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How to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season

Every year, summer is followed by the rainy season when the weather remains extremely humid. Any common house owner experiences different types of problems during this monsoon; like a leaking roof, clogged gutter, and damp walls due to heavy rainfall. Hence, certain precautionary measures can ensure a safe and comfortable life at home even during torrential rain and strong winds during the monsoon.

Check the condition of the roof.

The roof of an old house may develop cracks and crevices, through which rainwater will seep inside. So the house owner should check the roof before every monsoon, to find if there is any scope of leakage. Moreover, the homeowner needs to check for any missing or loosely fitted tile on the rooftop, which can cause water leaking in during heavy rains. He should also inspect the chimney emerging from the roof surface, to spot any sign of corrosion. All these roof problems should be urgently repaired to stop leakage during the rainy season.

Clean the gutters of the home.

The gutters are designed to carry out the accumulated rainwater away from home. So it is essential to clean the gutters before monsoon, to keep the water flow free from all obstacles. If the gutter is clogged, then there is a high possibility of having a waterlogged backyard during heavy rainfall. Most commonly, people force out all debris from gutters with the help of a garden hose, to clean this sewage passage.

Get the basement examined.

In the case of a flood; the basement of a house is worst hit with ankle-deep or even knee-deep water all over the floor. Hence, it is best to hire a professional for checking the condition of the basement and do the necessary repairing work before the rainy season. If there is mold or mildew in the basement walls, it proves the excessive dampness in that place and needs to be addressed immediately. Any fault in the electrical line of the basement should be repaired as well.

Seal all door and window frames.

During heavy rainfall, water can seep in through the doors and windows even if they are all shut off. Sometimes, there may be a little gap between two panels of a door or window. Through which water can enter the house and wet the furnishings. So the house owner should make sure that all doors and windows can be closed tightly. He needs to seal all the gaps between the frames. With solid foam tape or any kind of sealant used for weather-stripping.

Moreover, all wooden furniture should be moved to drier places where these items will not be affected by rainwater or dampness.

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prepare your house rainy season mommy rockin in style beauty blogger philippines beauty bloggers philippines mommy bloggers ph mommy bloggers philippines
How to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season

18 Comments on “How to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season

  1. Thank you for all the tips Mommy this is very helpful and indeed a MUST. Checking everything even food stocks is the best thing to do before things happens.

    1. Thanks for sharing a helpful tips during rainy days. I also experience a leaking roofs before and im thankful to my hubby who repaired it❀ Always check our roofβœ…

      1. Thanks for sharing this very helpful tips Mommy Mhaan,my idea na ako Lalo na’t tag-ulan na ngayon.

    2. Done all. We all checked the roof and put vulca seal in it. We fix all the necessary things that needs to be fix.

  2. Mahirap talaga kapag tag-ulan,gaya namin noon,jusmeyo di kmi.makatulog dahil ung bubong kahit nilagyan na ng volcaseal may tulo parin..Old na ksi ung bubong namin..So this article very helpful ..basahin natin mabuti at maiintindihan natin..Salamuch dto momshie..

  3. Very helpful tips and reminders for us with humble homes. Para masarap ang tulog sa gabi kung sakaling naulan dapat ready ang bubong.

  4. Thanks for this ma! Very timely ito ngayon since tag ulan na! Buti kame kakapaayos lng ng bubong but not fully pa. Ipon-ipon pa ulet saka continuation. First things first.

  5. Thanks po sa reminders and tips.. kelangan talaga isecure na ang bahay lalo na at paparating na talaga ang rainy season. Nung last na bagyo nga di kami nakatulog kasi may tumutulo pala sa may kwarto…pero ngayon fix na kaya sarap na ng tulog kahit maulan.

    1. Very informative and helpful tips .Yes kailangan talaga na we check our roof lalo na kung magtatag ulan .Hays kaya lagi ko talaga pinaalalahanan si mister ko na lagyan ng mga volcaseal yong mga butas butas sa bubong namin.

  6. Yes mommy checked and prepared all thanks sa tips momsh lalo na tagulan na ready na sa tagulan sarap matulog nito

  7. Naka-prepare na ang balde sa mga tulo! Ang lakas pa naman ng ulan dito samin tuwing hapon! Preparedness will make us safe.

    1. Pagmalapit na ang rainy days inaayos na yung mga bubong at mga trapal para pagtag ulan na No worries na at relax relax na lang tapos masarap kumain and bonding with family

  8. Ang problem namin is Yung sa gutter talaga Kasi meron kaming puno at Yung ibang dahon dun talaga napunta Kaya Ng babara siya at natulo at nakakasira din siya Ng bubong, Kaya talaga dapat maging handa Lalo na at parating na Ang rainy season..

  9. Thanks for the reminders and tips perfect Kasi rainy season na so this is such a very helpful tips for all of us.

  10. Sa ngayon nag stay kme sa bakanteng bahay ng Lola ng Mister ko sa sobrang luma into sa twing umuulan nakakaranas kme ng tumutulong sa bubong kaya pati da loob umuulan. As a parent daliang pag gawa ang ginawa namen para masiguradong safe ang mga kids ko.thanks got this remainders and tips mommy I trully appreciated..

    1. Thank you mommy sa tips
      Laking tulong po talaga nito mommy ..kase dati naranasan namin Yong butas na bobong kapag umuulan di kami nakakatulog dahil nababasa kami sa sobrang Dami na butas sa bobong ngayon nag bubukod na kami Ng bahay kase may sariling pamilya na salamat at andito Yong page mo mommy laging nagbibigay giya sa katulad Kong walang kaalam .godbless you po mommy

  11. true po,lalo na ngayong tag ulan na, usually ang pinakaproblem namin is yung roof, kaya naman we make sure na early these we check it all already and have them repair. Even i prepared some big plastics too for appliances like television especially cause were afraid if ever the heavy rain comes it is the one who will damage immediately if the rain leaks from the window.

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