There is something unique and fascinating about South East Asia that keeps attracting more and more tourists and emigrators each year.

A lot of them come not only to wander and sightsee, but others stay and make a living. The way of life here is different from any other part of the world and is definitely not for everyone. All countries from different continents are very different from each other, although they all do share a few common features. Here are some things that make it worthwhile to pack up and move to this wonderful part of the world.

The Whole Year Of A Seemingly Hot Or Rainy Summer

The weather is nearly the same every single day. When you stop and you suddenly notice that some years have passed and you notice that it’s still summer; for some, the sun sea and sand is one of the biggest reasons to move. Its also hard to notice how time goes by because of peoples psychological association with the flow of time is measured with the changing of seasons.

Humidity level on these islands is so high that you should always keep in mind that your gadgets, passports and clothes may be affected and can even grow mould. The humidity in cities is a bit lower and this is a result of seasonal climate change. A common reason for why some people visit southeast Asia is because they like high humidity because it’s good for their skin and body.

Cost Of Living

Housing situated in Southeast Asia ranges from incredibly inexpensive from rural areas to very pricey, particularly for central real estate in high-demand cities, like Singapore. A small home in a Thai province for example usually can be rented for around  $350 USD per month.

However, the same sized home in central Bangkok could cost over $1,500 USD per month. In Singapore, the prices soar as it could cost well over $5,000 per month. The cost of housing (like most places) in the majority of Southeast Asia is determined primarily by the location; and in the case of condominiums and apartments, by the age and features of the building.

For a lot of travellers, before making a decision in moving to a new country, looking at the cost of living first; it is of most importance. Everyone wants to make sure they will be able to live comfortably or be able to work while they travel to substitute living costs against equity.  For years, south-east Asia and this part of the world has been attracting not only budget travellers but also many people with a high and regular income because the economy here allows for a lot more affordable living.

Business And Work

If you, like many are, intending to move to southeast Asia for business purposes for the brilliant prospects that the region offers. It is home to several emerging market countries making the region one of the most dynamic regions of economies in the world; today an important catalyst of the world’s economic growth.

Luxury houses for sale in south-east Asia are generally cheaper than the homes in the USA or Europe. Depending on the nature of your trip, buying or investing in a residential place to live can save you invaluable time that you could be spending on work or sightseeing.

There are way more jobs in Southeast Asia for people from western cultures than just an English Translator or Teacher or Software Development positions. Depending on your previous work experience, jobs available can range from opportunities in marketing, tourism, hospitality, and business.

The more life experience and knowledge on the matter you have, the more opportunities will line up for you. But it does not stop the low budget nomad from making extra cash by using their native skills such as their English Language.

Unless you are intending to live in south-east Asia, in any of the main cities such as Singapore. Your money that was earned in any country of the Western world can go a little further here. Of course property markets and exchange rates change but usually, a budget traveller can live comfortably in many of the countries of Asia with an income of $650-$800 a month.

Have you travelled or lived in a country in Southeast Asia? Or are you planning an adventure? Ask questions or even drop your own reasons for why you made the move to southeast Asia in the comments below.


Photo by Artem Beliaikin @belart84 from Pexels

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