What If I have Cough, Colds or Sore Throat, Does That Mean I Have COVID-19?

May 23, 2020 | Health & Fitness | 2 comments

A majority of patients seen in the ENT clinic are those who complain of cough, cold and sore throat. So even during the pre-COVID era, these symptoms are very common. Especially in a tropical country like the Philippines, people experience a runny nose and nasal congestion, which can be due to Rhinitis or Sinusitis. A sore throat may be caused by Pharyngitis or Tonsillitis.   

Coughing can also be caused by a variety of reasons.  The most common causes are Allergic cough, Pharyngitis/Bronchitis, and irritation like Acid Reflux. Even a simple throat clearing can sometimes cause irritation, which eventually leads to cough.


Cough, colds, and sore throat which are caused by common microorganisms (virus/bacteria) that have been around much longer than COVID-19 has of course more treatment options. There are medications that eliminate the bacteria, control allergy and minimize irritation. Thereby, treating symptoms and reduce how long the illness lasts. 

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It is known that COVID-19 may manifest as cough, cold and sore throat. Differentiating it from other causes is the key. As for COVID-19, there are currently no antiviral drugs approved to treat it. Scientists around the world are currently researching drugs that may be effective. Although there is currently no approved treatment or vaccination for COVID-19, there are ways to treat the symptoms and any complications that can occur.

For mild cases, a person should remain home and undertake social distancing. Healthcare professionals may prescribe medications but only for symptomatic relief.   


It is maybe  cliché  but “prevention is  always better than cure.”

Until we find  a  vaccine for  COVID-19,  we  have to  increase our  awareness and discipline  ourselves until it comes to a  point  that it  is already routine to  the following:

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Remember to always WASH


COVID-19 and other upper respiratory tract illnesses share some similar symptoms.  Infections spread via person to person contact and some can spread faster.

The best way to prevent COVID-19 is to practice social distancing, which means avoiding any non-essential social contact or trips outside the house. It is essential to maintain good personal and domestic hygiene by washing your hands regularly and effectively.

If you or a loved one are experiencing the above symptoms and would like to seek medical attention. Always seek consult from a Board-certified  ENT specialist like Dr.  Aileen Garcia. She holds her physical clinic at Manila  Doctors  Hospital, Providence Hospital, and TopHealth Medical  Clinics.

During this time in which there is a difficulty getting doctor’s appointment and also, to protect yourself from COVID-19 exposure. It is really recommended to utilize our resources such as the internet. It is a good thing that Dr. Aileen also has her Online ENT clinic to address your medical concerns from the comfort of your home.

So if you are looking for an ENT specialist in Manila, please check out Dr. Aileen’s clinic schedule below.

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Dra. Aileen Garcia (ENT specialist in Manila)


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