Last month, I blogged about Spot the Gift Test by Promil Four. Taking that test, I was able to discover Cloud’s unique gift.

And as expected, his test result includes Bodily-Kinesthetic Gift which is an ability to use his body effectively to solve problems or create something. Some of its prominent characteristics are; very good in activities that involve body movements, excellent in physical coordination, very good in motor control, hand-eye coordination and muscle coordination. No wonder why Cloud is very active and loves running, playing basketball and soccer!

He also got Spatial Relation Gift which has a strong interest in visual arts. Children with this gift are imaginative and have the ability to visualize ideas.

And lastly, the Musical Gift in which he enjoys singing, listening to music, and playing musical instruments.

Promil Four My Little Play 3D Pop-Up Theater

So last week, this Promil Four My Little Play A Pop-Up Theater came in the mail.

It was very timely since Cloud and I had no plans after school that afternoon. Cloud was very excited to unbox because he loves pop-up books. We have more than 20 pop-up books that were ripped off when he was still a little hehe.

My Little Play 3D Pop-Up Theater showcases three of the most scenic places in the Philippines: Intramuros in Manila, Chocolate Hills in Bohol and Mt. Apo in Davao. The last page of the book is a cute boy’s room filled with toys, books and etc. The book also comes with a handy magnifying glass and a pair of decoder eyeglasses.

Spot the gift

The pop-up book is a great learning tool as it teaches the value of visualization.

This is perfect for Cloud since he has has a strong interest in visual arts (Spatial Relation Gift). So I took advantage of using this book to nurture his gift.  First, I discussed with him the places one by one, its history, attractions, and some fun activities to try. For example, the Intramuros is the oldest district in Manila wherein you can stroll or ride in a jeepney or a kalesa (as seen in the book). So on and so forth. Afterward, it’s time for him to answer some of my questions to see if he really listens. Like where you can find the kalesa? What does Chocolate Hills look like?  Surprisingly, he answered 3 out of my 4 questions! Good job Anak!

Also, with the use of the magnifying glass and the decoder eyeglasses, our activity became more fun and enjoyable. Cloud enjoys the 3D effects. Magic daw! LOLS. 

So mommies, I highly encourage you to take the Spot The Gift Test NOW to discover your own child’s gifts! Let me know in the comment section what you have discovered!

The pop-up theater comes FREE with every purchase of Promil Four 1.8kg in select stores nationwide. But you better HURRY, promo available until supplies last only.

14 Replies to “Nurture Your Child’s Gift with My Little Play A Pop-Up Theater

  1. I’ve been avoiding pop up books since my son loves ripping pages out. This sounds very interesting. I’ll look into the test and see if I can apply it to Z.

  2. I’ve always been so amazed with pop up story books! Kahit may mga kids na ko natutuwa pa din ako. It makes reading more fun!

  3. uy! If your child has the spatial relation gift, you should definitely introduce him to photography and graphic art design. And ang kulit naman ng pop up book na yan, may pa glasses pa talaga!

  4. Wow,.nice that there’s a test to know about our kids’s gifts. I will try it later. 🙂 That book looks so nice. I love that it features the country’s attractions.

  5. I remember the boys doing pop up books when they were young pa. Love how pop up books can get the interest of kids. but more than that, i like this Nurture the gift of Promil. Through their app, i was able to confirm my boy’s interest and there, I now know how to support him.

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