What If I have Cough, Colds or Sore Throat, Does That Mean I Have COVID-19?

May 23, 2020 | Health & Fitness | 27 comments

A majority of patients seen in the ENT clinic are those who complain of cough, cold and sore throat. So even during the pre-COVID era, these symptoms are very common. Especially in a tropical country like the Philippines, people experience a runny nose and nasal congestion, which can be due to Rhinitis or Sinusitis. A sore throat may be caused by Pharyngitis or Tonsillitis.   

Coughing can also be caused by a variety of reasons.  The most common causes are Allergic cough, Pharyngitis/Bronchitis, and irritation like Acid Reflux. Even a simple throat clearing can sometimes cause irritation, which eventually leads to cough.


Cough, colds, and sore throat which are caused by common microorganisms (virus/bacteria) that have been around much longer than COVID-19 has of course more treatment options. There are medications that eliminate the bacteria, control allergy and minimize irritation. Thereby, treating symptoms and reduce how long the illness lasts. 

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It is known that COVID-19 may manifest as cough, cold and sore throat. Differentiating it from other causes is the key. As for COVID-19, there are currently no antiviral drugs approved to treat it. Scientists around the world are currently researching drugs that may be effective. Although there is currently no approved treatment or vaccination for COVID-19, there are ways to treat the symptoms and any complications that can occur.

For mild cases, a person should remain home and undertake social distancing. Healthcare professionals may prescribe medications but only for symptomatic relief.   


It is maybe  cliché  but “prevention is  always better than cure.”

Until we find  a  vaccine for  COVID-19,  we  have to  increase our  awareness and discipline  ourselves until it comes to a  point  that it  is already routine to  the following:

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Remember to always WASH


COVID-19 and other upper respiratory tract illnesses share some similar symptoms.  Infections spread via person to person contact and some can spread faster.

The best way to prevent COVID-19 is to practice social distancing, which means avoiding any non-essential social contact or trips outside the house. It is essential to maintain good personal and domestic hygiene by washing your hands regularly and effectively.

If you or a loved one are experiencing the above symptoms and would like to seek medical attention. Always seek consult from a Board-certified  ENT specialist like Dr.  Aileen Garcia. She holds her physical clinic at Manila  Doctors  Hospital, Providence Hospital, and TopHealth Medical  Clinics.

During this time in which there is a difficulty getting doctor’s appointment and also, to protect yourself from COVID-19 exposure. It is really recommended to utilize our resources such as the internet. It is a good thing that Dr. Aileen also has her Online ENT clinic to address your medical concerns from the comfort of your home.

So if you are looking for an ENT specialist in Manila, please check out Dr. Aileen’s clinic schedule below.

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Dra. Aileen Garcia (ENT specialist in Manila)


  1. Roxan Narag

    Thank You Mommy for this reminder. A big help ito para makaiwas talaga sa virus💙 Better safe than sorry!

    • Dhel Manog

      Thank you momsh for sharing this info.Sa panahon ngayon mahirap talaga magkasakit dapat talaga extra alaga sa katawan kasi kahit sipon at ubo lang mapapaisip ka kung may covid na.Extra careful din dapat lalo ba kung lalabas ugaliing maghugas ng kamay .always bring alcohol.

      • Dayanara Rojas

        More on water talaga para di magka sore throat na nag cause ng cough and colds.
        Prevention is better than cure. Aside from magastos, nakakabahal sa kalusugan ng pamilya.

  2. Ays

    Thank you for sharing this!

  3. twinmama_sarah

    Thanks for this helpful blog momsh totoo nga na nakakpraning ngayon,minsan makati lang lalamunan ko feeling ko bka nahawa na ko ng virus na yan kaya we need to be properly informed when it comes to symptoms and all,and thank you for recommending an online doctor to consult.Its a good idea to have an online consultations since limited talaga tayo ng ngayon lalo na sa pagkilos,we cant go out whenever we want to. And para nadin makaiwas sa crowd.

  4. Ramiella Keira Infante

    Thanks for sharing this Mommy, stay safe and healthy everyone.

    • Mona Romero

      Yun pala yung pagkakaiba nya. Ang also thank you for the information on who we could possibly contact if in case we needed ENT Doctor. Because honestly, it’s hard going to hospitals and some hospital don’t accept patients with symptoms.


    Its great to know this , a very helpful reminder to us thanks for this mommy


    Very helpful reminders this to us thank you momsh 😍

  7. Erica Sosing

    Thanks for sharing this momsh. Minsan po dahil sa sudden change of weather. There’s a home remedies naman po. But it’s better to seek a medical help especially for the children. Because I agree momsh that prevention is better than cure. 😊

    • Joy Balleta

      Thanks Momsh for sharing helpful tips, Sa panahon ngaun npkahirap mgksakit bukod sa financial problem, may descriminayion pang mangyayari d lng sau buong fily katulad ng mga frontliners😢 Kaya sundin nlng po natin ung mga proper guidelines pra mkaiwas tau sa covid, d lng po tau ang mg credits nun the whole World po❤❤


    This good reminders and very helpful this trying times thanks for this momsh 😊💜

  9. Marites Co

    This is nice article to know about how to protect ourselves and love ones its very helpful and thanks for sharing momsh

  10. Mariya Bektorya

    Naku! Nakaka-praning talaga. My lagnat ang baby ko ngayon, hindi kami tinanggap sa clinic yesterday kasi cut-off na. Sana naman dala lang ng teething niya. Sabay kasi ang dalawa sa upper.

    • Nalen Valentos

      Thank you Mommy laking help nito lalo at maramibsa atin ay kulang ang kaalaman sa dapat at di dapat gawin upang makaiwas sa virus na di nakikita ng tao

    • Amelia lacson

      Sobrang helpful ng mga tips kung pano matetreat ang ibat ibang sakit na pwedeng ihalintulad sa simtoms ng covid19 kya kung may nararamdaman ng Hindi maganda much better na magpatingin na agad

  11. Maryrose Marcelino

    Nakakapamic talaga pag ganyan! Tapos ung mga tao tingin sayo may virus ka nilalayuan ka pa. Lagnat o sipon na may ubo lang over sila maka judge. Kaka stress. 😓

  12. Jhoan bejosano

    Sobrang hirap talaga magkasakit ngayon Lalo na Ang mga kids natin Kaya as much as possible kahit GCQ na Hindi pa din kami lalabas Ng bahay, thank you for sharing this momsh..

    • April Bagacina

      In my oppinion po depende naman po siguro sa sitwasyon pero sa panahon po ngaun dapat pagmasama na ang pakiramdam lalo na at lumipas na ang isang araw magpacheck up na po

    • Chacha Deguzman

      First thank you for this informative blog mommy. Nabanggit sa kin ng pinsan ko non. Na nakakahiya na daw umubo kasi pagtitinginan ka ng mga tao. Okay lang naman umubo basta alam ang proper way ng pag ubo. At sa panahon ngayon para makaiwas sa sakit. Kahit sa simpleng ubo’t sipon. Ay alagaan ang sarili. Kumain ng tama at mag and take ng vitamins.

    • Jojie Viñas

      Ngayon kapag konting ubo o sipon iisipin agad na may Covid-19 ka. Hirap na bumahing sa mga publikong lugar. Keep safe sa lahat at mag social distancing talaga lalo na kapag lalabas ng bahay at saka mag suot ng mask. Para iwas sa Covid.

    • Gabe Rielle

      Napapanahong topic,mas makabubuti na lahat tayo ay knowledgable sa mga sakit na kumakalat.Whats important is wag mag panic, think what you can do, or any first aid.
      and learn that its always best to have proper sanitation,care for yourself a lot. Because when youre aware of what you can do,,you can also share it to others.
      And one thing more, when it comes to situation like what our country is experiencing now,learn to follow rules, makinig sa nakatataas,,at ipakita ang respeto.

      lets help each other para sa ikabubuti nating lahat😊

  13. Tel Yamzon

    Thanks for this mommy Mhaan. Kaylangan talaga maging aware tayo sa mga nararamdaman naten sakit. Lalo na ngayon ang symptoms ng Covid-19 ay katulad lang ng flu. Kaya mahirap matukoy. Ang best naten gawin is mag stay at home. Or Isolation. Para iwas spread. If ever na Covid-19 yan or hindi dapat tayo na mismo ang umiwas sa mga tao. Kesa makahawa pa. 🙂

  14. Marites Co

    This is great info thanks for sharing momsh is a big help this to every mommies like me 😊

  15. Amelia lacson

    At this time nakakatakot din mag karon ng same simtoms ng covid19 Hindi natin alam na simpleng ubo,sipon or any relate simtoms na babaliwalain natin na sa palagay natin e ordinary lang.at the end ito pa pala ang mag papalala satin kaya as soon at possible I treat na kagad at wag ng palalain pa

  16. Donna Ria Mahayag

    nakaka praning po talaga kasi ngayon makati lang lalamunan inaagapan ko na ng maligamgam na tubig napakahirap ng COVID-19 lalo na kung asymptomatic di mo namamalayan meron kana pala. kaya hanggat maari talaga mag hugas ng kamay. maging malinis sa katawan at bahay. always desinfect. yung mga may Asthma, nag sisigarilyo sana maging aware sila sa kalusugan nila.

  17. Jeodith

    Sa panahon ngaun herap magkasakit magkaubo ka lang para nakakatakot na hay buhay sobra nakaka stress tlaga


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