How To Give Your Flooring A Spring Clean
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How To Give Your Flooring A Spring Clean

If you hate the term spring clean, it’s time to start looking at it differently.

But if you want sparkling clean interiors and floors, then a steady routine is a great idea. If it’s time for that deeper clean, however, it’s best you know the most effective tips to make the job easier.

This article will feature some of the best techniques and methods you can try to clean your flooring, whether it’s carpet or laminate wood. Doing so will help you fully relax in a clean home knowing that the work is behind you.

Flooring can be a tricky thing to get started especially if you have timber or another wood that requires a specific method and solution. If you are looking to upgrade your floors then try searching for some timber flooring in Melbourne or in your local area. It can bring a fresh look and feel to your home as you start to focus on general upkeep rather than getting rid of tough stains.

Hard Surface Flooring

For wooden floors, you want to ensure you get the dust and dirt away from the surface first and foremost. This will make the cleaning process much easier. Here is a list of steps that will help make the process seamless and quick.

  • Either hoover or sweep the floors first – Hoovering tends to be quicker and get to the bits you can’t see. If not, you will want to remove all dust and dirt from the flooring until it’s all clear. Any clumps you see, pet hairs or other debris around hard to reach areas are important. So, don’t forget the spaces around the table or behind the sofas for example.
  • For the hoover, ensure the attachment is the right one for wooden surfaces. It shouldn’t be rotating and should be staying in a fixed position.
  • Then, proceed to mopping the floors with your favourite cleaning solution. If you want to ditch the chemicals, there are certain homemade recipes you can use. You can also go for natural bio cleaners to stay away from harsh chemicals and bleach. Remember when you are mopping to get in between the surfaces and in smaller areas.
  • Using a steam mop can be a great way to make the process more efficient. It cleans even deeper due to the heat of the water. This will really make it easier to go over stains and tackle them head-on.
  • When using a cleaning solution that has soap, you’ll want to run over the floor again with only water. This way all of the solution will be washed from the floor leaving an extra sparkle.

Remember, if you want to make the cleaning process easy so your spring clean job isn’t as big, keep things tidy as you go. For example, whenever there is a spill, ensure you get to it as soon as possible. You can also try a weekly quick clean to ensure the floors are clean regularly.

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