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How I Keep My Family Protected Amidst COVID19 Pandemic

It has been more than 3 months since the COVID19 pandemic began affecting the lives of us Filipinos, and up to now, I still cannot believe that we have to experience this unfortunate crisis. It makes me worry each day because COVID19 cases keep growing despite the countermeasures our government did to flatten the curve. I just wish that this is just part of a bad dream and all gone when I wake up. But sadly, it is really happening. Not just in the Philippines but worldwide.

As people say, this is the new normal.

And as long as a vaccine is not yet discovered to prevent this deadly virus, everyone especially kids, senior adults, and people with severe underlying medical conditions such as heart and lung disease or diabetes must stay indoors. Because according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention or, the best way to prevent this illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.

Apart from staying indoors, here are other ways to help your family keep protected against the COVID19;

Wash your hands often.

Always wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20-30 seconds, especially after you’ve been exposed in a public place, after you cough or sneeze or after using the restroom. Or why not sing the Happy Birthday song twice to make it more enjoyable. Moreover, don’t forget to teach your kids the value of handwashing not only because of the pandemic but also to maintain good personal hygiene.

Keep Family Protected Amidst COVID19 Pandemic mommy rockin in style mommybloggersph mommy bloggers philippines
Always wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20-30 seconds.

For us to save water, wet your hands with clean running water, turn off the faucet and apply soap, and only turn it on again when it is time to rinse.  Be sure to lather the back of your hands, between your fingers and under your nails to make sure no germs are left on your hands.

In our case, if there are any instances that I need to go out to run some errands, I make sure I prepared my clean clothes already before leaving the house. So, when I get back, I will just go straight to the bathroom to take a bath.

Disinfect your Home.

Ever since this pandemic started, I make sure to disinfect high-touch surfaces at home on a daily basis. Regular disinfectants are too strong and have a vaguely unpleasant scent. Since we have a baby whose immune system is susceptible to diseases, we use gentle disinfectants that not only kills 99.9% of germs but also leaves a fresh and calming scent because of its Eucalyptus ingredient.

We mix 1 ml (1/4 teaspoon) of the disinfectant to 2 cups of room-temperature water. This mixture is a safe level for toys, dishes, utensils, and food contact surfaces. You can level up the disinfectant mixture depending on the area being cleaned. Please note that you must begin your cleaning from the least soiled (cleanest) area to the most soiled (dirtiest) area in order to not spread the dirt to areas that are less soiled. And if there is still an extra solution left, I also included our car’s interior to clean and disinfect to make sure our car is also virus-free.

Clothes Washing and Car Disinfection.

During this pandemic, we must be vigilant in making sure that everything we touch is virus-free or make it virus-free especially when it comes to our clothes. So how do I thoroughly wash our clothes while trying to conserve water? What I do is collect and save the rinse water I used for washing our clothes and reuse them in washing our car. The effort might be doubled rather than just using the water hose, but think of the benefits it offers, not only you conserve water but also kind of have a mini-workout by lifting those water buckets.

Handling and Preparing Food.

Running to the grocery remains a necessity during this pandemic. But to tell you honestly, I am a bit wary about going to the grocery store and paranoid of the items that I bought. We can never be too sure about who and how the items were handled, right? The surfaces might be contaminated with the virus and by buying it, I might be bringing it to my home that I worked so hard to secure and keep safe.

So, this is what I do, I make a mix of clean water and soap or detergent on a spray bottle beforehand. In that way, I just use enough amount of water I needed when disinfecting our grocery items. Then I use a clean towel and use the mixture to wipe-off the potential virus and bacteria on the outer packaging of each item. Especially on my kids’ snacks, I make sure that before I open and give it to them, the wrappings of the snack have been wiped-off clean.

Needless to say, water is very important for all of these activities.

So I am grateful that we have enough water supply, particularly during COVID-19. I am more confident that my family is safe from the possible spread of the virus by religiously cleaning our bodies and disinfecting the things that we are using. So I am less worried about the safety of my family, especially my kids.

I know that all of us are adjusting to this “new normal” and I also know that Filipinos can overcome this situation. So, guys let’s try to keep safe, clean, sanitized, and do our best effort to consume water wisely at the same time.

41 Comments on “How I Keep My Family Protected Amidst COVID19 Pandemic

  1. Sa panahon ngayon dpat tlga panatilihin ang kalinisan. Thanks for this blog and ideas Mommy Mhaan.

    1. Yan po talaga prevention laging maghugas, madali din naman matutunan ng bata. Basta laging gawin magiging habit na nila yun na parang natural nalang.

    2. In times we like this,all of us are scared,we all do our ways to keep covid away especially on our kids who are very vulnerable. As for me,i have a big reminder on our ref saying to wash their hands every now and then and sanitize using alcohiol

    3. Its really important talaga nowadays the proper hygiene is, but we must know also on how to conserve water too because ang hirap din po gumalaw kapag hindi sapat water supply natin.

      1. Sa panahon ngayon kailangan talaga natin ituro sa mga anak natin ang proper hygiene at ang kahalagahan ng tubig sa buong mundo kaya mommy thank you sa pag share ng kaalaman na to samin..☺️☺️☺️

        1. Importante talaga ang proper hygiene especially nowadays. Dapat ituro natin sa mga anak natin ang kahalgahan nito.

      2. Sa panahon ngayon kailangan talaga nating maging mas malinis at gawin ang proper hygiene lalo na sa mga anak natin pero dapat bukod sa pagtuturo natin sa kanila ng proper handwash kailangan din natin ituro sa kanila ang mag tipid sa tubig dahil napakahirap pag kulang ang supply natin ng tubig.

    4. Mommy alam mo napakaganda talaga mag basa ng mga blogs mo kasi napapanahon at talagang malaking tulong yung mga infos na nakukuha namin gaya ngayon tungkol sa tama at dapat na paghuhugas ng kamay at ang importance nito. Keep on blogging Mommy nakakainspire ang mga blogs mo.

    5. Sa panahon ng pandemic marami tayong natutunan. Isa na rito ang tamang edukasyon sa kalinisan. Dapat din natin ituro sa mga anak natin ang proper hygiene at kalinisan ng paligid para makaiwas tau sa vius na kumakalat sa paligid.

  2. Nice sharing tips for this monmy mhaan,it is very helpful to us nowadays to become more vigilant when it comes to this situation,always sanitize all the things outside and inside of our home

  3. It is important to wash our hands with soap and water thoroughly to avoid the virus from spreading. It is important also to conserve water.

    1. Siguro sumunod nalng sa payo ng experto na huwag lumabas ng bhay at number one panatilihing malinis ang kamay gumamit ng anti germs tulad ng alcohol safeguard at iba pa.

    2. lets face the reality ika nga…The new normal,Proper hygiene must always do as a daily habit for the family..Dahil kung malinis tayo ,sgro naman malakas tayu at malayo sac sakit…Napaka eas lng maghugas ng kamay with anti baterial soap..

  4. Yes mommy Mahalaga talaga na mas maingat at mas malinis lalo na panahon ngayon sa sobrang OC mom ko pati mga gulay prutas na binibili ko ahy talagang todo linis better safe than sorry lalo na para sa family natin at sa mga anak natin

  5. Salamat sa info. Mommy dapat lagi mghugas ng kamay at social distancing ..kung wala n man importante gagawin sa labas wag n muna lumabas para maiwasan kumalat ang virus.

    1. Yes to this. Kelangan talaga sa panahon ngayon ,family’s safety first.. di natin nakikita kalaban natin eh so ang magagawa natin is proper hygiene.. as much as possible stay at home muna, mag disinfect at maghuhugas ng kamay pinaka importante din..

  6. true momshie lalo husband q laging nasa labas xe driver kelngan todo ingat bago pumasok ng bahay todo pisik ng alcohol drtso bathroom dahil narin sa doble pag iingat lalo may baby kami na 1 yr old

  7. Washing your hands is one way to Protect your self and your family as well.. especially kung galing sa labas.. proper hygiene is a must nowadays.. in this time of pandemic we need to be extra careful. Lalo na kung may mga bata kang kasama sa bahay. Kaya ako bilang nanay tinuturo ko sa mga anak ko kung pano ang tamang paghuhugas ng kamay. At paglilinis ng bahay..

  8. Now a days, Prevention is better than cure,mas mabuti ng maging maingat sa lahat ng bagay.Disinfect our home is important to prevent the virus, washing our hands everyday or every seconds or minutes or. Before and after we ate food.Be aware and responsible sa lahat and observe social distancing must important.Always follow the expert para di mapahamak at higit sa lahat sumunod sa Gobyerno.Keep Safe everyone and Godbless us.

  9. Bilang isang ina lahat tayo natatakot at nangangamba sa pandemic na ito kaya kaylangan natin magdoble mag ingat dahil hindi natin nakikita ang kalaban natin.The best way to protect our family members in any illness is the proper hand washing. Use alcohol or sanitizer to kill germs and bacterias.Sa panahon ngayon bawal magkasakit kaya keepsafe tayo wag lumabas kung wala namang importanteng ganap sa labas.

  10. Nakakapraning nga po talaga ang Covid.. kaya lahat ng pag iingat dapat magawa dahil napakahirap mahawaan lalo na kapg bata ang tinamaan.. kaya po kapag nasa labas isa sa amin mag asawa talagang after sa labas, magpapahinga sa labas ng bahay then diretso sa banyo para maligo.. kahit baby po namin hindi namin pinapalabas lalo na ngaun may malapit na case sa amin.. kaya dapat mas doble ingat po kame ngayon.

  11. Thanks for sharing Momshie. Sa panahon po ngaun. Need natin maging malinis sa sarili, sa pangangatawan po, sa mga anak ko po. Sa loob/labas ng bahy kailangan maging malinis tau. Hnd natin nakkita ang ating kalaban. Dapat maging malinis po tau.

  12. True . Dapat tlga maging aware tayo sa mga paglilinis sa bahay sa paligid sa gamit at sa sarili . Importante magdisinfect pra safe unahin tlga dapat ang kalusugan at kalinisan better safe than sorry

  13. Hi mommy salamat po sa pag share ng mga useful information, anyway po nung nagstart kumalat ang pandemic sa bansa natin nakakatakot talaga lalo na para sa mga bata kaya ako bilang nanay ,ill sure to it na malinis ang kapaligiran lalo na yung sahig kasi gumagapang na yung baby ko, panay hugas kamay din kami at syempre inum ng vitamin c, mapalad lang ako kasi may mga gulay kami sa bakuran namin kaya more gulay na lang.thank you mommy

  14. Thank for sharing this mommy! SA panahon kailangan each and every member of the family is educate with proper hygiene and proper handwashing napakahirap Ng sitwasyon naten ngayon Kaya dapat lagi naten ugaliin na mag hugas Ng gamit maging maingat SA paghawak Ng pagkain maging malinis, maging malinis SA katawan at tahanan.

  15. Thankyou mommy for remainding us to be more clean and to have a proper hygien.At this point we realy need na maging malinis tayo. Dahil sa maling gagawin mo ay napakalaki ng epekto nito sa sarili mo at sa mga taong naka paligid sayu. Siguro namn po hinsi mahhirap na palagiang mag hugas ng kamay. Ito po ang una kong tinuturo sa mga anak pandenya man o wala

  16. Sa lahat ng bagay na pwede tayong magpasalamat, yung tubig isa sya sa top of things we should be grateful for. Kasi sobrang hirap kumilos ng walang tubig. Ligo, hugas, linis at syempre inom. And keeping ourselves clean at healthy is the best we can do in trying times like this.

  17. Simula nagkaroon ng pandemic at naririnig sa balita na lagi maghugas ng kamay, yung mga kids ko po nagkukusa sila maghugas ng kamay maya’t maya as in, natutuwa lang ako at their very young age responsable na sila sa kalinisan dahil ayaw nila na magkasakit, mabuti na lamang at hndi na gaano nagkakaroon ng rotational turn off sa linya ng tubig dito sa may amin, sobrang napakahalaga kasi ng tubig lalo na sa mga panahon na ganito

    1. Malaking tulong sa atin kung tayo ay may sapat na suplay ng tubig. Kasi kailangan nating panatilihing malinis ang ating pangangatawan, pati na rin ang paligid natin lalo na ang bahay.

  18. Indeed this pandemic affected our daily lives,our jobs,our loved ones,specialy our children.In this we called new normal,kailangan nating maging maingat lalo na sa health natin,proper hygiene,and eat healthy to boost our immune system.Good thing we have enough supply of water,because it has a big part to our new normal,and lastly stay at home if wala naman gagawin sa labas,it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  19. sa panahon ngayom talaga prevention is better than cure. yung panganay ko noon pa tinuruan ko na na every time hahawak ng kahit ano wash muna before & after kakain ganun din . now na may pandemic mas nalaman nya kasi napapnood nya po sa tv at snsbi ko . kaya thankful talaga ako sa blog mo din po at sa mga ads na ntuto anak ko .

  20. This blog is really helpful. Proper handwashing and sanitizing is very important lalo na sa panahon ngayon. And also we have to embrace this new normal mahirap man pero kailangan natin itong gawin.

  21. Now a days,Proper Hygiene is the new normal..We need to protect ourselves from Germs and Bacteria na pwdeng magdala ng sakit.We see to it,na di lng basta2x hugas ng kamay,kilangan throug proper ways in handwashing and using the perfect soap that can washed out small germs and bacteria..

  22. Sa panahon ngayon kailangan talaga natin maituro sa anak natin ang proper hygiene at pati nadin ang kahalagahan ng tubig kaya mommy thank you sa pag share samin nitong kaalaman nato..☺️☺️☺️

  23. True mommy! Very important ang proper hygiene. And marami din natutunan ang kids during this pamdemic. Nagdidisinfect kami ng gadgets, toys, books na ginagamit nila. Natututo din sila on their own. Hindi sila kumakain ng gulay, pero ngayon a little bit nakakakain sila kase healthy food. Thank you mommy! ❤️

  24. thank you for sharing momsh every day po talaga kailangan hugasan ang kamay at kailangan linisan ang bahay at mga laruan ng mga kids dahil sa panahon ngayon mahirap magkasakit at hindi natin nakikita ang virus.kaya ingat nalang po talaga .

  25. Importante talaga na marunong tayo ng tamang paghuhugas ng kamay ,Kalinisan sating sarili at kapaligiran.Lalo na sa panahong ito na may pandemya kaya ako tinuturuan ko talaga mga kids ko at the same time tinuturuan ko rin sila ng tamang paggamit ng tubig.

  26. Salamat po sa pagshare nito mommy ,malaking bagay po talaga sa panahon ngayon ang paghuhugas ng kamay at paglilinis ng bahay. Kailangan talagang mag ingat dahil hindi natin nakikita ang kalaban.

    1. Sa panahon talaga na ito hindi dapat maging kampante, lalo nat hindi natin nakikita ang virus. Dapat talaga panatilihin nating malinis ang ating pangangatawan at pati narin ang ating bahay. Ang laking tulong nitong mga healthy tips mo mamsh, kaya dapat talaga nating sundin.

  27. Grabe din nagawa nito ganaps na to sa world noh? And di ko maimagine ang pandemic ng walang water. kaya sana sumapat. Sana din talaga maging ok na soon.

  28. Ang isa sa natutunan ko during this pandemic ay ituro talaga sa mga bata ang tamang paglilinis ng katawan at bahay kasi mas panatag tayo kasi isa ito sa paraan para makaiwas sa sakit.

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