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Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your Guide in Applying for Singapore PR

For some, settling down in a foreign country is a dream come true or you can say “Achievement Goals”.

People tend to look for a country that offers opportunities in helping them attain these goals, and the perfect country is where “Passions are made Possible” which is Singapore.

The Lion City is known to have a low crime rate, offers quality housing, top of the notch health benefits and exciting career opportunities. This might be the answer to your question of where to go when you aim to give your family an amazing life.

I was fortunate enough to able to visit the city-state last 2014 and I had the best experience ever. It was a solo trip in which I explored some of the country’s finest places such as The Marina Bay Sands, Orchard Road, Chinatown to name a few. Moreover, felt like a kid again and rode the rollercoaster at Universal Studios. It was a fun-filled trip that I will never forget. If you will ask me if I would like to return to Singapore, the answer would be a big YES!

In addition, I have friends that applied for Permanent Residency in Singapore and they have been enjoying the kind life the country has to offer for more than 5 years. I could see in their social media that they are indeed living their dreams. Some of them even got married and raised their own families there. And since it is only a few hour’s flight to the Philippines, they can easily visit their loved ones whenever they like. How convenient is that, right? And take note that Changi Airport is awarded as one of the best airports in the world.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Why Apply for a Permanent Residency in Singapore

So, when people ask my opinion about where to work and settle down abroad, the first thing that pops into my mind is, of course, Singapore. But before you get the chance to enjoy what the “Lion City” has to offer, you must be a PR or Permanent Residency Holder. But let me hold you right there and entice you more by listing the benefits of being a PR holder in the Lion City.

Singapore Citizenship

Obtaining PR status means it opens a way to Singapore Citizenship.  A Singapore passport offers you greater benefits such as access to better tax rates, voting rights, and to new subsidized housing. With this passport, you can travel anywhere you want. The Republic has good relations that you have higher chances to acquire visas overseas.

Education Priority

Compared to non-PR foreigners, Singapore PR enjoys priority entry at the local educational institutes. Children of PRs in the country are allocated more places in schools, assuring the best is available for their kids. The country is well-known to offer the best education system.

CPF benefits

Singapore CPF (Central Provident Fund) is a system where the city-state’s Permanent Residents, citizens and the employers contribute to. The CPF contributions taxable income is low as it is calculated after the deduction of CPF from the salary. The CPF includes your employer contributing to the CPF account and this works as your retirement plan.

Property Ownership Perks

A PR can enjoy property ownership by buying affordable property. The perks are the low stamp duty fee. PRs pay only 5% Additional Buyers Stamp Duty (ABSD), which is much less than non-PR foreign nationals who are liable to a 15% ABSD charge when purchasing property in Singapore.

Moreover, PR can buy after three years a Housing & Development Board flat.

Family Proximity

A Singapore PR can sponsor immediate family members, including a spouse and an unmarried child born within a legal marriage context or should be legally adopted by PR or Citizen and is below 21. Dependent’s holding Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) may apply for employment Letter of Consent on finding jobs. A spouse or dependent of a PR can enjoy immigration stability with long-term visit pass.

Tax Relief

A Singapore PR can pay lower taxes and get CPF access. Working for a company based in the Lion City means your employer also contributes every month to CPF. This offers tax relief as CPF is already deducted as a contribution and is non-taxable. In this way, you enjoy personal fund build-up covering your needs for old age and there is tax relief.

Visa Flexibility

A Singapore PR has no visa restrictions and can remain in the country for an unlimited period as long as the PR status is valid.

More job opportunities

A Singapore PR need not re-apply for work permits each time while changing job. Employers prefer hiring Permanent Residents. The job opportunities are more and now with flexible work arrangements, older workers and women have more job opportunities.  With an employment pass, you can explore a wide array of job opportunities.

Now that I have listed the significant benefits of being a PR Holder, here is the million-dollar question – how to be a PR Holder? How to get one?

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Seek a Professional Assistance

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your Guide in Applying for Singapore PR mommy rockin in style mommy bloggers philippines beauty bloggers philippines
Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your Guide in Applying for Singapore PR

Honestly, it takes a lot of time, work and effort. On the other hand, there are some immigration consultancy firms in the country such as Paul Immigrations can assist and guide you throughout the entire process. They are committed to provide professional assistance and help you gain a higher chance of your PR application.

If you visit their website, they also provide some FREE useful information and tips should you be interested in working and living in Lion City. And when you got a burning question or questions, feel free to hit their Contact-Us button. They will gladly assist you.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How They Can Help

And if you are now ready to dive into the tedious Singapore PR Application, this is where Paul Immigrations comes in and makes it as easy as possible. The entire process is divided into 6 simple steps.

  1. A phone interview between the consultant and the client will be conducted to determine the eligibility to apply for PR status.
  2. An in-person meeting to verify the client’s profile that has been discussed during the phone interview. The consultant will also discuss factors that might affect their application such as educational attainment, industries they work in and many more. This is the time if you decide to engage the service they can provide to improve the chances of getting approval.
  3. The client is requested to submit the documents to the immigration specialist. They can submit it in-person at a time of their own convenience or via e-mail. Afterward, the specialist will advise the client if their documents satisfy the listed PR criteria and requirements as stated by ICA.
  4. The specialist will then complete the rest in the application form and an in-house writer will create a personalized cover letter that emphasizes the client’s profile and their commitment to the local community and the Singaporean society.
  5. After the documents are complete, the application will be ready for submission via ICA’s e-Service. Steps 1 to 5 usually take an average of one to two months.
  6. ICA takes about four to six months to assess each PR application. Whether your application is approved or rejected, the specialist will guide you on the next best step to take.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: In Helping Achieving Family’s Dream

Here are some of the satisfied clients they have helped to achieve their dream of obtaining their PR status. Look at those happy faces!

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your Guide in Applying for Singapore PR mommy rockin in style mommy bloggers philippines beauty bloggers philippines
Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your Guide in Applying for Singapore PR mommy rockin in style mommy bloggers philippines beauty bloggers philippines
Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your Guide in Applying for Singapore PR mommy rockin in style mommy bloggers philippines beauty bloggers philippines

In addition, Paul Immigrations provides Singapore PR Application services for the following:

Employment Pass or S-PASS

Employment pass is for foreign professionals, executives, and managers. The candidates should be earning $3600 at least per month and should possess acceptable qualifications. Employment pass is for specialized jobs and for professionals with a diploma and degree holders. As for the S Pass, the salary is above $2400. This is for mid-level skilled staff.

Student studying in Singapore

There are favorable reasons for students to pursue their education in this little red dot such as amazing weather that is soothing. It is an English-speaking country and the other languages spoken commonly are Tamil, Mandarin, and Malay. People can pursue business education at SMU.

There is the ease of traveling and the country easily connects to Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and other destinations. The city-state is safe and offers an opportunity for students to meet various people and communicate.

Higher education is affordable and is taught in English. Scholarships are available to meet higher education costs.

Aged parent of a Singapore Citizen – its benefits

The government pays healthcare bills through discount and subsidies schemes based on the parent’s legal status. The subsidies are given through insurance programs families with low income can enjoy additional benefits and subsidies and citizens earning below $1200 may apply for subsidies. There is a Professional Conversion Program (PCP) scheme giving anyone over 40 years earning below $1500 a month treatment if your parents wish to continue working.

Foreign investor in Singapore

The Republic attracts foreign investors since the corporate tax rate is low. The corruption level is low and now there are also several multinational corporations. Another attraction is the skilled workforce. There are advance infrastructure and well-developed transportation. Favorable demographics and economic dependence invite an investment decision.

So if you have plans in getting that prominent PR status, always remember that Paul Immigrations is your partner in making that dream into reality!

Paul Immigrations

Office: Suntec Tower Two, 9 Temasek Boulevard, #13-01/02/03, Singapore 038989

Opens Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 6.00pm (by appointment only)


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