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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaner

You may have a good educational background but you send your kids to school. Or you probably have a degree in communication but still, employ a public relations expert to work for you.

This doesn’t mean that your skills are whack but to get an excellent job, you don’t hesitate in getting a professional to do it for you. The same goes for home cleaning. You may have grown up cleaning the house every morning. But it shouldn’t stop you from hiring a professional cleaner to get the job done sometimes. Professionals are people who have learned the art of a particular vocation and are experts at it. The only “qualification” you may have in cleaning is your domestic experience but no transferred knowledge so you shouldn’t feel awkward about getting a professional cleaner.

Besides just needing a professional to get the job done, here are other reasons why you should hire a professional cleaner:

  • Whether you work from home or an office, you definitely need the time to work. Scrubbing floors, vacuuming rugs and washing bathroom tiles could take hours if you want to get a good job done but getting a professional cleaner to do all of that would give you spare time to do several other things even if you don’t want to work.
  • In addition to saving you time, hiring a pro would save you the stress involved in cleaning and time used to rest after cleaning. Cleaning a whole house is no doubt energy consuming and after getting it done, you’d have to take some time to rest which is extra time added to the time spent cleaning. You’re no robot.
  • For people who are allergic to dust or molds, getting a professional cleaner is advisable. That way, one would not have to suffer complications in a bid to stay in a healthy environment.
  • As stated earlier, professional cleaners are experts so they would most likely do a better job in the house than you would.
  • It’s okay to hate cleaning. Some people hate cooking and others, doing the dishes so if you hate cleaning, you shouldn’t be ashamed about it. Professional cleaners would always be there to help out!

Here in the Philippines, professional cleaning services are becoming a thing now. Take for instance.

But did you know how stands out from the rest? It is actually an online marketplace where you could get an extra hand not just on house cleaning but also your laundry, airconditioning unit, carpentry, even pest control! And do you know the best part? Nail care and massage services are available too! Perfect for busy individuals who have no time for spa and salons. How cool is that?

So last month, I booked a home cleaning service thru for our condo unit. The booking went smoothly wherein all I did was to indicate my location, the number of rooms/bathrooms and my preferred schedule for cleaning. After a few minutes, I was notified that Minute Maids are my service providers. Wow, that was quick! [Scope of Work]
My schedule has come and I was impressed that Ate Maricel (from Minute Maids) came 30 minutes earlier. Though unfortunately, there was a water shortage in the condo premises but she was able to pull it off. We used extra drinking water that was left by the previous guests hehehe. She brought with her some basic cleaning materials such as portable vacuum, clean rags, and cleaning disinfectants. Ate Maricel is fast and keen to details since mejo maselan ako when it comes to cleanliness LOLS. After 2 hours of cleaning, our unit smells clean and now ready for the guests. I’m a happy customer!

Hiring a professional cleaner to do the cleaning for you may not be as expensive as you think.

Would you believe instant cleaning starts at P349 when you book thru The express laundry is at P199! Ang mura hindi ba?! Hopefully, you are now convinced to give professional cleaning a try.

Try now by checking their website! You can also download their Customer App for more services and best user experience available on Google Play and App Store.

Kayo mommies, will you give hiring professional cleaners a try?

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  1. Eto pala yun nagpalinis ka mamsh. Napanood ko sa youtube mo. Buti po may mga ganito na. Malaking tulong din sa mga busy moms.

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