Veganism isn’t a hippy trendy anymore. A growing number of people are dropping the fleshy meat of animals for the plant-based diet. In fact, between the years 2014 and 2017, there was an astonishing jump of more than 600 percent on the number of vegans.

Moreover, even people who don’t kick the bucket on meat altogether are increasingly selecting the vegan choice over the meaty option. You may have already chosen to go vegan, or perhaps you’ve been thinking about ditching meat and dairy for a while now. But, one of the big questions you’re faced with is whether you should raise your kids to be vegan or not.

Here are our 12 solid reasons to raise vegan kids. Let’s get started!

Animals Don’t Want to Die

Your kid probably understands this principle more than most adults. The notion that animals are merely there to be raised for our food is, of course, nonsense.

Anyone who has ever watched a fox race through a field or a bird sing beautifully knows that animals don’t want to end up on our plates.

Your kid has probably learned about “farmyard animals” from a young age. The lives of pigs, sheep, cows, and chickens are commonly portrayed in children’s stories.

And yet, few kids make the connection between the pork sausages for dinner and the “real” pigs in the field. Nor do they always realize that “chicken” is the same word for the animal and the food for a reason.

Science has shown us that animals experience pain and suffering, as well as, joy and pleasure just as much as human beings. They have a right to life as much as we do.

Help Fight Against Child Obesity

Almost 14 million American children suffer from obesity. Ill health caused by lack of physical activity and poor diet is a major health crisis in the U.S.

And yet, switching your kids to a vegan diet can help a lot. Instead of eating processed foods with high fat and salty ingredients, vegans eat a balanced diet.

When adopting a plant-based diet, your greens aren’t the food on your plate that your child refuses to eat. They’re often the main part of the meal.

Of course, you still have to watch your weight as a vegan. Vegans are also advised to eat plenty of beans, lentils, and nuts to ensure that they get enough protein. But, if you eat a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, you can easily stay healthy as a vegan.

Saving the Planet for the Next Generation

Animal agriculture and meat production are some of the biggest causes of global warming and climate change in the world.

Everyone needs to do what they can to reduce their personal carbon emissions quickly to avert catastrophic climate change.

If you want to teach your children to be environmentally conscious, then raising them vegan is a great way to achieve this.

You can teach them that humans can be connected with nature. And they learn about how we’re also part of nature, not against it. Through passing this lesson on to your children, you can ensure that your kids become stewards of the Earth.

There Are Many Hungry People in the World

There are millions of people who don’t have enough to eat. Shockingly, every second a person dies of hunger.

Children are particularly vulnerable to hunger and malnutrition. Hopefully, your kids will never experience such horror and misery.

If you can make the decision about whether to be vegan or not, you’re hugely privileged. Many people don’t get a choice.

Anyway, you probably want your kids to appreciate what they have. A plant-based diet would allow us to feed many more of the world’s people

If you want to give your kids an example of how to only use what you actually need in the world, then passing on your love for the vegan lifestyle is great.

Inspire Your Kids to Get Creative in the Kitchen

Veganism is a growing trend with new ways to make classic recipes constantly emerging. However, many young people don’t have the culinary skills to prepare a delicious meal.

Every parent wants their kids to be self-sufficient in the kitchen. Even when you’re time-pressed, there are ways to whipping something up quickly.

If you want to inspire your children to get creative in the kitchen, raising them vegan will expose them to a wide variety of flavors and smells. This ought to get them into vegan cooking.

Be an Example to Your Children

You’re your children’s role model. You probably want your kids to think that you live by your principles all of the time. We all make mistakes, but whenever you can, do what you think is right.

If you constantly talk about the inhumane suffering of animals or the global climate crisis, your kids will wonder why you don’t do anything about it.

As more and more people realize what goes on behind the scenes at slaughterhouses and farmyards around the world, they’re speaking out.

You should want your kids to know that you were on the right side of history on this one. Avoid accusations of hypocrisy by following what you actually believe in. Your kids will have a lot more respect for you as a result.

Veganism is Good for the Human Heart

The knowledge that you’re not harming an animal when you eat your delicious meals is worthwhile. However, veganism has also been shown to have a positive impact on the health of your heart.

Heart disease is actually the biggest cause of deaths in the U.S. with over 2,600 Americans dying every day due to the condition.

There are many factors that can cause heart disease. One of the most common ones is dietary cholesterol.

When humans eat animal products they are also consuming cholesterol in the meat or dairy. However, our bodies already produce all of the cholesterol we need.

Furthermore, plant-based foods don’t contain any cholesterol. In fact, eating a vegan diet has also been linked with reversing high cholesterol and a high risk of heart disease.

Vegan Food Is Actually Delicious

Many people eat the same things every day. Meat and potatoes can get boring after a while. If you want a more vibrant diet with a wide range of delicious ingredients, veganism offers you the chance to eat yummy dishes like never before.

While before you would go to a restaurant as a vegan and be forced to order a side salad, nowadays you can go to a vegan restaurant. Times have changed, and vegan food is now the talk of foodies everywhere.

We Don’t Need to Eat Animals

We don’t actually need to eat animals or their products. Scientists agree that human beings need to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans to stay healthy.

Meat, fish, and eggs may have some dietary benefits. But, unless our health depends on it, we shouldn’t be eating animals.

It’s Pretty Strange If You Think About It

Eating meat is totally normal in our society. And yet, when you analyze it, it’s pretty strange.

Why do we drink the milk from a cow that is intended for the calf? We find the notion of drinking human milk revolting. And yet, cow’s milk is perfectly fine.

When you imagine the decaying carcass and rotting flesh inside your stomach, it’s unsurprising that vegans are shocked that people don’t stop consuming animals.

It Can Save Your Money on Grocery Bills

Feeding your family can be a heavy burden on your finances. Every time you go to the grocery store, another pay packet is spent.

Meat can be extremely expensive. This is especially the case if you’re already buying “organic” and “free-range” meat.

If you eliminate meat from your diet, you can save a ton of cash. The same can be said of deli cheeses and organic eggs.

Sure, you may need to get a little savvier. That could be mean shopping around, bulk buying and learning different ways of cooking.

But, on the whole, you can definitely save more money by stopping eating meat and dairy in favor of a plant-based diet.

Motivate Your Kids to Follow Their Idols

There are numerous famous vegans. Your kids may already sing the songs of Ariana Grande or watch the movies of Natalie Portman.

Why wouldn’t they also want to follow the same plant-based diet promoted by these incredible stars?

Raising Vegan Kids

You cannot force your kids to be vegan forever. But, you can do what you think is right when you bring them up.

You won’t regret raising vegan kids. They’ll be more respectful of the environment, healthier and happier at the same time.

If you want more food advice, check out our website for much more.

Image by Deborah Breen Whiting from Pixabay

6 Replies to “Twelve Solid Reasons to Raise Vegan Kids

  1. Thank for this helpful tips Mommy,How i wish it was so easy,as early as now im starting to introduce different veggies like okra,and ampalaya and squash but they just dont like it or sometimes they wont finish it.But im really trying my best to feed them more Vegetables than meat .I so love veggies so surely i will influence them habang lumalaki sila ☺️

    1. Salamat sa pagshare ng healthy advice mommy,ang laking tulong nito lalo na sa mga kids na mahirap pakainin ng gulay,dapat talaga maipamulat at maipilit sa mga kids na mas healthy ang gulay instead of meat.Buti mga kids ko hindi peaky eater talagang kumakain sila ng gulay kaya nakakatuwa sila.

  2. Thank you for this healthy advice momsh, ngayon Kasi Ang mga Bata bihira na talagang kumain Ng veges at proven ko na sa anak ko Ang hirap pakainin Kaya talaga gumagawa ako Ng way para Lang makakain siya Ng veges..

  3. Naalala ko tuloy nung bata pa ako na umiyak ako nung nag-ihaw ng manok para ulam at hindi ako kumain. Hehe! I can’t remember bakit ako umiyak nun. But it is necessary to teach our kids to eat veggies too. Hubs and I, as much as possible no processed foods for our kids at mas piliin ang sabaw at gulay kasi mas healthy.

  4. Very helpfull to mommy! Thank you. Ung panganay ko kahit carrots ayaw pero ung bunso ko kahit anong gulay kinakain. I love veggies so much. Kaya hinihikayat ko mga anak ko na kumain ng gulay. ❤️

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