Ever since the quarantine was implemented, numerous activities were in trend to make the “home time” more productive. From the so-called Dalgona coffee, posting TikTok videos, the yummy baked sushi, and many more. Little did we know that collecting indoor plants will be part of the trend and more and more people are getting addicted to it. Honestly, I didn’t try those trends I mentioned above but for this? Sign me up! Besides, studies show that gardening can someone make happy, reduces stress, and good for the heart. Who wouldn’t want that?

Having plants in the garden is indeed a lovely sight for everyone. But what about those not having any garden space. If you are one amongst them, you might want to consider having indoor plants in your living room. With some research and understanding, you are sure to beautify the interiors of your home that’s praiseworthy from your family members and friends.

Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant)

If you are looking to decorate your room with boldness, this plant would be perfect for your liking. This plant has dashing large leaves that are often split or perforated with holes and is a climbing plant, which means this will be perfect for large spaces. One of its charms is its dark green leaves and to keep it clean, you can wipe it with a damp cloth. Monstera deliciosa might be large in leaf size but it is delicate with the amount of sunlight and water it needs. Remember to keep this plant from direct sunlight but make sure they get good light and shade. You can water this plant once a week. Monstera deliciosa seedlings range from 4 to 10usd.

Ficus Altissima (Lemon Lime Rubber Tree)

If you are looking for a plant that can grow tall and sturdy, Ficus Altissima is a great choice. Characterized with its waxy and dark green leaves, this plant can grow into a sophisticated tall plant given with proper care. You can keep this plant in a well-lit bright room without direct sunlight. They will need a moderate amount of water to keep them healthy. Rubber tree starts at around 30usd.

Yucca filamentosa (Adam’s Needle)

Originating from the southwestern United States and Mexico, Yucca filamentosa is known for being drought and pest resistant. Suitable for adding distinct design in your home, this plant is a low maintenance plant. They grow best in a partly shaded room with bright indirect sunlight. Yucca plants prefer to be dry as they are drought resistant, however, you can still water moderately based on the condition of your plant. One important reminder is not to overwater your Yucca plant. Buy your own Yucca plant for as low as 14usd.

Pilea Peperomiodes (Money plant)

It is a favorite among many households across the globe, but is quite sensitive and can die easily. This is either because of placing them in direct sunlight or over-watering. Its price ranges from 2 to 300usd, depending on age. It requires less weekly watering and should be kept in a terracotta plant or something which drains well. In addition, this plant requires to use cactus soil instead of a regular potting mix. It has unusual looking leaves and shapes, which makes it perfect to be kept on the windowsill, sideboard, or shelf styling including hanging planter.

Calathea (Prayer plant)

This plant is a wonderful addition to your bathroom. Its stripy leaves are quite attractive. It can be kept at any semi-shaded or shaded area like a south-facing bedroom or hallway. Direct sunlight should be avoided. You can water twice a week generously during warmer months. Get your own prayer plant for as low as 7usd.

Senecio Rowleyanus (String of Pearls)

It is a creeping succulent with a super cute vine that is best kept in hanging planters. Place them in a pot with good drainage to avoid root rot. Less watering is essential for proper growth. Use cactus or succulent soil. A string of pearl starts at 4usd.

Aloe Barbadensis Miller (Aloe Vera)

The Aloaceae family boasts of having over 350 species, ranging in leaf size, shape, color, overall plant size, and pattern. Its gel can cure burns and wounds. Having them at home also improves air quality as well as treat insomnia. Direct sunlight is essential and pot should have good drainage. Fertilize monthly and eliminate baby plants to allow it to bloom well. This starts at 3usd.

So there you have it!

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Trendy Indoor Plants You Should Try + How Much They Cost

Are you a certified plantito/plantita? What’s your most favorite indoor plants? Let us know in the comments!

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13 Replies to “Trendy Indoor Plants You Should Try + How Much They Cost

  1. nice topic momshie lalo po ngaun napapnahon ang mga halaamn lalo na po ung mga siasabi nilang swerte alagaan.. mother q po napakahilig mag halaman kaso lagi po namamatay kasi kinakain ng manok, kaya ginawa po niya ung mga halaman na pang indoor ang inalagan niya sa awa ng diyos naging makulay at gumanda ang paligid sa loob ng bahay namin.. para po siyang naging buhay dahil s amga halaman.. isa po sa mga alaga niya ung fortune plant, welcome plant, saka po ung tintawag na house plant.. nakaka relax kapag may halamn na buhay sa paligid mo parang nakaka relax.. kaya sinuportahan q po siya sa libangan niya kaya everytime po na may nakikita aq sa palengke na halaman na gusto niya binibilan q siya kaya palagi siyang masya basta may halamn siya hehe ..

  2. Meron na rin po akong halaman din po sa bahay.. zz plant tawag nila.. balak ko pa po dagdagan ito.. maganda po kase talagang air purifier ang mga halaman..

  3. thanks for sharing momsh meron din po kaming mga tanim pero sa labas lang po ng bahay namin kasi maliit lang din po bahay namin,pero try ko parin po maglagay ng halaman dito sa loob ng bahay namin.

  4. Gustung gusto ko tlga ang mga halaman. Meron aq sa bahay ng selloum , spider plant, sansevieria and horse tail. Ung selloum lang binili medyo pricey depende kasi sa size, the rest bigay ng mother in law ko. Maganda ang indoor plant nakakarelax tlga every morning tinignan ko tlga sila, pinapaarawan .Masayang masaya aq pag nakikita kong heathy sila.

  5. Ang Gaganda Ng mga halaman,nakaka relax tingnan IBA talaga iyong joy na hatid nila. Iyong nanay ko po and biyenan ko sobrang hilig SA halaman ang Ganda naman po Kasi tlaga bilang tingnan.

  6. Nung nagQuarantine nagboom din ang house plants gustuhin ko man kaso wala talaga space sa inuupahan namin yung indoor plants siguro pwede nang gaganda pa naman pag may halaman sa bahay nakakarelax diba Pag ako talaga nagkasariling bahay Sure marami plants sa paligid kahit di ako green hands sana mabuhay sila haha

  7. Ang ganda nung plant mo momsh! Dito sa amin, si Mama talaga ang plantita. Marami siyang orchids. Ang mas bet ko kasi itanim ay yung fruits and veggies. Ang ganda sa mata pag may indoor plants sa loob ng bahay. Yung indoor plants kasi ni Mama nasa labas lang.

  8. halos lahat ng mga halaman nato,meron sa mini garden ni mama,mahilig ako sa plants pero di ako marunong mag.alaga,hehe kaya support na lang ako kay mama at hubby ko.And yes nakakarelax magtanim,lalo na nakaka rekax tingnan ang paligid kapag madaming plants.

  9. Wow.Ang gaganda naman ng mga indoor plants momsh kaso ang pricey hehe.Ako po gusto ko ng mga halaman talaga kaso di pwede sa bahay naman wala kasing space na maliit lang bahay.Nakakarelax din kasi pag may mga indoor plants bawas stress din at dagdag pagkakaabalahan din ang pag aalaga ng mga halaman.

  10. Mganda po talaga sa isang tahanan ang my halamanan ito ay nkakarelax at maaliwalas sa pakiramdam lalo na’t ng bibigay sigla ito skin kung ako ay nalulungkot .hiling ko din po kasi ang magtanim .

  11. Malaking tulong din talaga ang pag aalaga ng halaman nakaka iwas na sa tress nakakatulong pa sa invironment.nakakalinis ng hangin .my decoration ka pa.ang jice tlga ng mga benefits nito

  12. Malaking tulong din ang pag aalaga ng halaman nakakabawas ng stress at nakapag papaganda pa ng kapaligiran

  13. I’m not a total Plantita but I got plants, succulents and my fave is Jade (they said that it’s a money plant). But like what you said Momsh, it easily dies haist. And when it comes to flowers, I love orchids and gumamela.

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