Description: Baby bathing is one of the hardest times for parents, especially for mothers. If you are one of the mothers who are failing to bath your baby, this article can help you succeed. Parents need to understand why a toddler is afraid of bathing and solve their problem, it can help them fall in love with bathing. 

Every parent knows the fuss when their toddler hates the Bath. You cannot always use baby wipes for baby boy bathing. And here comes the time for a bath, but baby bathing is one of the hardest things for toddlers.

Every child indeed goes through a time when he hates Bath, but every mom keeps trying and trying to make sure he loves it.

It is not easy to just tell a child that bathing is essential, and it will make him feel relaxed, and he will be fresher and more energetic after a bath. Every parent goes through the same troubles with baby bathing.

We understand your troubles, and in this article,  we will try to solve your problems. In the first half, we will see why your toddler is afraid of Bath, and in the second half, we will give you some magical tips that will make your toddler fell in love with bathing time. 

Why your toddler is afraid of bath?

The important thing is to know why your kid is afraid of bath time, you cannot achieve your goal of baby bathing without this. There could be many reasons that your kids are not comfortable in the bathtub. Let’s see what common things that make toddler hat bat time are.

1.  Fear of something

If you are experiencing a hard time in the bathtub, there is a big chance that your toddler is afraid of something. The fear can be of falling in a bathtub, drowning, or getting soapy eyes. Fear of sucked down through the draining hole is another reason kids feel terrified with bathing. 

2. They are not ready for bedtime

Usually, after bathing time, there is bedtime, and toddler does not want to sleep because he wants so to play more.

3.  They do not need interruption between playtime

Toddlers love to play, and there is another reason that they do not want to get interrupted while they are playing.

15 tips to help your toddler love to bath

Once you know why your toddlers are afraid of bath time and hate it, you can find the solution. Here are 15 baby bathing tips that will help your toddler to love Bath.

1.  Introduce Games

Introducing games during baby bathing is an effective way to keep your toddler interested. Toddlers love to play with their toys, and if you add some toys in the bathtub, it will undoubtedly increase the interest of toddlers towards Bath.  You can use any waterproof toys like zoo set, building blocks, or something else to make bathing time fun. Baby Bathing games can really help your toddler fell in love with bath.

2.  Use a baby bathing tub

There is a big chance that your toddler is afraid of a big bathtub and hates the bathing time. You can replace a big bathtub with a smaller version of the baby bathing tub and make your baby comfortable. There are many baby bathing tubs available in the market, you can buy one that your child will love.

3.  Use baby goggles

One of the biggest fear of bath time is getting soap into the eyes, it really stinks. You can avoid this stinky and messy situation if you use baby goggles, these will make baby bathing easier and fun for your kid. The bathing goggles protect the eyes of toddlers from soap, and he can enjoy bathing. Another thing you can use is the baby bathing cap, this can really help to keep the eyes safe.

4.  Make it a colorful bath

Who does not love colors? Toddlers always love colorful things,  think about it, what if you add some glow in the water? Yes, it will make toddlers fall in love with water and Bath too. You can use crayons or any other colors that are safe to use for babies and make it a colorful and enjoyable bath time.

5.  Make it a bubble bath

Everyone loves bubbles, and kids love them even more. If your toddler is giving you a hard time with Bath, you can add bubbles and make him fall in love with Bath. You can even add colors in the bubble bath.

6.  Focus on fears

Find the fear and eliminate it. There can be many fears like fear of soap getting in eyes, fear of falling inside the tub, fear of drowning, or maybe something else. As a parent, you must find out the fear of your child and eliminating it. If you can find the fear, it is easy to eliminate, and your toddler will start loving the bath time.  

7.  Use the baby bathing chair

Many children are afraid of falling inside the bathtub, and this is very likely possible because of slippery situations. Parents can eliminate this factor by using baby chairs for bathing; there are many chairs available in the market that they can buy. They can purchase these chairs in different shapes and designs that can increase the interest of bath time.

8.  Make it the family bath

Jump in the bathtub with your child, yes this is an exciting way to tell him that bathing is fun. Play with him and spend some time with him inside water. This way, he can learn from you, and next time there are many chances that he will love his bath time alone. Believe me, bathing with baby is fun.

9.  Try rewarding system

It’s an exciting way; everyone loves to reward, and kids love them even more. Introduce a rewarding system after every Bath. This can be a piece of candy, chocolate, or an extra 30 minutes of playing with friends, toys, and dog. Your kid will enjoy this, and it will increase his interest in bathing.

10.  Make toddler the boss

No one loves a boss around and does your little one. Baby bathing should not be boring, and typically mothers do not understand this. If you are the boss during bath time, your kid will never like it, make him the boss let him do what he wants to do. Make bathing time little fun, if he wants bubbles to make them, he wants toys you should provide the. Even you should not stop him if he is splashing the water because it is fun, and baby bathing should be enjoyable.  

11. Break the routine

You need to break the routine every now and then, if your toddler is not ready, you should skip a day. It is not very important to Bath every day if you are trying to make him love Bath. Give him some days off, and eventually, he will learn to bath daily and fell in love with it. Make it a change and use a baby bathing suit.

12.  Take it outside

You need to know when you want to start baby bathing daily. Change the pattern; if you are bathing your toddler in the bathroom, you can change the place every now and then. Take it outside on the lawn, make it fun, show him some birds, and he will enjoy this time. Bathrooms are closed spaces, and sometimes kids are afraid of these places; if take you kid outside the bathroom and play games with him, it can make him reduce the fear of bathing.

13.  Get out of the bathtub before draining

Toddlers hate it when you drain the water when they are inside. The toddler thinks they will be sucked through the drainage hole with water. If you take the baby out of the water and let him walk away from the bathroom before the draining, it can ease his nerves.

14.  Decorate the ceiling

Yes, this is a useful exercise, you can decorate the ceiling of your bathtub with some toys, glowing stars, and cartoon characters. Hang some toys that will distract your kid’s attention for some time, and you can rinse his hair quickly.

15.  Use the potty chair before bathtub

This is an effective way of preparing your toddler for bath time, make him sit on potty chair for a while, and develop his bathtub in front of him. This way, he will become comfortable with the surroundings and be ready for a magical time.

If mothers follow these tips and use suggested baby bathing products there is a big chance that their toddler will grow out of bathing fears, but if you think that things are not working, it is better to visit your healthcare nurse and mention the fears of your child. Mothers can also use Baby bathing accessories to groom their babies after bathing, baby bathing oil is good for moisturizing the skin. 

These 15 tips have helped many toddlers grow out of fear, it can help you too.  If these tips helped you do comment below or if you have another suggestion, please don’t hesitate to share that also.

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13 Replies to “How to Help Your Toddler Love Baths

  1. So far, wala akong problema sa pagpapaligo sa anak ko. Kasi gustong gusto nya talaga ang pagligo. Siya pa nga mismo nagreremind sa akin na maliligo na siya. Problema ko lang ay minsan ayaw niya umahon sa tubig. Haha

  2. Actually naranasan ko din lahat ito sa baby ko noon, pero ngayon na habang lumalaki na sya mas gusto na nyang magbabad sa tubig.

  3. Hindi ako ganon kahirap mapaliguan yong mga babies ko noon e,everytime kasi na liliguan ko sila inienjoy pa nila yong tubig at pagpapaligo ko sa kanila,Until now ganon pa rin sila gustong gusto nila yong maliligo at mag halfbath.Itong mga tips mo mommy malaking tulong sa mga mommies na hirap mapaliguan ang mga babies nila ,thanks for sharing po.

  4. Buti naman etong 2 chikiting ko, ang hihilig maligo…love na love nila ang bath time.. gustong gusto kasi magbabad, tsaka pag pinapaliguan ko kasi toddler ko, may time din na naglalaro sya with other kids, ginagawa ko nyan sasabihan ko sya kunin nya car nya papaliguan din namin.. kaya susunod naman sya..minsan gagawa pa ko mg bubbles tapos puputukin nya.. kaya tuwang tuwa sya.. sabay kasi kami lagi maligo eh.. minsan naman si didi nya kasabay nya.. btw. Thanks sa tips momsh, super useful kasi nito sa mga mommies na nagkakaroon talaga ng hard time pag marinig pa lang ng mga anak nila ang bath time..

  5. Di ko din po naranasan yung mahirap paliguan ang kids ko , minsan nga pag gising gusto ligo na agad.Enjoy po talaga sila pag bath time na ang pinag uusapan.Naglalaro pa kasi sila ng mga rubber ducky sa cr o kaya bubbles kaya good thing for sharing this tips sa mga nanay na struggles talaga ang pagpapaligo.

  6. Yung anak ko po ayaw din maligo dati pero sinubukan ko sya lagyan ng laruan habang naliligo ayun gustong gusto na nya kailangan minsan tayong mga nanay maghahanap din ng way kung san mas magiging masaya ang gawain natin sa kanya at yung hindi maiirita or maiinis si baby

  7. Good thing si bunso ko love na love maligo pati ako nun basa na.din SA likot Ng paliligo.napa helpful tips na Ito momsh for those na nahihirapan magpaligo Ng mga toddlers nila I wi keep this mind po.para SA.susunod na magka baby ako Alam ko na po ang gagawin ko.thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for sharing mommy! It’s a very good thing that my kids loves to take a bath talaga… Mas gusto kasi nilang naglalaro sa tubig. 🙂

  8. Yung First time ko maging nanay nahirapan talga ako kaya nagpapatulong ako sa mama ko or sa asawa ko. Pero ngayon na 3 na ang mga anak ko. Sanay na sanay na ko .

  9. Ahy ako wala akong problema sa pagpapaligo sa anak ko. Kasi gustong gusto nya talaga ang maligo sa isang araw tatlong beses

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