Last weekend, Louisa, Joy and I finally had the chance to fulfill our long-planned visit (and shopping, of course) to Dapitan Arcade.

You must have heard about this place especially now that the Holiday Season is just around the corner. It is known as one of the best places to shop for inexpensive Christmas and house decorations.

Dapitan Arcade or simply called “Dapitan” is located at 37 Dapitan St. corner Kanlaon St. Barangay Teresita, Quezon City Philipines. But when you get there, it actually starts from Apo Street and goes all the way to Mayon Street as the stalls keep expanding.

From Commonwealth, it took us 30 minutes to reach Dapitan. I’m not so sure if there is a parking area within the vicinity. But you can park at the sidewalk beside the stalls. Good thing, Hubby was with us so it was less of a hassle for us to look for a parking space. Personally, I would prefer to take a Grab car, especially if you drop by in the afternoon due to limited parking space. Or bring a driver hehe.

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For commuters, you may check this link on how to get there.

We arrived around 10 in the morning and more and more people started coming in.

We checked out the stalls at the sidewalk first to take advantage of the sunlight. There were only a few but it’s better to wear sunscreen or bring an umbrella for your protection.

Afterward, we went inside Dapitan Tiangge where many life-sized Santa Claus welcome you at the entrance. Ang gaganda nila! And when we finished, we decided to grab food at McDonald’s and get some rest (and make chikka muna haha) for a while.

It was 12 in the afternoon when we went straight ahead to Dapitan Arcade and the building beside it. We finished at 1 pm. Ganun kami kabilis haha.

Overall, I enjoyed my first time in Dapitan. The highlights for me are the different life-sized Santa Claus and those super cute Christmas Villages. How I wish I have a room filled with it! That would be definitely my most favorite part of our house.

Apart from Christmas decorations, you could also find some timeless pieces and high-quality furniture for your home. Definitely a haven for people who’s into interior design. Or simply those who love decorating their house!

Have you been to Dapitan? What is your most favorite purchase?

18 Replies to “Our Dapitan Arcade Experience 2019

    1. Hindi pa ko nakapunta ng dapitan pero marami dw kasi pwdeng punthan. Sana makapunta kasama ang pamilya.

    1. Wow never been there in Dapitan , ang sarap naman gumala gala diyan momsh kasama pa ang mga friends, now di na muna makagala pero hopefully very soon back to normal na ang lahat.

  1. Been wanting to go here but with the quarantine, I guess I’ll have to postpone a visit into the future. Looks like I’ll be saving myself money for now coz there are a lot of gorgeous choices.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m dying to go there. So sad. Can’t go wandering right now. Hehe

    1. Wow ang daming pwedeng mabili sa dapitan lalo na ngayon na mag papasko .i want to expirience na pumunta jan momsh kahit window shopping lan busog na mga mata ko

  3. Napanood at nababasa ko nga po ang tungkol dito sa Dapitan.. mura nga po at talagang marami kang pagpipilian.. sana makapunta din ako dito..

  4. wow bermonths is coming .. parang ngaun lang ang christmas na ndi kami makakapag shopping ng mga decorations.. daming decors.. nice to know may gnayn pala pamilihan .. tnx for sharing momshie ..

  5. Gusto ko din po pumunta diyan malayo nga Lang po SA Amin sarap mamili Ng mga pang Christmas decors. Ang Gaganda

  6. I’ve never been there, pero gustong gusto ko mapuntahan to.Ang sarap maglibot lalo na pag kasama mo mga friends mo, ang saya saya siguro. Ito pala ang perfect place na pamilihan for home decors,thanks for sharing mommy.

  7. Thank you for sharing you’re experience momsh.So sad kasi hndi pa po ako nkakarating jan .Gsto ko din mkarating ng Dapitan with frnds anx family..Mraming place ang mgagandang pasyalan at perfect place sa mga decore na pamilihan .

  8. Ang saya naman jan! Narinig ko nga na maraming good finds jan sa Dapitan tapos affordable lang.

  9. Ang ganda talaga sa Dapitan momsh sarap mamili dyan ang daming pagpipilian at ang mumura pa.Mukhang enjoy na enjoy talaga kayo .

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