Discover Your Kid’s Gift by Taking Promil Four Spot the Gift Test

Each child is a unique individual wherein each has its own interests, personalities, and gifts.

As a mom, one of my worries is not knowing my boys’ gifts and how to nurture it. Cloud gravitates towards physical activities such as basketball and soccer. He also loves arts and crafts. But what if he could excel to some other things like academics and music? Baka malaki na siya saka ko pa malalaman.

Glad to know there is an easy way to find out!

Promil Four Spot the Gift Test

Promil Four launched an app called Spot the Gift Test to help parents like me to discover and nurture the right gift/potential of our child. The app was created by Prof. Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D., Multiple Intelligences expert and the Executive Director of the American Institute for Learning and Human Development. Moreover, it was validated by Dr. Leticia Peñano-Ho, President of Philippine Center for Gifted Education.

Spot the Gift Test is divided into 8 sections which represent the 8 unique gifts.

These are the (1) Logical-mathematical Gift, (2) Linguistic Gift, (3) Spatial Relation Gift, (4) Musical Gift, (5) Bodily-Kinesthetic Gift, (6) Naturalist Gift, (7) Interpersonal Gift, and (8) Intrapersonal Gift.

Promil Spot the gift test

To get you started, you can register using your email or simply log-in via Facebook account. I used the latter to save time. Next, register your kid’s name, birthday and gender. As simple as that! Spend your 15 minutes by answering a set of age-specific questions to discover your little one’s gift.

Promil Spot The Gift Test
Promil Spot The Gift Test Result

Apparently, Cloud loves music too!

Yes, I knew it haha. And as expected, his test result also includes Bodily-Kinesthetic Gift and Spatial Relation Gift. I actually enjoy taking the test as it gives me the opportunity to get to know more of Cloud’s interest and skills. Undoubtedly, may future talaga siya sa sports!

Overall, Promil Spot the Gift Test is heaven-sent. I don’t have to wait for years to see what Cloud is capable of. By simply taking this test for 10-15 minutes, I was able to discover his Musical Gift apart from what we already know. And because of that, we are very glad that we are on the right track to unleash his full potential and #NurtureTheGift.

So mommies, I highly encourage you to take the Spot The Gift Test NOW to discover your own child’s gifts! Let me know in the comment section what you have discovered!

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