Every person treasures the photos of their loved ones as valuable memories throughout life. Hence, these photographs should be preserved carefully so that we can cherish these memories even at an older age. Luckily, there are multiple ways of storing these irreplaceable family photos for a lifetime.

Online storage of family photos

  • Dropbox is one of the online storage facilities you can find on the internet where the photos can be kept securely. The free version offers 2GB space to synchronize photos of all sizes online and across several devices. Automatic backup of selected photos can be maintained in the Dropbox system. Where files are simply dropped in the folder for storage. Meanwhile, the paid version is used for professional purposes, to share photos of projects with clients and of course, offers bigger memory space.
  • Google Photos is another online storage option. This backup storage is linked to your Gmail account and this can be installed on your mobile phones. Whenever a new photo is added to the device, a backup copy is sent to the cloud immediately. If space is limited, some photos can be deleted by the user.
  • The online backup service of Apple is called iCloud, which is found automatically in every iPhone and Mac devices.
  • Adobe users can store photos online in Adobe Creative Cloud, which can be used to share photos on all online platforms. It has a storage capacity of 20 GB that can be further extended to 1 TB if needed.    

Store photos in an external hard drive

Another way to store your photos is by using external hard drives. I personally have 2 hard drives, the Seagate Backup Plus Slim and SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD which both have 1TB memory space. I have one solely for storing our family photos and videos while the other one is for my important files such as contracts, articles, blog photos and etc.

Secure printed photos in an album

The traditional way of preserving printed photos in the photo album is still popular. These photos are printed on a high-quality photo paper and should be stored away from direct sunlight, excess humidity, and too much heat.

And speaking of printed photos, I came across this cool website named Photobook PH. If you are tired of those old-style bulky photo albums, you should definitely check this out. In Photobook PH, you can customize your own album from the cover, up to the last page. They provide you with full personalization and creative control. They want consumers to make the best out of their hidden creativity. By using their wide collection of ready-made templates created by their very own designers.

ways to store your family picture photobook ph mommy rockin in style mommy bloggers ph mommy bloggers philippines
Ways to Store Your Family Pictures – Photobook PH

So during the lockdown period that happened a few months ago, I was able to make time with my super long-overdue plan – organizing our family photos. I started with Cal’s 1st Birthday photos, which is very perfect since Photobook PH has Star Wars-themed photo books! I started by choosing our favorite photos on a separate folder then I uploaded them to Photobook PH website. From there, I just dragged and dropped each photo on the layout. You can also include text with different font types, backgrounds, and scrapbook items to form your unique photo book. Trust me, it is VERY easy!!

I have also printed these cute photos from Kuya Cloud (he’s the Superman) and Cal’s (he’s the astronaut and Batman) 1st-year photoshoot by Peekabo.

Are they really look alike? Lols.

ways to store your family picture photobook ph mommy rockin in style mommy bloggers ph mommy bloggers philippines
Photobook PH 11×8.5 Imagewrap & 6×6 Funbook

Apart from photo books, they also offer a bunch of items you can personalize such as wall and home decors, stationaries, calendars, mugs and tumblers, and many more.

And because Photobook PH is so addicting, we also got ourselves these cute photo pillows in Disney Tsum Tsum Layout, Mickey Mouse luggage tags for the boys, and a Captain Marvel water bottle for myself. Now, I am saving up for my next Photobook PH orders lols.

ways to store your family picture photobook ph mommy rockin in style mommy bloggers ph mommy bloggers philippines
Photobook PH Water Bottle, Photo Pillows, and Luggage Tags

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17 Replies to “Ways to Store Your Family Pictures

  1. Sana makatry din ma ng photobook lalo na at may mga personalize pa nakakatuwa mas makekeep tlaga ang mga photos dito sa photobookph.
    Maraming way to save the photo at the best dito kay photobook. ☺️

  2. Ang ganda talaga ng Photobook gusto ko rin ito itry sa mga pictures ng baby ko para may souvenir dn.

  3. ang ganda po ng pagkakagawa at ang ganda ng quality.at ang pinaka maganda po may discount..gusto ko rin pong magpagawa nya.thanks for sharing po.

    1. Ang ganda talaga ng photobook… Lagi pa silang may disount…tsaka in this way,.mapipreserve yung memories natin.. may maipapakita tayo sa mga chikitings natin na pictures nila nung maliliit pa.. sarap kaya balik balikan nun dba? Kaya nag order din ako nito, sad to say wala pang dumarating..

    2. I think lahat nman ng nanay isa ito sa mga gusto ang masave ang mga precious moment and milestone ng mga anak at pamilya. Nagustuhan ko dto may discount lagi.

  4. Ang Ganda Ng mga photos I love taking photos it’s like collecting memories and ma re reminisce mo everytime na makikita mo ang pictures that’s why I love photobook so can I save my precious memories with my fam.

  5. Napakaganda po yang photo
    To keeping memories po napakaganda po tlaga gusto ko din matry yan mommy

  6. worth the price talahga dito sa photobook,ang gamda ng mga designs nila and ang linaw ginagawan nila ng ways para mapaganda ang pictures..Super love it…Soon makakaorder din ako dito ..

  7. Happy ako dahil may photobook na pwede paglagyan ng memories na pwede mo itago at maipakita sa mga family mo at malaki pa ang discount

  8. Order nga din po ako para sa mga kids ko.. gusto ko rin i treasure ang mga pictures nila para may babalik balikan ako.. thumbs up kay photobook..

  9. Ako din momsh pag nagsstore ng mga pictures and milestone ng aking pamilya nasa iisang harddrive lang sila then nung nalaman ko yung photobook naadik ako gaganda kasi ng prints and talagang maiistore sya ng maayos and hardbound na mas preferred ko ang book kesa sa print sa photo paper momsh kasi pag mabasa nasisira ang picture eh

  10. Naka-order ako ng Photobook at maganda ang quality niya. Madali lang din ang pag-process ng album. Easy way to store our precious memories!

  11. Napaka ganda pa din na nasa photobook ang mga litrato maluma man ng panahon mababalik balikan pa din..

  12. Ang ganda ng Photobook nyo momsh pati mga picture sobrang nakakatuwa talaga pag naiipon mo yong mga pictures kasi pwede mong balik balikan.Ang galing pwede rin magpapersonalize ako pa naman gustong gysto ko ng mga personalized.Tsaka quality talaga ang Photobook

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