There are few clothes that everyone should have in their wardrobe, but when it comes to bras, there are specific types that should never lack in a girl’s wardrobe. The most important thing before buying a bra is to know the exact size that will fit you and also, you will feel comfortable with. As we all know the woman’s lingerie collection is extremely important, especially those sexy bras. Women always try to have lingerie collection for every occasion, to go with any kind of dress, color, style, fit, etc. Here we will discuss 6 types of bras that every woman should have, according to a bra expert:

T-shirt bra

The t-shirt bra is one of the most important types of bra one should have. It is kind of bra that you can wear under any t-shirt, the best part about this bra is that this not show any outlines, wires, prints, etc. It is a must-have in every lady’s wardrobe of any age group. One can buy it in nude color so that you can wear them under whites as well.

Strapless bra

These are very handy bras. These are very useful when you have to wear them under any strapless dress, with a halter neck dress, etc. Just make sure you know your right size of bra and the inner rubber line should stick to your skin easily. 

Sports bra

This is one of the basic needs of every woman in her bras collection. When you are a gym freak person, it is very important to have a sports bra and make sure you don’t work out in any other bra. It keeps you away from the hassle of hooks and also helps to keep your breast in place, well supported and comfortable too. The best part about them is they are available in many colors these days.

Padded bra

A simple padded bra is very essential for any age group and for any lady to have. These are a big reason for many reasons. It helps, especially those who have a smaller breast size. It gives your breast a fuller look and they are very helpful in winters as they give full coverage to your nipples as well. 

Pushup bra

This bra is important for ladies, middle-aged or for those who have little saggy breasts. It is a simple way of adding lift and volume to your breasts so that they don’t look saggy and they can look closer and fuller. Sometimes people with big breasts think that they cannot wear a pushup bra, but that’s just a myth, these bras does more than just making them look fuller.

Multi-way bra

A multi-way bra is one of the most important bras for every woman. It is a type of bra that can be worn in many ways and the best part about them is you can wear them under any dress or shirt. Your multi-way bra can handle everything. 

These 6 types of bras are essential for every woman and every age group. Buy them today and complete your collection!

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7 Replies to “Six Types Of Bras Every Woman Should Have, According To A Bra Expert

  1. didnt know ang dami palang kinds of bra…i just thought Padded and non padded bra lang siya…i love wearing tube right now (idk the exact
    term for this) since im breastfeeding mas madali siyang ibaba taas for me.

  2. Nong dalaga pa ako favorite ko bilhin ang Sport Bra pero ngayon no bra na lage hahaha,BF Mom palaging nakadukot ang kamay ng anak. Nakakasuot nalang ng bra pag aalis,padded bra nmn gusto ko now.

  3. Ang ginagamit ko po ay padded bra kc maliit talaga Yung breast ko pero maganda din po Yung sinabi niyo na multi-way bra since lagi din po ako naka shirt lang thanks po sa mga tips niyo..

    1. ngayon ko lang nalaman na madami palang kindsof bra mommy ang alam ko lang my underwire at non wire hahaha minsan talaga neex din mag basa basa para mas marami pang natutunan at malaman.

  4. Gusto ko talaga ng strapless bra pero parang mahuhulog. Sometimes, kapag tumagal sa pagsusuot, parang masakit. Am I wearing a wrong size?

  5. As a mom , prefer ko ang naternity bra lalo na pag nasa labas o kaya may lakad. Dapat ready lagi pag humingi ng dede si baby. Nung dalaga pa ako padded gamit ko kasi nga maliit ang dede ko. Gusto ko malaking tingnan dede ko kaya laging padded sinusuot ko.

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