My Maternity Boudoir Shoot Experience and Reasons Why You Should Have One

My Maternity Boudoir Shoot Experience and Reasons Why You Should Have One

Hello loves! I’m glad to finally find time to share my fun maternity boudoir experience with Joy of Seriously Boudoir. Joy is also a mommy blogger and the person behind She is also one of the founders of Mommy Bloggers Philippines.

She started her boudoir photography because she believes it is not just about being sexy and beautiful. But more about self-empowerment, self-acceptance, self-confidence, body positivity, and art. Moreover, she wanted every woman to experience (boudoir shoot) a personal trip about love and rediscovering own beauty. 

Anyway, Joy and I have been doing photoshoots together for quite some time.

And when she asked me if I would like to have my own maternity boudoir shoot, I didn’t think twice and said “Yes!”. Shempre gusto ko din maexperience yung mga pa sexy naman lols. 

It was actually my second maternity shoot, the first was done in a studio with the hubby. The differences were, I was more confident with my big belly and curves. Also, Joy is my friend. I have applied some posing techniques I acquired from watching America’s Next Top Model series years back hahaha. Kung wala lang akong flaws (I have dark spots on some parts of my body due to eczema), baka mas binonggahan ko pa ang mga poses ko. LOLS.

So anyway, let me share some reasons why you should definitely have your own maternity boudoir shoot.

A maternity boudoir shoot is empowering.

Pregnancy can really cause a lot of stress. If you are a lady who once had a terrible pregnancy am sure you can relate. The puking, the labor pains, fainting spells, etc. Feel what I mean? These terrible feelings can leave you feeling like being pregnant is a bad and terrible thing. But if you have a maternity boudoir shoot, I can assure you that it will help you at least remembering something good about the pregnancy. It will make you feel something more, not just a miserable baby-making machine. The moment you enter the dressing room no matter what you are feeling in the beginning, when you are coming out you won’t be feeling the same.

As you are getting out of the dressing room you will be feeling like a sexy woman coming out of an amazing photo session, not like just another pregnant woman.

You will be filled with confidence which I believe most pregnant women can use during this stressful period.

maternity boudoir shoot

It is when you are pregnant that your curves are kicking.

When you are pregnant, the number on the scale might be higher but how about you show your loving hubby that the booty you once lacked is now perfectly showing when you are pregnant! When you are pregnant is the perfect time of dressing into some sexy lingerie that is going to show off your sexy curves. I can bet that your hubby is going to love it and he will agree to the fact that you look even hotter when you are pregnant. Most pregnant women are stunning! Always looking very beautiful. You might not be feeling it but trust me everyone out there is appreciating what a beauty you are.

They might not be saying it but they are loving how you look when pregnant a big time. Why not have a boudoir session when you are looking that hot?

maternity boudoir shoot

Your pregnancy call for a maternity shoot celebration!

In most cases, we do treasure all our pregnancies but for one reason or another, there are some which are more unique compared to others. Maybe it is your first pregnancy or you are not planning on getting pregnant ever again or even you got the pregnancy from your all-time crush whatever the reason of the pregnancy being unique is, it will be awesome to have some photos to remind you of how it felt like. Ladies who have been struggling with infertility and by chance they get pregnant should really consider having a maternity boudoir shoot.

There might be other pregnancies that will follow but this particular one is unique to you so it is an excellent idea to celebrate it with a boudoir photo session.

maternity boudoir shoot

As a lady you need pampering.

You are a woman, being pregnant does not mean the word will have to stop to wait for you to deliver your baby and then join after that. That’s not is not going to happen, so will still have to take care of the other children, clean your house, you will still need to go to work just like everyone else and all these things can be very stressful. This is why you need some pampering, how great will it be if you are sitting in a dressing room, surrounded by expert makeup artists, and a team of hair experts making you look like a model for some hours. Amazing right? After all that stress you really need some pampering.

That experience in the dressing room alone is enough to make you feel like you are detached from the rest of the stressful world and focus on yourself for some time.

This is not you being selfish! On the contrary, it is you have some time on your own to get pampered. You will receive the best services from the best makeup artists and hair experts and when you are leaving that dressing room, all the stress will be relieved.

maternity boudoir shoot

You should have a maternity boudoir shoot because soon or later you are going to forget how you looked.

After delivering your beautiful baby, soon after that, the pregnancy will just be a distant memory. On the first few weeks you might not like the way you looked when you were pregnant but wait until it’s like after a year. Every time you open your album and see your photos when you were pregnant. You are going to be filled with a lot of encouragement remembering what a strong woman you are, going through all those stressful moments. When you are pregnant, your body is doing something incredible and I believe it is worthy of documentation.

So what are you waiting for mom-to-be / preggy mommas? Book your maternity boudoir shoot now with Seriously Boudoir! Follow her on Instagram too @serouislyboudoir <3



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