Mobile Apps Every Traveller Must Have
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Mobile Apps Every Traveller Must Have

Traveling is definitely easier these days. From comparing accommodations to booking everything you’ll ever need – flight ticket, Wi-Fi, transportation, and even activity. You can even see the menu and think of what you’ll order in a restaurant from your house on the other side of the globe. There’s no fear of getting lost or not bringing enough amount of pocket money. You can ensure your travel would be smooth with enough budget and some good travel apps.

Here are some travel mobile apps you can rely on to make sure that your next travel – wherever it is – would be your next favorite. You may download all these if your mobile is running on iOS or Android:


Let’s begin with your accommodation. Airbnb is a platform that connects homeowners with people who want to rent their place for a while. It has just gotten better, though. You may now book your next adventure on Airbnb Experiences. It offers all types of exciting activities from bike riding at Sun Moon Lake (Taiwan) to reserving a table in that famous restaurant in Europe.

Mobile Passport

Traveling to the US? Getting past immigration could be the most time-consuming part of your travel. Good thing, there is Mobile Passport, which can help you speed through the US Customs and Border Protection by having your own security lane. You just need to fill out the same information you find on the paper customs form. Then, you’d be given a QR code an immigration officer or customs agent will scan after checking your passport.


Of course, you want the sun on your next trip! The rain may ruin your ‘outfit of the day,’ right? So, download AccuWeather and know the best days to travel and if ever you’ll need a fancy raincoat to keep up with your friends insta-gaming. You should never underestimate the advantage of having a good weather app. Luckily, AccuWeather is available in over a hundred languages and features minute-by-minute updates.

Google Translate

You can never go wrong with this one! Probably one of the most important app you need in any overseas travel. With Google Translate, you can forget having to deal with the language barrier. It is available in 103 languages and all you need to do is type in what you want to say to that local seated across your table.  You may even access it offline and translate a restaurant menu by just pointing your mobile camera to it.

Travel Bank

If you’re going on a business trip, the TravelBank would be useful for both you and your employer. This application helps create a budget based on actual travel costs. As the app’s personal user, you may use it to book expenses such as flight, hotel, and meals. TravelBank compares options and compiles every expense. At the end of your trip, you can easily file an expense report using the app.

But, there’s more! Say, you don’t spend all your budget. You can divide the savings between you and your employer and get an Uber or Airbnb voucher.


Unlike in the Philippines, Uber is still operating and more popular in other countries. There’s no need to worry about its issue in the United States and elsewhere.  In case you’re in a non-English speaking country, Uber has a feature that instantly translates your destination by typing it in by itself.


Let’s now discuss a packing checklist tool. Packpoint is an app that helps you save time by compiling every stuff you’d need in your trip. Just key in your travel dates and it will create a weather-specific packing list in a minute! Also, the app can make suggestions based on your answers to its questions about what you plan on doing in your trip. Would you need gym shorts or a tie for a business trip? This app would remind you about these things.

They say you can’t buy happiness. You, however, can buy a ticket to somewhere and find yourself happier. A better person even – someone more relaxed, with more knowledge about the other cultures, and a fresh perspective in life. So, go and book that ticket to that beach you’ve been eyeing for quite a time or historical country you’ve always been interested in. Download these apps and there’s nothing left to worry about!

Image by Raman Oza from Pixabay

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