Practice Self-Care Before Your Wedding Day

Practice Self-Care Before Your Wedding Day

It’s extremely important to practice self-care as much as you can. This is especially true during those periods in life where you might be going through a rough patch. It might also be true during the moments where everything seems to be a stressor at the same time. Your upcoming wedding could count as one of these stressors, despite how wonderful it all is.

We are often reminded to plan for our weddings expertly. Ensuring the invite list is perfect, ensuring the catering is top-notch and finding the best dress and having it tailored is all great, but it can certainly be stressful. We can often forget that just because this event is all for us, it doesn’t necessarily mean its enormity can’t affect your mental health.

It’s important to practice self-care before your wedding day. Doing so can actually be quite worthwhile, and help you relax and start to adapt to the pressing needs and considerations you might have to deal with. Even those who don’t particularly feel intense stress can also find value in the following steps:

Remove Anxiety-Causing Issues

Weddings have a tremendously effective ability to cause anxiety in just about anyone. Even the CEO of a large, Fortune 500 firm will feel butterflies the night before their wedding. Even those on their fifth marriage will likely feel this. This is why it’s so important to understand which feelings are irrational and can be dealt with as such, or which elements of your anxiety are real and can be prevented through rightful action.

For example, when arranging your Pure Invitation wedding invites, you have a chance to review those on the guest list. It might be that since you drew this original list up, things have changed within the social dynamics of your family. You’re now quite certain that some family members could cause trouble, and you’re not too fond of that idea. You’re also quite tired of the idea that your wedding should be a bridge to help settle a dispute between two sides of the family. It rarely ever is. Perhaps you’ve written some names down simply because you feel you should have done, not because you actually wanted to.

Remember, you only need to invite those who bring worth and love to your proceedings. If this means limiting certain members from coming, that’s fine. They are not paying for the wedding. They only have a right of attendance if you deem fit. 

On top of that, perhaps you want a smaller group of attendees anyway. Some people enjoy having a great many of their family members there, which is wonderful. Some prefer only close family and the best of friends. That’s completely fine too. When you remove the anxiety-causing issues you may otherwise have death with, you return that sense of optimism to your planning.

Guidances, Not Micromanagement

It can sometimes be that during the wedding planning stage, everyone has an opinion about the decisions you should be making. This can be tiring the say the least. Remember, you are in no way beholden to others to accept their arrangements unless you’ve directly assigned them to this. It’s not uncommon for our parents to try and decide things for us, because they might be paying for a portion of the wedding. But guidance is often different from micromanagement. The latter is unhealthy. It’s important to vocalize this and to let those around you know when you are uncomfortable with something. This is your wedding, after all, a day that is important to you, and a milestone in your life. Not letting folks take that away from you can be a great idea. If you feel pressured because of financial contributions, it might be worth having a careful conversation.

Invest In Your Health

It’s important to talk to your partner about the stressors you’re feeling. That can often have an immediate impact. But don’t just think because a wedding is voluntary that your issues are somehow less important than they might have been otherwise. If you’re really struggling, heading to a counselor or your Doctor can help you talk through issues and get on the right track. It might be that an anxiety disorder you have is being affected by this huge new milestone in your life. You wouldn’t be the only one.

But it’s also important to practice general and wise self-care as you can in the weeks and months leading up to a wedding. Ensure your sleep schedule is solid, and that you’re getting enough each night. Ensure your diet is being taken care of is important. Hydrating yourself is key. And what better way to express your stress and get over it than exercising carefully? This might also have the positive effect of helping you lose weight ahead of your dress sizing, but ensure that this is sustainable and something you do for your health, not just because you feel anxious.

Don’t Rush Things

A wedding can seem especially set in stone, but it doesn’t have to be. If things are truly falling apart, such as a venue dropping out, the catering being notoriously and puzzlingly hard to find, or perhaps you just feel that you need to work on yourself and your mental health before you can process this event, postponing the wedding is always a possibility. Or at least, knowing you can is enough. Not rushing things and giving yourself excess time to plan can also help you feel much more comfortable with the whole affair. 

Focus On The Positives

Despite the relatively defensive picture we’ve painted of the wedding planning process – this can be a wonderful time. Focus on the positives. This is a celebration of love. You don’t have to get everything surrounding that absolutely perfect. You just need to focus on that which can be appreciated by you and your partner. If you can do this, you’ll be sure to feel a sense of affinity throughout. Being optimistic is often akin to solid self-care, you see.

With these tips, hope you can have a brilliant, but more importantly healthy wedding.

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