Coronavirus Pandemic: An Opportunity for the Wellness and Beauty Industry?

Sep 26, 2020 | Beauty & Fashion | 18 comments

COVID-19 came out of the blue. It disrupted many industries, but the wellness and beauty industry may be thriving. More people are interested in wellness related to physical or mental health issues. These wellness products have been beneficial by giving emotional support to people around the world. The wellness and beauty industry promotes home therapy, health education, self-care, stress reduction, and many other strategies that benefit overall health. There are a lot of trends in the wellness industry that help people with their overall health and wellbeing.

Current Trends in Wellness and Beauty

There are many trends in the wellness and beauty industry that help people with their overall health. Beauty market research has become a popular topic in today’s society. Some trends that are popular today include clean living, simplicity, virtual health, the use of herbs and supplements as well as cannabis and sleep aids. Over the years, these trends have gained a lot of popularity around the world. There are many products shaped and built around these trends to provide customers with the best overall health experience. Mood enhancement has also become more well-known.

Practices for Wellness and Beauty

There are many beauty products and companies in the industry. Each brand works hard to differentiate itself from other brands. During COVID-19, brands are focusing on customer’s needs. Most customers aren’t too interested in non-essential products during this time. Consumers are only focused on products they need and that are available at a good price. Brands are working hard to make sure they create products that are affordable and accessible. Most brands are also working on making sure every product is inclusive.

COVID-19 and the Beauty and Wellness Industry

The pandemic has been recreating the beauty and wellness industry. COVID-19 led to many changes, including at-home fitness, digital therapy, and overall health and wellbeing. Consumers have adapted well to changing their health, fitness, and beauty habits. Everyone is starting to adapt and use their homes as a multi-functional facility. Even doctor’s visits are now online from your home office, dining room, living room, or bedroom. Many of these beauty and wellness companies have started to advertise and make products that can be delivered and used at home. Social distancing and a vaccine that isn’t out yet have forced brands and consumers to change the industry. Beauty and wellness industries have been thriving from the pandemic and the changes that come with it.

The Future of Beauty and Wellness

The industry has been changing and evolving into a new way of overall health and wellbeing. New products will surprise the world, such as a smart toothbrush, the next-level of sleeping aids, new sheet facial masks, and even AI makeup artists! The average American only spends 45 seconds brushing their teeth. The smart toothbrush uses blue-light fluorescent technology and provides consumers a new way to brush their teeth. Roughly 30 to 35 percent of Americans have insomnia. There are sleep aid products that help with that! There are also wristbands that you can wear at night that not only track your sleep but also your blood oxygen levels. Moreover, there are also great sheet masks to improve your look and health. A new, futuristic type of makeup artist is here! There are AI, makeup artists, with printer scanners that scan your face for light and dark spots.

Image by David Christensen from Pixabay


  1. Lyka (mitra) Baqueros

    Marami nga pong nausong mga beauty products at wellness na gamot or anything na related po dito dahil sa banta ng Covid.. 🖒 dahil na rin po siguro nasa bahay lang kaya mas marami po ang gumamit ng mga ito lalo na po ng beauty products.. 🖒

  2. Ceejay Rash Flores

    This pandemic had caused us a lot of changes,this we called “The New Normal”.This changes has a big impact to us,specially in our health and wellness.Many of us are fond of products that are effective,and affordable,yan ang hinahanap natin sa panahon ngayon.

    • Nica Asuncion

      Looking forward to the upcoming technologies 🙂 wondering how many years until these become trends here in the Philippines

    • Nemia Dorimon

      Sa gitna ng pandemic lahat nkafocus sa pagkakakitaan,at beauty products is In of it na gustong gusto ko ay mga therapy oil ..kelangan Lang talaga effective at affordable if magcommit ka sa mga beauty products ♥️

    • Dhel Manog

      Nang dahil nga sa covid ang daming naglabasan na mga bagong products ,lalo na ang mga beauty products na talagang tatangkilikin ngayon dahil nga nasa bahay lang naman ang karamihan need din na magkaroon ng skin care routine.

      • Joyangelique Balleta

        Isa sa pumatok na negosyo ngayong panahon ng pandemic ay ang Skincare product, talaga naman marami ang tumangkilik nito dahil kahit na stay at home pa rin tayo dapat alaga pa rin natin ang ating katawan.

  3. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Ang daming beauty products ang mag sipagsulputan at wellness dahil sa covid kaya alam nila na mas tangkilikin ito dahil nasa bahay lang lahat ng tao

    • Roxanne Aricaya

      Agree ako dito, this pandemic brought us so many changes.. especially in our lifestyle.. pero because of intelligence and innovations, dami talaga new creations and products na nauuso.. which is a good thing to others, dahil may nagiging libangan sila.. nakakapag ayos ng sarili using beauty products and nagkaroon ng ME TIME..and syempre dahil nasa bahay lang and may banta pa din ng covid, we need to stay fit and healthy para iwas sakit na din..

      • Marie Fe Castillo

        Agree ako dito, mas marami talaga ang gumagamit ngayon ng mga beauty products mula noong nagkaCovid. Halos kc nasa bahay lang at mas marami na ang time para mas ma-enhance pa ang beauty ng bawat isa

  4. Donna Ria Mahayag

    sa panahon ngayon sa akin napaka hirap bumili ng beauty products, mas uunahin ko pa ang needs ng pamilya ko. pero syempre iba pa rin ang nakakapag ayos kahit nasa bahay ang lakas maka boost ng self confidence kaya kahit hindi naman pricey at hindi todo make up yung ma feel ko lang na ang ganda ko. nakaka gaan sa pakiramdam


    Yes po this pandemic brought us a lot of changes in health,fitness and beauty IBA din po Kasi ang feeling pag okay Ka inside and out Kaya madami din pong nagsulputan na beauty products ngayon. Minsan ISA din po SA way para maibsan ung anxiety attack nila since laging NASA bahay Lang.

  6. Bessie Ramos

    Mas mabenta ang deauty products ngayon kasi mostly work from home gusto kasi na maganda tayo sa camera kaya kahit nasa bahay lang dapat magpaganda

  7. Jeng Manalo

    Boosting confidence pag looking good ka kahit nasa bahay lang kung afford mo naman magpaganda at need sa work mo presenting good why not db,kasi ako since mas need ko talaga unahin ang kakainin bago ang beauty products😅

  8. Elleen Lopez Blas

    Mabenta talaga ngayon ang mga beauty and wellness products kasi halos lahat ay work from home, ako mas bet ko ang mga essential oils na uso ngayon.

  9. Lea Latagan

    Agree momsh, ngayong pandemic marami talaga ang nag bago . dami din bagong gawang products na nauuso at tinatangkilik . Halos lahat stay at home kaya kung affort nman bumili ng pang skin care routine Go pra sa self confidence.

  10. Mona Romero

    This is indeed true Mommy. Kasi as we face this trying times where we can’t see kung anong kalaban natin, everyone takes care of themselves and always prioritize boosting immune system. And with all the stress because of this, naglalabasan din ang sumpa sa face natin na ang one of the reason is stress nga, kaya super in demand din ang beauty products para lang maachieve ulit yung dating ganda.

    • leizel

      dahil sa covid halus lahat ng tao nagbebenta sa online..tulad ng pagkain mga gamit at pampaganda..kahit ako pagtumitingi ako sa online sell mga pampaganda talaga ang una kung panahon ding ito kailangan din natin magpaganda kahit maraming problema.

  11. Jasmin Palaganas

    Yes true toh momsh Really need kahit na taong Bahay lang sa stress sa panahon ngayon Self Care and skin care is a must maraming product na Quality at affordable price


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