Are you kids constantly burning through more shoes? Take a look at this guide to learn when and how you should buy new pairs of children’s shoes for your kids.

If it seems like your child needs new shoes on a regular basis, you’re not going crazy. From the age of 2, the average child grows roughly 2 1/2 inches per year. Not to mention children’s shoes are subjected to way more wear and tear than adult shoes. Don’t worry, there are tips and tricks to help your children’s shoes last longer and to know exactly how often they need a new pair.

If you’re tired of hitting the mall for yet another pair of shoes, read on for some important tips.

Keep Them on Their Toes

While it can be a hassle to change kids in and out of shoes while shopping for options, be sure to always have your child stand up in each pair they try on.

Not only will it be a better judge of how comfortable the shoes are, but it’s also the best way to see exactly where the child’s feet land in the shoes.

Always Check With the Right Socks

The flimsy disposable socks you find at shoe stores are rarely as thick as the socks your children wear on a daily basis.

Be sure to bring the socks your children normally wear their shoes to get a genuine feel of how the shoes fit.

Use Your Thumb

Kids grow like weeds, which is why it helps to buy shoes with a little space for them to grow into. On the other hand, you want to be sure they aren’t too big, making it difficult to play or even walk.

Which is why the rule of thumb is well…to use your thumb. The width of your thumb is approximately the amount of space your child should have from the tips of their toes to the tip of their shoes.

Support Over Trendiness

Kids shoe trends come and go, and while there may be some pressure to keep up with the “in crowd” you want to prioritize their comfort over how the shoes look.

The right shoes are an important part of your child’s posture and development, which is why it helps to browse sneakers like these that offer both comfort and style.

Choose the Groove for Children’s Shoes

Kid’s love to climb, jump and run, which is why they need shoes that can keep up with them…no matter the surface. You want to be sure that your child has the right shoes to avoid slipping and injuring themselves.

Which is why shoes with grooves are always a wise choice while shopping for your child. Don’t just think about the shoes that will look good in school, but keep in mind all those summer break adventures as well.

Encourage Choice

Shoes tend to be one of those things that young children could care less about, but if your little one happens to be picky about their shoe choice embrace it.

Being able to show off their distinct style and have some control over what they wear encourages individuality and independence. Choose two to three pairs of shoes you’re good with and let your child choose the final pair among them.

Take It Step by Step

Parenting comes with its fair share of challenges, from children’s shoes to staying healthy as a mom. Whatever the challenge is, we have your back.

Check out our parenting articles for more tips on how to rock parenting no matter what you’re up against.

Image by Markus Distelrath from Pixabay

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