Outdoor Baby And Toddler Clothes For Road Trips

So after many tired nights and long mornings, you’re finally going to get some holiday time.

A family road trip with a newborn is getting to be quite a common retreat for young families. It’s going to be cheaper than an abroad holiday and that’s great for a new family that is saving up as the baby’s needs become more varied. However, most road trips happen during the summer months. So your baby needs to have his or his skin protected but also clothes that will allow them to move around and enjoy being outside. This means a combination of thicker clothes that will keep the cold wind out. But also trap the baby’s body heat and use it to keep the baby warm even outside.

Yet you also need something that won’t be causing itching or redness on the skin so you need certain materials that the baby will feel comfortable in. The clothes have to be versatile and strong so you can use them next year as well despite the baby growing.


Out in the park

When the family is going out for a stroll in a field or perhaps a park, it’s most likely going to be in some kind of denim. Jeans and jean shorts are very common among adults and for good reason. Denim is a very versatile and strong material. So you should try to get a piece of clothing that is made for your baby this way. Check out Oeteo where you can find denim rompers and even jeans for toddlers. There are also different kinds of shorts which are made from cotton and polyester as well as denim again. These are clothes that both a toddler and a baby can wear when playing in a park, sandpit, on the swings or perhaps just on the grass. These clothes won’t rip and they can withstand any rough and tumble play your kids might do.


On the move

Baby clothes are not full of footwear options for good reason, but for toddlers, there are plenty of options. You can buy them some sandals made out of suede which isn’t as heavy as leather sandals but have some water resistant qualities. Other kinds of sandals are the half foot design which won’t be irritating for the child as there is no strap at the back. Full foot sandals do have straps so be careful of the shape of the sole. So there is no pressure on the Achilles heel where some rawness. Trainers are a good buy as they will allow your toddler to run around safely. And get some much-needed exercise after being stuck in a car for multiple hours. They are also very versatile as they can be worn in almost any circumstance.

Gone fishing?

If you’re going to a sunny place, then a child size fishing hat is a great overall protector from the sun. It’s not too heavy but it’s not too large either. A fishing hat can be made out of any material but you should go with something that will not be so insulating like polyester fibers. 

A road trip is not like a drive to the park and back. You need clothes that will be strong but also comfortable for your baby and or toddler. Try out a denim romper and a fishing hat for a day out in the sun. 

Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay

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