The Main Causes of Headaches: 7 Reasons Why Your Head Hurts

Jan 11, 2020 | Health & Fitness | 6 comments

There are few things that can ruin your day as quickly as a blinding headache. One of those bruisers can come on lightning-quick, leaving you virtually immobilized and unable to think straight or be productive.

When your head hurts, it becomes difficult to think about anything else. One of the keys to preventing or eliminating headaches is to understand what causes them. This article takes a look at morning headache causes that can ruin your day.

Keep reading to discover insight into why your head feels the way it does and what to do about it.

1. Noise

It should come as no surprise that loud noise can cause intense headaches. This can be the result of construction noise, loud music, or even the annoying chatter from large groups of people talking.

The best test for relief from loud noise is to simply make sure that your windows are closed and wear proper ear protection when necessary.

2. Sleeping Patterns

Your sleep patterns can also result in head pain. Lack of sleep in a major problem, as is getting too much sleep. Six to nine hours is ideal. Keep in mind that getting the proper amount of sleep will provide your body with the rest it needs and help you to be mentally sharp.

3. Diet

Eating right is also important. Make sure you are eating enough calories each day, and give your body the kind of healthy foods that will promote good mental and physical wellbeing. 

4. Lack of Exercise

Believe it or not, staying in shape can help reduce head pain. After all, a sedentary lifestyle will lead to weight gain and overall sluggishness, which is less than optimal for good mental health. 

5. Poor Posture

Simple things like sitting up straight and walking with your shoulder back can health reduce headaches. Keep in mind that your body is designed with a specific structure. When that structure isn’t respected, it can make your head hurt.

6. Food Sensitivities 

Have you ever noticed that you get headaches with you eat certain foods? If so, this is definitely something to pay attention to. Food allergies and sensitivities are among the leading causes of head pain.

Talk to your doctor and discuss adjustments that you can make to your diet in an effort to promote better health.

7. Anxiety

Another leading cause of headaches is general anxiety. This includes stress and other forms of anxiety that can impact good mental health.

Talk to your doctor about ways to deal with your anxiety. Effective methods for reducing anxiety can include meditation, certain natural herbs such as Occipital Neuralgia, as well as developing mindfulness practices that will help to calm your mind during the day.

It’s a miserable feeling when your head hurts. Fortunately, reading the information listed here can help you isolate the causes of head pain and thus provide solutions for your headaches.

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