Most people find it easy to pick out clothing, shoes, and accessories that look great and that fit their style and personality. On the other hand, many find it harder to choose the perfect pair of glasses. In fact, some people even view wearing glasses as a detriment to their overall look. However, glasses do not have to be a frumpy, boring accessory that is only to be worn when absolutely needed. Instead, they can be a fun and stylish addition to any person’s wardrobe. What’s more, choosing the glasses that are right for you can be easy if you follow three simple rules of thumb.

Assess the Size and Shape of Your Face 

First, take a look in the mirror and determine your facial shape and size. Facial shapes can be sorted into seven main categories: oval, heart, round, square, oblong, triangle, and diamond. Certain facial shapes tend to complement particular frame styles. For example, people with square-shaped faces look great in cat-eye glasses, and people with round faces look great in square or rectangle-shaped glasses. Oversized frames look good on larger faces, but they can also be a bold choice for those with a smaller face. Those with larger faces may want to avoid smaller frames, not because they don’t look good, but because they have the potential to cause discomfort.


Think about Your Personal Style and Wardrobe

Once the frame style and size are decided upon, the next choice is the frame material and color. Frames can be completely rimless or have metal rims, plastic rims, or acetate rims. Rimless is a great choice for those who want a low-key frame that complements everything in their wardrobe. Metal, plastic, and acetate frames typically come in a variety of colors that can suit any desire. For example, they can be matched to the dominant color in a person’s wardrobe. Bright colors can be worn to make a statement, while neutral colors are a great choice for matching everything. Some people even choose to match their frames to their eye, skin, or hair color.


Consider the Benefits of a Custom Frame

When it comes to preferences in colors, materials, styles, and more, everyone has different tastes. Perhaps you have visited several stores only to discover that your perfect pair of glasses does not exist at any of them. In this case, designing a custom frame might be the answer. By going with a custom pair of glasses, you are able to choose the size and shape of the frame. Some manufacturers, such as the Wissing eyewear line, will even allow a different shape for each eye. You are also able to choose the color or colors that go into the frame. Designing a custom frame ensures that you get a pair of glasses that fit you perfectly.


As long as these three simple rules of thumb are followed, choosing the glasses that are right for you can be easy. In fact, shopping for glass can even be fun, especially when they are thought of as an additional accessory rather than a necessary evil. With the variety of frame shapes, sizes, materials, and colors available, the possibilities for enhancing facial features, personal style, and wardrobes are endless. With the option of designing a custom pair of glasses, it is certain that every person can choose the glasses that are right for them.

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  1. ang hirap nga maghanap ng frame na bagay sayo. Thanks for the tips mommy!
    Usually sinusukat ko muna lahat para ma check if bagay.
    Before nung nagwowork ako sa restaurant, may nakita ako sa guest na eyeglass.
    Maliit lang ung glasses niya at plain looking, cute actually. Kaso flexible at di madali mabasag kahit mahulog o madaganan, kaso nung tinanong ko presyo….

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