The Importance of Teaching Your Kids the Games You Grew Up With


What was your favorite game to play when you were young? Was it the ones you enjoy the most with large groups of kids like tagu-taguan and patintero? Or was it the ones that allow you to show your competitive spirit? Games like jump rope, Chinese garter, luksong baka and piko definitely let you do this!

Regardless of the nature of the games you enjoyed most as a kid, they gave you one heck of a childhood. Remember all the laughs you had and all the friendships you made? Let’s not forget the heartbreaks too! However petty they may seem to you now, they all worked together to give you the kind of childhood you wish your kids would have. And all these moments—sweet and bittersweet—happened because of the times you spent outdoors and the games you played.


Did you know that playing outside provides kids more than just fun? According to an article released by Harvard Health Publishing last year, they also help improve the chance of a child’s health and success. Active play provides kids the exercise they need to stay healthy, grow up strong, and able to properly perform daily activities. It also helps children get more sunshine, which assists the body in producing Vitamin D—a hormone that plays an essential role in the development of bones and the immune system.

But that’s not all. Physical benefits aside, did you know that outdoor fun also helps a child develop executive function, the skills that help an individual to entertain himself using imagination, solve problems, plan, prioritize, troubleshoot, negotiate, and multitask? For an executive function to develop, a kid needs unstructured time to practice these abilities; and the best time for this is when they are outdoors with friends.

Another important lesson playing outside can teach our kids is socializing. Think about it. Aside from your family, the people that really helped shape your social skills are those you grew up playing with. Whoever you are now is greatly affected by your interaction with your peers as a child.

Finally, there’s learning about culture and life lessons. Similar to neighboring countries, traditional Filipino games can teach your kids about the kind of life lived by generations past and how a simple childhood can be very fulfilling if only one is able to make the most out of what he or she possesses.


In summary, playing outdoors really does so much good for kids. This is a fact that Alaska Milk supports, and that is why it’s encouraging all parents to teach their kids the traditional Filipino games they grew up with. To help parents become assured that their kids have enough energy and bone and muscle strength to do all these fun activities, Alaska Milk released two new drinks—Alaska Choco and Alaska Milky. Available in both 236ml and 110ml at all supermarkets and groceries nationwide, both are not only delicious, but they are also packed with nutrients! To know more, follow @alaskamilkph on Facebook and Instagram.

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