano ito gawin para safe at okay si baby.

  7. Malaking tulong po tlaga ang pag gamit Ng sling wrap kaso extra careful Lang din po SA pag gamit. Thanks mom for sharing very informative.

  8. never tried a sling for a baby, pero maganda rin sya gamitin para kahit nasa bahay kahit naiyak si baby nakakarga sya at nakakagawa ng mga gawaing bahay

  9. Very informative, thanks for sharing this, sobrang ganda ng sling wrap lalo na pag madalas ayaw magpababa ni baby di masyadong hirap sa pagbubuhat pag may sling wrap with the proper knowledge din syempre para mas safe si baby, mas comfortable mas masaya.

  10. Ito ang hindi ko natry sa tatlo kong anak,palibhas batang ina ako kaya wala akong alam .Laking alwan din pag may ganito pero kailangan may kasamang pag iingat para iwas disgrasya

  11. salamat po sa pag share nito momsh bilang isang ina na walang nag gabay sakin sa pagpapalaki sa mga anak ko malaking tulong po ito na kahit papaanu nalalaman ko kung paanu ko po maiingatan ang aking anak.

  12. Super dream ko talaga ang sling wrap Momsh. Secured and convenient gamitin kaso di ko talaga sya natry. And thumbs-up to this, very helpful for those who’s planning to use a sling wrap.

  13. Very informative. Malaking tulong ito sa tulad kung first time na halos walang alam kung paano kakargahin ang baby .Pag ganito na may ways na how to wrap mas ligtas si baby at mas comfortable.

  14. Pag nanay ka na talaga fi pwde yung ok na,dapat double or tripple pa ang effort at pag iingat sa ating mga anak.

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