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Five Best Dog Fashion Tips Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

Pet owners remain divided on the issue of doggie fashion. Some love to put their pups in adorable outfits, while others stick exclusively to practical items like raincoats and sweaters and yet more pet owners prefer to avoid clothing their animals altogether. There’s nothing wrong with any of these opinions, of course, but those who fall into either of the first two categories should read on to find out about five dog fashion tips they can’t afford to ignore.

Go Beyond Cruelty-Free

Most dog owners are already on board with boycotting fur. True animal lovers can go a step beyond cruelty-free by buying dog accessories and human clothes from online stores that donate to animals. There’s no better way for pet owners to show their own personalities than to draw attention to issues like the importance of adopting shelter dogs and supporting no-kill shelters.

Keep Dogs Comfortable

A lot of breeds are more comfortable when they wear the right clothing, especially in the winter. Short-haired breeds, small breeds, older dogs, and dogs with short-cropped hairstyles should all wear jackets or sweaters when it’s very cold. Popular hairless breeds like the Chinese Crested Dog may need sweaters year-round.

Larger, furrier breeds that were bred to navigate snowy areas likely won’t love even the cutest jacket. Owners of Alaskan Malamutes, for example, would be better off buying their pups cute bowties to attach to their collars or other less restrictive accessories.

Dogs Don’t Wear Pants

No dog will be comfortable wearing pants as they get in the way of easy movement and going to the bathroom. No matter how cute they look, no dog owner wants to deal with the mess and even the potential injuries that could ensue. Stick to coats, jackets, sweaters, tees, dresses, and hoodies and make sure they fit tight enough not to get in the way of movement.

Consider Temperature and Environment

While plenty of dogs will willingly wear jackets or sweaters in the winter, many of the same dogs can wind up suffering in the summer due to excess heat. Large, furry breeds are more likely to overheat during the hottest months of the year but young smaller dogs can also wind up overheating in heavy clothes. Unless the dog is a hairless breed or has a health problem that causes him or her to be cold all the time, it’s best to avoid heavy clothing in the summer unless it is a specialty cooling vest.

Uses for Booties

Most dogs don’t love wearing booties but they can be trained to tolerate it and for some dogs, that’s a great idea. Dogs that live in cold temperatures, cover a lot of distance or frequently navigate rough terrain can benefit from wearing booties while out on walks. Older dogs with weaker hind ends may also benefit from wearing indoor footwear that helps them get up after a period lying down, although these specialized booties should be removed when the dog goes outside.

Accessorizing a dog can be a fun and creative way for dog owners to show their personalities but every fashionista should prioritize the dog’s health and safety over even the cutest outfits. Get dogs used to wearing new clothes slowly and choose them wisely based on the dog’s size, shape, and age.

Image by Lenka NovotnΓ‘ from Pixabay

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  1. Honestly im not into pet since i have this trauma na everytime may mamatay na dogs namin before sobrang kinakLungkot ko…but we currently have 3 dogs right now. 1shitzu,1 aspin,1 Chihuahua owned by my in Laws ..And they love to dress the Chihuahua pero pag malamig lang din ..but they didnt like Dog Food kaya pagkain din namin ang pinapakain saknila

    1. I think it is okay momshie basta huwag yung bones ng fish,pork and chicken para safe dogs natin. hehe

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