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3 Things You Should Know When Starting A Blog

Many people enjoy writing as a way of expressing themselves. You probably do too because it is fun and interesting. To make your writing skills and impressive storytelling abilities financially beneficial, the best and easiest option is starting a blog. A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the internet consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

As a new blogger, you have to be very determined to beat the frustration that comes with low traffic. Many new bloggers get into this venture without proper research and this results in many of them giving up. This is an important checklist to go through before starting a blog.

It’s not as easy as it sounds

Many new bloggers assume all you have to do is fire up your blog and typing in and you are done. This is however not the case. To run a successful blog, you have to take hours of research and creative writing. You will have to edit your work several times and rewrite it well before you can post it. This is an essential job and it is not easy. As you start your blog, have this in mind.

Choose a niche to work in

People start blogs every day and this means there are thousands of them. Many tend to write on anything that comes to mind. This is where you have to set yourself apart from the crowd. Find a proper niche that you are well familiar with and stick to it. This will make you relate better with your readers and your posts will become better. You will interact better with them and thus making your new blog a hit.

Creativity wins audiences

Great content brings people to your blog, but what keeps them there is your creativity. Anyone can research a topic and make a blog post. It requires a unique level of dedication and creativity to make the content interesting to read. As you start your blog, you should be able to write on topics in a creative manner that will see your audience reading the entire post. This is what will make them look forward to your updates.

I hope you find these thoughts useful as you set about starting your blog. Following them and always having them in mind will ensure you don’t suffer burnout and quit prematurely. Blogging is very interesting. Go for it!

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17 Comments on “3 Things You Should Know When Starting A Blog

    1. Sobrang hilig kong magsulat back when I was a grader, won several school writting activities. Years ago, someone told me to starting doing my own blog. But I’m always afraid of doing my own because I’m afraid of what people are going to throw at me, I hate rejection, I actually hate it. Not until I was involved with one event with Mom communities, right there and then, I realized that being a Mom has a lot of topic that comes along. Now, I’m working on it. I maybe have few followers and readers but atleast I already started. So, thank you for sharing this. This is so informative esp to starters like me.

  1. Wahh.Ang hirap pala talaga maging blogger akala ko ganon ganon lang,easy lang ,sulat sulat lang ,ang dami pala talaga nilang ginagawa para maging maganda ang mga gawa nila at maging interesting,kailang creative ka at malawak ang pag iisip .

  2. Di madaling maging blogger.
    Kailangan ng maraming oras, tiyaga, pasensiya gamit syempre.
    Wala pa naman ako laptop.
    Nakakainspired ka momsh ang sipag mong blogger.

    1. Parang interesting po mag blog..marami ka matututunan at magagawa..marami ring makaka kilala sayo.Natutuwa nga ako sa mga blogger kasi parang kausap narin nila tayo kahit hindi nila tayo nakikita in actual pag nag bo-blog sila

  3. Thanks for sharing this Mommy, very helpful to Mga nais maging blogger tulad ko hehe.

  4. Hirap po pala maging blogger akala q. Video video lang tapos na…goodluck po sa inyong mga bloggers

  5. Thanks for the tips ma,me myself i want to start blogging but im always thinking twice ,i have low self esteem and being a blogger i believe you need to be confident and full of thoughts din talaga,it takes so much effort too.Kaya bilib ako sainyo ma..parang walang kapaguran at di nauubusan ng ideas.

  6. Thanks for sharing this momsh talaga sa una mahirap po talaga mag blog Kaya Hindi po ako nag blog tamang basa nalang po ako sa bloggers like you Kasi madami ako natututunan

    1. Hindi po ako blogger pero sa opinyon ko po napakahirap po maging isang blogger dapat smart ka lalo na sa mga sinusulat mo kasi marameng makakabasa at lalo na po pagmakakatulong ang mga sinusulat mo sa marameng bagay at tao

    2. Totoong mahirap maging blogger Momsh. But same time very fulfilling lalo kapag may mga natatouch kang tao. At nakakahelp sya satin to be more positive in looking forward and turning negativities to positive ones. And it’s always best to be always natural and make followers feel that you are open to them.

  7. Being a blogger is not an easy task. I tried it kaso when I face my page, wala na akong masabi out of words literally. Tapos photoshoot pa if product reviews. Kaya I deleted my wordpress account. Kudos sa inyong lahat for inspiring us always.

    1. thank you for sharing ,para maging blogger hindi pala madali maraming oras ang gugugululin mo mas mahirap din pag may anak kana.,pero siguro pag mahal mo talaga ang ginagawa mo magiging masaya parin para sayo kahit mahirap..thank you po momsh .god bless you po.

  8. Matagal ko nang gustong mag blog kaso hindi ko alam kung saan ako magsisimula. Salamat at naliwanagan ako na hindi talaga ito madali. Baka sa sususnod ma pursue ko rin ang pag boblogging.

  9. There’s a lot of struggles being a blogger pero kung isinasapuso at gusto mo ang ginagawa mo.there’s nothing to worry panahon ngayon nauuso ang pag dodocumento sa bawat pang yayare sa buhay buhay nila .dun din kasi nila na eexpress ang sarili nila at kung sinu at kung ank ang gusto nila sa buhay.

  10. ang hirap maging blogger di mo pa nagagawa ang isa mong content, mag iisip ka nanaman para sa susunod. Pero ang masaya dito na entertain mo ang mga tao.
    keep it up! Mommy Mhean

  11. Totoong mahirap maging blogger Momsh. But same time very fulfilling lalo kapag may mga natatouch kang tao. At nakakahelp sya satin to be more positive in looking forward and turning negativities to positive ones. And it’s always best to be always natural and make followers feel that you are open to them.

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