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A Guide to Depotting Makeup

We are all about mixing and matching and makeup is no exception. Usually, there are only some specific shades in a palette that we use on a daily basis. Hence, carrying the entire palette around is a bother, especially if you are a frequent traveler or a professional makeup artist!

An easier way to carry travel-friendly makeup is by depotting it. This is one of the most convenient ways of relocating your favorite shades into a multipurpose palette for convenience and easy handling. Here is how you can do it in a jiffy!

Step 1

Not all palettes come with easily removal pans, so we need to loosen them up with some heat. Candles, stove, flat iron, anything will work. Place a makeup palette on top of a flat iron or a stove for a couple of minutes. Don’t overdo the process, but do allow enough time to melt the glue binding.

Step 2

Use a sharp-edged tool, like a knife to work around the pan and remove it from its container. Be careful not to upset the dry shadows. You can easily pry lipstick palettes and foundations from the palette also, as it has different containers.

Step 3

Now that you have successfully removed the pans from its original palette, it is time to transfer to a special magnetic palette, like the ZPalette. It’s always a good idea to label the bottom of the pans with the brand and name of the shade to prevent confusion later. You will thank your stars that you took the trouble to do so.

Try to do a trial run on old shadows that you don’t use, before actually proceeding to your favorite ones. You wouldn’t want to break or crumble your favorites, now would you?

Depotting allows you to minimize your makeup-traveling kit. Plus, it allows you to refill and reuse the makeup palettes and is extremely cost-effective as well. Why buy the entire palette when you only need one particular shade? The depotting trend is setting its roots in the makeup industry and the reasons are evident!

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Image by PDPics from Pixabay

depot makeup depotting makeup mommy rockin in style beauty blogger philippines beauty bloggers philippines mommy bloggers ph mommy bloggers philippines
A Guide to Depotting Makeup

15 Comments on “A Guide to Depotting Makeup

  1. Ever since hindi talaga ako pala make up liptint at pulbos lng ayus na sakin .ewan ko ba pero hindi ako nahilig .pero thankyou for this tips marami akong idea na natutunan to how to apply it. Para someday magamit ko din to.

  2. This is verh helpful to those who is fan of putting make-up, those who really needs to put make-up but always on travels and for people MUA like you Momsh. They will thank you the time they read this.

    1. Thanks for this ma! Tama po dapat talaga portable lahat ng needs pag on the go trabaho MP like those of the make up artists para less hassle sa travel at di pa pagod sa bigat ng dala! ❤️

  3. Very helpful po SA mga mahilig maglagay Ng makeup. Noon po mahilig ako mag apply Ng make up pero ngayon minsan powder lipstick na on the go na. I will save this for my future reference..

  4. Nakatry na po ako magmake up pero yung mga lipstick and face powder lang nung nag aaral ako para lageng presintable ang itsura ko kasi nagdadalaga…kung highschool nagcosmetology ako pero konti lang yung mga natatandaan ko ang kung maglalagay man ako ng make up konti lang talaga kasi mabilis ako magkatigyawat sa mga make up.

    1. This tips will surely help those who always travel. Although I’m not a fan of make ups , thanks to you for sharing this.

    2. This tips of yours mommy is really a bighelp sa mga mahilig make up, ako kasi pulbo or facepowder and liptint lang okay na ,pero incase naman na makahiligan ko may idea na ako .Thank you po .

  5. Thank you so much mommy sa tips nadagdagan ka alamang ko dati kase when highschool life di ako marunong sa make up – make up polbo at liptint Lang meron ako dati . Pero ngayon medyo okay na kase marunong na ako mag make up pero di pa talaga pro nag pa practice palang salamat talaga sayo mommy madami ako natutunan na dagdagan Ang kaalaman ko

  6. Now i know that they are just getting the shade that they will gonna use. I thought they are bringing the whole set of pallette. That is very heavy and bulky. Good thing i have the idea.

  7. Very nice Blog ganito pla dpat Gnagawa, ako palaging Puno ang bag pag umaalis hahaha

  8. Very helpful tips. Kasi ang make up ko ang laki di kasya sa bag pag may travel o lakad. Ganyan na lang gagawin ko para ma-maximize ang space ng bag.

  9. Make up should be organize properly,to avoid damages and pagkalito kung nasaan na ang bla…bla…bla… At ng sa ganun di kana mahirapan sa paghahanap..

  10. This is helpful for makeup artist who travel a lot for their work. Hindi man ako gumagamit nito kasi nakakatamad talaga, mom of 3 kasi kaya no time. Atleast may idea ako about this.

  11. Very good idea to Momsh Hindi ko to naisip dati, at pede ko to ih share sa mga friends ko na mahilig mag makeup..

  12. Wow pwede po pala yung ganyan momsh?mahilig din ako sa makeup, and honestly mahirap talaga mag produce ng lagayan for them kapag mag ttravel minsan nagkakalat pa,, buti nalang naituro po ninyo yung ganitong tips. Itatry ko din gawin to para yung mga need colors nalng yung pipilin ko at pag sasamahin.

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