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Maximize Your Family’s Next Camping Trip

Summer is almost here, which means that camping season is almost upon us! Campers to glampers, beginners to experts, and groups to individuals find yourself outside on your very own personalized family camping trip.  Camping trips can be a twist on a “conventional” vacation or can feel like a luxurious family vacay. Either way, Time Magazine says that 40.5 million people went camping in 2016 and emphasizes that camping in nature can improve your sleep, can reduce stress, and can contribute to emotional and physical health: “spending time in nature can work wonders for humans health from lowering blood pressure and stress hormones to sparking feelings of awe.”

These are the essential questions that you ask yourself before going on your camping trip: Where are you going, where are you staying, and what are you doing? Answer these questions to maximize your trip and, hopefully, your adventure. Remember, no two camping trips should look the same.

Where are you going?

Choose the right location. Some people escape to a forest, a desert, a beach, or their backyard.  Some people want to get away from everything and everyone with no possibility of running into another person, or some people want to be near the city for emergencies. Oregon coast camping trips can offer both options with their massive, available campgrounds and no shortage of camping activities from hiking and birdwatching to canoeing and shopping.  Plus, the Oregon coast is a most beloved destination due to its majestic beauty and scenic landscape, variety of environments from forest to sand dunes to beaches to rocky cliffs, and world-class dining and shopping.

Where are you staying?

Choose the right accommodations for your camping trip. Some people bring their own tent, sleeping bag, and outdoors expertise. Others stay in a $300 tent that they haven’t opened or used since last year. Some people stay in a decked out, rented tent. While other people stay in a rented teepee or yurt. Some people stay in their own RV to travel cross country. Or for some, staying in a rented cabin with a range of needed amenities, luxury, and safety is a good idea.

What are you doing?

Choose which enjoyable activities you are going to be doing every day.  No matter where you are staying during the nighttime, you will inevitably spend the daytime outside. Some people envision a gritty, primal experience where their survival instincts take hold invoking their ancestors. This may look like all-day hiking, finding their own food, cleansing themselves in a nearby lake, etc. Glampers often want to experience nature on their own terms and control their levels of discomfort.  These individuals can experience a massive spectrum from hiking, fishing, and kayaking to a paintball range, archery, and panning for gold. New campers can get the opportunity to get comfortable with camping in nature.

When you take your family out on your next camping trip, remember to ask yourself these three questions, combine nature and a necessary level of comfort, and choose the right location in order to have the best vacation possible for you!

Image Source: Unsplash

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