Whether you’re window-shopping or checking out what’s new online. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when deciding which beauty and skincare products to purchase. After all, there are dozens of new releases that not only claim to be the latest holy grail. But also come in pretty (and tempting!) packaging. However, all you really need are a few essentials to address your needs.

At the end of the day, you should focus on the quality and ingredients found in each product. And whether it helps you love the skin you’re in. To help you out, here’s a list of essentials your vanity should always be stocked with:

A Signature Fragrance

There’s nothing like applying a delightful scent to give you that confidence boost you need to make it through your day. For a hint of versatility, why not try out a unisex fragrance? Different notes can sometimes be stronger or weaker based on an individual’s skin chemistry. Which is why it’s best to stick with a unisex fragrance to help balance things out. A lovely suggestion would be Calvin Klein’s CK All fragrance, thanks to its refreshing scent. It’s a sophisticated yet sweet fragrance, with predominant citrus notes and a hint of jasmine and amber.

A Skin-Renewing Soap

If you suffer from dark spots, uneven skin tone, or acne and blemish scars, you’ll need an exfoliating soap to give it the TLC it deserves. Pretty Me’s review of Navarro’s Bleaching Soap details how it lightens your complexion. While also potentially reducing the appearance of blemishes on both your face and body. This way, you get to rejuvenate your skin with a fresh, glowing complexion. However, just any skincare product such as Navarro’s Bleaching Soap, you should always conduct a patch test to test for any allergic reactions. For those with sensitive skin, try to avoid any harsh treatments unless your dermatologist specifically prescribes them.

A Power-Packed Moisturizer

Dry facial skin can lead to wrinkles, peeling skin, and the overproduction of oil. Even if your face is oily, it’s always a good idea to use a lightweight moisturizer to ensure that your skin maintains its youthful glow. If you’re not sure where to start, Harper’s Bazaar marks Tula’s 24/7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream is an ideal choice for those who are searching for a multipurpose everyday solution, as it’s packed with probiotics. A pro-tip for those who prefer a natural moisturizer, we’ve previously shared in our The Truth About Makeup Expiry Dates post that you’ll need to be extra cautious with its shelf life. Natural ingredients aren’t strong enough to protect you from infections in the long run. So make sure to use it as often as possible.

A Timeless Matte Lipstick

To complete any stylish outfit, a swipe of lip color is a definite must. Although there are cheaper options in the market, splurging on lipstick can make you feel bold and glamorous. Cosmopolitan’s guide to matte lipsticks highlights how Clé de Peau Beauté’s Lipstick Cashmere is not only long-lasting, but it’s also infused with argan oil — making it worth the investment. And since it comes in a variety of shades, your go-to lipstick should be one that matches your skin tone.

No matter which of these products you choose to buy, don’t forget that these classic skincare and beauty staples aren’t total miracle workers. When it comes to maintaining your skin, drinking more water, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep are still the essential methods to give these products a gorgeous foundation to build upon!

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4 Must-Have Beauty and Skincare Products

17 Replies to “4 Must-Have Beauty and Skincare Products

  1. Totoo po yan minsan maganda ang packaging at nakaka attract tlga to sa mga mamimili pero i ang isusure mo talga is ung quality at ang pwedebg maging resulta sa iyo nito. Sa tulad kong oily ang skin ang lage ko talagang pinipili is young may moisturazer .at fit sa balat ko…at dahil hindi ako pala nake up pulbos at lipsticl lang abg gamit ko

    1. Totoo talaga Yan mommy mga mamimili lalo na Yong baguhan palang sa ganyan at walang ka alam-alam sa skincare na attracted sa ganda Ng packaging di nila pinapansin o Ang pwedeng maging resulta niti sa kanila ako kase sa ngayon skinol cleanser Lang talaga ako Kung bibili ako Ng skincare seseguraduhin ko na my moisturizer hirak kase humanap Ng product na mahihitang sa skin natin ibaiba kase Tayo Ng skin type kaya maraming pera Ang masasayang mahanap Lang Ang hiyang sa skin natin

      1. True mommy we need to consider the quality and the ingredients .Makita lang kasi natin na maganda yong packaging at hindi pricey e go na sa pag buy .First dapat nating iniisip kahit mahal yong isang produkto basta effective satin.Yong Navarro’s bleaching soap isa yan sa gusto kung magamit dahil sa review mo mommy .Must try !

    2. I agree with these 4 must haves. Signature fragrance, a soap, a moisturizer and a matte lipstick. It is all perfect. Thank you for the example brands to choose from.

    3. True, ako nabiktima na ako nito ang ganda ng packaging pag dating wla effect pla Kaya ngayon Don na tlga ako sa recommended ng marami para di sayang ang Pera.

  2. Of all the four steps, signature fragrance is the one I can’t have due to asthma. Oh and surprised to read navarros bleaching soap here? Are you using it Mommy? I have known Navarro for so long and have tried their bleaching set too, it’s effective but little pricey that’s why I stopped. But all in all, their products are good.

    1. Thanks for sharing this ma! This is a huge help for me lalo at naifeature mo ang Navarro’s bleaching soap! Matagal ko na kaseng gustong itry to kaso hisitant ako. Salamat sa review at na enlighten ako! Yay!

  3. All of the above is must haha thanks for tips mommy makakabili din ako ng pangskin care for now I just in an homemade skincare haha the natural way

  4. Yes it’s really must have products. And SA pag pili po Ng mga Ito may mga factors din po na dapat I consider like the quality and ingredients you mentioned above.
    I also used moisturizer Kasi SA weather po naten and the matte lipstick to brighten my look.

  5. Marame po talaga products ngayon na puro paasa marame kana nagastos pero parang wala pa rin pagbabago tapos mahahanap ka naman ng iba always trying ng mga product mabuti sana kung yung unang mabibili mo is hiyang kana at hindi kana manghihinayang sa gastos…kasi iba iba ang skin natin…Ako ang hiyang sakin talaga nung dalaga pa ako wala ako ibang ginamit kundi skinol at Katialis lang po mabisa naman sulit pa effective pa sakin.

  6. totoo po lahat ng sinbi niyo momshie lalo ngaun ang daming nagllbasan na products kaya sa tuld q madali g maniwala .. ndi pala komo magnda packaging or mahal eh maganda nadin ang effect nito kelngan padin pala tlga suriin at tignan ung mga qualities na meron ang isang product .

  7. I agree with you. I must prefer the unisex fragrance also because i like strong fragrance although I’m a woman.

  8. Yes that’s true po daming kaakit-akit na beauty products. Dapat tayong maging mapanuri. Piliin natin yung swak sa budget. Mas prefer dapat natin ang locally made beauty products.. Authentic para safe sa health natin.. Nakatry na ako ng Navarro’s Bleaching soap maganda siya nakaka lighten ng skin. Pero di ko napatuloy once lang. Bf mom kasi stop muna sa beauty products.

  9. Yes true po daming nglabasan at kaakit-akit na mga beauty products lalo na ngayon. Dapat laging suriin at maging mapanuri.Piliin natin yung swak sa budget.minsan kasi di 4ket maganda ang packaging maganda nadin ang effect nito .mas mganda pa din ung safe ka at hiyang sayo.

  10. Sabon and lipstick nalang usually ina-apply ko ngayon. Meron akong fave na sabon before kaso nawala siya sa market. Nag-search ako, wala ako makita. Sayang yun kasi naging flawless yung feeling ko sa face ko. Meron kasi siyang peeling effect.

  11. True momsh dapat talaga pag bibili ka yung Alam mo na Hindi harsh sa face mo, nag lalagay ako Ng moisturizer and liptick dapat pala Ang ginagamit ko ay Yung skin renewing soap Kasi Hindi talaga natatanggal Yung dark spot ko o Kaya sobrang tagal mawala..

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